For those readers, who are keeping up with Guarding Dean do not fret, I will continue with that one. This is an old story of mine, which I have tweaked here and there to fit SPN charaacters. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Dean Winchester, Prince Regent of the diminutive European principality of Liechtenstein took pleasure feeling the brisk wind whip his chiseled cheeks as he zig zagged at 45 mph down the slopes of Brandnertal's Ski Resort. His Ray Ban ski goggles prevented any foreign objects from invading his infamously sexy forest green eyes. The sleek black and grey Burton Royale snowboard slid smoothly down the snow covered slope as the assembled crowd cheered the royal to victory. Dean carved his way through the final gate and effortlessly beat his three competitors.

Bela Petrovzka, an up and coming Russian runway model with long auburn hair and legs that never quit glued herself to Dean as he removed the Garmont-Adrenalin boots from the snowboard. Her turquoise eyes performed an appreciative visual inventory of the man, who in the near future would become Liechtenstein's reigning prince and head of state.

Many people around the world had no idea of the existence of the tiny principality, but Bela did not care. What mattered was that Liechtenstein's leader had an estimated net worth of 4 billion dollars. The crafty model had done her homework and also discovered that the reigning prince was the sixth wealthiest leader of the world.

She continued staring at Dean Winchester's firm buttocks as he bent to zip his boots. The black Patagonia Men's Grade VI pants showcased his derriere to perfection. The tight black and white K-Swiss sweater that covered his torso showcased his sculpted chest to perfection. He donned a black ski vest, which he zipped up.

Bela hungrily kissed his firm lips. She fixed a strand of his short cropped tawny hair that had escaped from the black Lacoste ski cap he wore. Dean's emerald gaze devoured the Russian beauty's curves that were covered by a white cat suit. He nervously searched for his fiancée, Princess Kalina of Bulgaria and found her sitting on one of the thirteen ski lifts with her cousin and a bodyguard.

He and Kalina had been engaged for three years and Dean had no intention of going through with the actual marriage ceremony. The woman reminded him of a sharpei and she was serious all the time. He had no idea if the glum woman even had teeth. Dean was extremely social and loved adventure. Plus, he adored women and the ladies sure loved him.

Bela had flirted incessantly with him the previous evening at one of Brandnertal's discos. She had propositioned him but Kalina had been present and cock blocked him. Dean was an infamous cad but no way in hell would he disrespect her in public. The Russian model entwined one of her arms with his and Dean turned once more to make sure that Kalina was preoccupied. He smirked as he saw her chatting with her cousin.

Dean instructed his bodyguard to take the remainder of the evening off and that he would be returning to Liechtenstein by helicopter. The principality did not have an airport. The nearest one was located in Zurich. The bodyguard grinned at the prince, since he knew the reason why he was escaping from Kalina.

Three hours later female giggles were being emitted from the inside of a shiny, red 2011 Lamborghini, which was parked in the alpine Lichtenstein forest. The windows were foggy due to the activity that was transpiring inside the chic automobile.

"Dean, you are the devil incarnate! I want you deeper inside me!" the leggy model bellowed in ecstasy as he thrust his inflamed member between her tanned thighs and inside her throbbing mound.

"You my vixen are insatiable," Dean mumbled through labored breathing. She raked her long crimson nails across his broad back. Bela reached for a bottle of French champagne and greedily drank from it. She handed it to the prince, who poured the bubbly liquid over her toned stomach and privates. He leisurely sucked it off causing the model to bite his neck.

Dean ceased his sensual ministrations and removed himself from the Russian beauty. He suckled and nibbled her nipples. The prince became more aroused as he watched them harden into buds. "Let's go to my chateau and continue the party there."

He assisted her in placing her spaghetti straps over her bountiful breasts. As he commenced to dress, Dean realized for the first time in his thirty two years that he was becoming weary of the artificial women he fornicated with. He laughed and thought that he must be more intoxicated than he thought.

Dean adjusted the black leather seats and revved up the engine. In no time the Lamborghini was speeding down the deserted roadway at 90 mph. Bela placed her right hand over his jeans and unzipped them. His swollen cock made another appearance for the night and the brazen model lowered her head. She licked the pre-cum from the slit.

He almost lost control of the vehicle. "Fuck, Bela get the hell off me! We can crash and die!" She did not budge and he shoved her to the passenger's side.

Bela cackled and said, "Maybe your intoxication might cause the accident and not my blow job! You are the irresponsible one!"

Dean gritted his straight white teeth since he knew the horny model was correct. What the hell had gotten into him? He never drove after drinking.

Bela's hand wandered once again to his phallus. She began to forcefully stroke it back and forth. "Do you mind? I want to make it to my 33rd birthday!"

All of a sudden, camera flashes appeared out of nowhere. Bela did not give a damn and was actually going to start blowing the prince. Dean grabbed her silky auburn locks and shoved her once more to the side.

