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"Who are you?" Inigo asked. The girl coughed questioningly. When she was done, she managed to speak.

"What do you mean by that?" she replied.

"Your name would be helpful. Also, the reason you were caught in the whirlpool."

The Greek sighed. "My name is Calliope. I'm from Greece, and I-" here Calliope had to stop to cough some more.

"You speak Florinese very well for a Greek," commented Buttercup. Calliope nodded.

"My mother was Florinese," she explained. "Her father was a merchant from Florin City. Soon after my eighth birthday, both mother's and granddad's lives were claimed by the fever, leaving me in my father's care."

"Was that a bad thing?" Buttercup asked.

"No! Your words sting!" Calliope said indignantly. Fezzik was surprised. He had been trying to think of a rhyme, too, but Calliope had seemed to have a rhyme instantly. Calliope continued talking, completely unaware of Fezzik's amazement. "My father is a good man. He took care of me, even spoiled me occasionally. If it weren't for that swindling hunchback, I'd still be in Greece, living comfortably."

"By any chance, was this hunchback a Sicilian called Vizzini?" Inigo asked ponderously. Calliope nodded.

"Yes. He certainly was a meanie. Vizzini cheated my father out of all of his money. After Vizzini vanished from Athens," (this was after Athens, too) "Father decided that I had to get married. He also decided that it was about time that he got remarried, so father was quite busy finding suitably rich nobles. Honestly, I think I did both of us a favor by faking my death."

"So how did you get here?" Inigo asked.

Calliope shrugged. "Well, it was really quite queer." Fezzik's awe of this Greek was now complete. She rhymed so easily and quickly that he began to wonder what it might be like to play his rhyming game with her. She likely had much more stamina than Inigo, who no longer held much interest in rhymes, preferring instead to brood or fence with shadows, more often than not his own.

"I set out in a rowboat, but then I came into trouble when I hit the whirlpool. The next thing I recalled, I was here, feeling as useful as an empty thread spool." Calliope exhaled loudly, her airways now seemingly clear of water. "Well, now that you know who I am, may I ask who you are?"

"My name is Inigo Montoya," Inigo said after a short pause.

"I'm Buttercup, and this is my daughter Waverly," Buttercup said, following Inigo's example.

"And I am Fezzik," Fezzik said. Calliope jumped. She'd nearly forgotten Fezzik's presence, due to the fact he had been so quiet all through her story. Still, Calliope thought that she had heard the name before, and perhaps had seen his face somewhere. Calliope stood up, legs wobbling, but did not fall. She brushed the sand off of herself and then looked up at the trees, glorious and green, untouched by humans for centuries.

"These trees," Calliope began, her eyes growing misty at the beauty of this most wonderful foliage, "They look exactly as my mother described the trees of Florin once were. She often told me that no olive tree could hope to compete with those Florinese trees and their greatness."

Hello again. Yes, it's me, Lucy. Long time, no see, I know. Now, I was going to continue on in this vein, with Calliope singing praises of the glorious Florinese trees, in order to remain (hopefully) true to the Morgenstern. However, on second thought, that'd be really boring and tedious to read, and anyway, I think you get the picture. Well, I may or may not be updating again soon, so don't hold your breath or anything.