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"Waverly and I rescued a pretty lady from drowning today. Look!" Took, Fezzik thought to himself as he held up the unconscious body of a young woman for Inigo to see. Sitting securely on Fezzik's broad shoulders, Waverly, Buttercup's baby, burbled happily, waving her arms around. Inigo looked up from fingering the magnificent six-fingered sword. Inigo did not know why he wasn't fencing that day. Perhaps it had something to do with his arms that ached so much that he could not move them in the proper way required for fencing, even fencing shadows. Or perhaps he sensed that something extraordinary was about to happen.

"So you did," Inigo replied to his friend, rising from his sitting position against the Great tree. Kid, rhymed Fezzik. Inigo examined the girl, oblivious to his friend's latest rhymes. The girl looked, to Inigo, to be in her late teens, certainly over seventeen, and had long black hair and olive-toned skin. "She looks like a Greek," Inigo declared. (This was after Greece.)

"That's just what I thought!" Fezzik said excitedly, happy to have gotten something right. Then his large face quieted. "Should we take her to Buttercup and Westley?" Bestly. Maybe it wasn't a word, but it still rhymed, Fezzik decided. Inigo nodded.

"That seems to be a reasonable plan of action," he said, and led the way to the other side of One Tree Island, his blade-thin body darting through the foliage, with Fezzik lumbering clumsily behind. Waverly, who was still sitting atop Fezzik's shoulders, swayed contentedly as Fezzik moved. She knew that they were going back to her mother.

Before too long, Fezzik and Inigo reached Buttercup's and Westley's dwelling. At this point, it was more of a hut (this was long after huts,) than a proper house (this was after houses, too, but only barely. People still had some trouble telling the difference between the two.) Buttercup came outside to retrieve her child, but stopped short at the sight of the Greek girl.

"Who's that?" Buttercup asked.

"I rescued her from the whirlpool," Fezzik explained. "She's still alive; I know because I checked if she was breathing. And she was."

Buttercup looked at the Greek. The girl was sopping wet, but that came as no surprise, seeing as Fezzik and Waverly were likewise sodden. Buttercup, having no idea where to start, decided that she should try to push the water out of the girl's lungs.

"Put her down, Fezzik," Buttercup ordered. Fezzik silently placed both the Greek girl and Waverly on the soft sands of the beach. Buttercup knelt down and pushed sharply on the Greek's diaphragm, using both her hands until suddenly-

Salty sea water spurted from the Greek's mouth and nose, spraying Buttercup in the face. A second later, the young woman began coughing like the dickens. She attempted to push herself up into a sitting position, but her wet hands slipped in the sand, and she toppled over. Fezzik reached down and helped her get steady. Startled, the Greek looked up, and when she saw Fezzik, her eyes widened in terror. She didn't know that Fezzik was the one who had saved her life. How could she know that? She only knew that Fezzik was tall, and frightening, and looked very capable of tearing someone's head off.

Author's Notes: This story sprang into life after I re-read the one-chapter sequel of The Princess Bride; called Buttercup's Baby. The chapter itself is called Fezzik Dies,which I just really disagree with. Fezzik is my favourite character! There's no way Morgenstern, or Goldman, or whoever, is going to kill off one of their main heroes, prettymuch the only one who wasn't completely (cork-) screwed at the end of The Princess Bride. Oh, yeah. This is based off the book, not the movie. Those of you who read the book will get my little corkscrew joke, the rest will probably think I'm insane. My message to those of you who haven't read the book: Go read it. I'm serious, it's an epic book. Probably my most favourite of all time. Well, in any case, please, as ever, review and stay tuned for more! Thanks!