He slowed the auto's speed and managed to place his cock inside his jeans. Once he had zipped his pants; Dean sped away from the annoying paparazzi. The sports car halted in front of Le Royal Hotel, which was Lichtenstein's only five star establishment. Bela pouted in disappointment as Dean exited the Lamborghini, which was still on and escorted her to the front entrance.

"Sorry my dear, the evening has been cut short. I will call you tomorrow. Ciao, Bela." He had no intention of calling her ever! The important thing now was for his father not to find out about the paparazzi taking those compromising pictures. The reigning prince recently was diagnosed with diabetes and an enlarged heart.

Dean's nightmare was becoming a reality. He would be made Lichtenstein's head of state, when his father passed away. He prayed that would be many years from now. Dean's brother, Samuel was four years his junior and could not be made head of state.

The following afternoon, Dean was still in bed due to a horrendous mind splitting, stomach revolting hang-over. He was sleeping when Sam entered his chambers and shook his shoulders. Dean remained with his eyes closed. "Fuck off, Sammy."

"It's Sam, jerk!"


Sam tugged at his older brother's hair and stated, "Wake up sleeping beauty. You have made the front page of the Gazette and the Sun. Father is furious. Guess who has cancelled the wedding? Yes, your one and only fiancée, Princess Kalina of Bulgaria."

Dean instantly opened his bleary eyes and slowly sat on the king size mattress. It was not a wise decision because he hauled ass into the bathroom. Sam cringed upon hearing his brother empty his stomach to the porcelain goddess. Five minutes later Dean reentered his chambers, drying his mouth, which he had thoroughly rinsed. He was nude and his 6'4 brother threw a navy blue robe at him.

"In my honest opinion Kalina did you a great service by calling off the engagement. Could you imagine yourself married to that orangutan faced depressed spinster?" Sam said as he shook his shoulders in mock terror.

"Do mother and father wish to speak to me?"

"What do you think? Get dressed and meet them in the conservatory. They are having tea there in ten minutes. Good luck; you'll need it." With those words Sam exited Dean's suite that was situated in Vaduz Castle's west wing.

Ten minutes later, Dean pinched the bridge of his perfect nose before entering the conservatory, which happened to be his mother's favorite place in the entire castle. He was thirty two years old but whenever he met with his father, he felt as if he was still six years old and being reprimanded for getting in trouble. When he finally entered, as usual the small glass house was filled to its capacity with roses, tulips, lilies, and geraniums of all colors.

Princess Mary beamed at her first born, whose attitude always reminded her of her husband, when she had first met him. Mary Winchester remained a beauty at the age of 52. She stood at five feet six inches and had lustrous golden hair and hazel eyes, which both of her sons had inherited, although Dean's tended to be emerald most of the time. Dean took after his mother in coloring while Sammy inherited their father's dark looks.

"You have really done it this time, Dean Alexander!" Prince Jonathan shouted.

"John, please be careful; you cannot overexert yourself!" Mary reprimanded her husband of thirty five years. The 56 year old monarch sat down and motioned his eldest to join them.

"I apologize, father."

"It is too late for that! Princess Kalina has had enough of your womanizing and has called off the wedding for good. We would have made a grand alliance between our two countries. You have ruined everything."

"I promise to change my ways and find a bride worthy of becoming this principality's princess."

"Son, you are thirty two years old. It is about damn time you start acting like an adult with responsibilities. I am sick and tired of your irresponsible ways. Grow a pair and man up!"

Mary placed her hands on her agitated husband's broad shoulders. "I think Dean gets the picture."

Dean swallowed. "I swear this time I will change for the better."

"That is what we wanted to talk to you about, son. We received a most peculiar call from the BBC. They have proposed to us to make a show about you finding an adequate bride."

Dean's headache returned at full swing and he needed to kneel at the altar of the porcelain goddess once more. He blanched. "Are you serious? You two are the last persons I would think would agree to such a fiasco."

Mary stood next to her son and held his hand. "My darling boy, it is time you matured and started to assume your responsibilities."

"I am not healthy, Dean. Time is of the essence. I need you to find a wife soon. This is a wonderful opportunity. Think how it will help the tourist industry of Lichtenstein. Our economy is at an all-time low. This television show will promote our small nation's scenic wonders and tourist attractions. Plus, you will find a much needed wife, who will tame your wild about ways."

Dean cursed inwardly. How the fuck did he find himself in this predicament? What kind of women would submit themselves to be videotaped and have their lives watched by millions of people? Who would choose these women and would he have any say in the selection?

Dean remained silent for a while pondering the words his father had just said. His gaze landed on his father, who had lost weight due to his poor health. The man had always been bigger than life but the diabetes and heart disease made him appear haggard.

Dean sighed and ran a hand over his hair. "Alright, I agree to this circus and I hope to God all of our problems will be solved."