It just occurred to me that even though I'm a super duper enormous massive Storm Hawks fan, I only have written one story and it's not even enough to be called a DRABBLE. Plus my fan art is kind of lax right now too.

So I have decided to try my hand at a drabble series and am from this point on DOOMED.

But I will need suggestions. Just saying. Or else I might crash and burn just like Snipe's airship and Finn's countless skimmers.

Piper and Finn were sitting at the table together. Piper was quietly reading a book and drinking a glass of juice. Finn was sitting opposite her, slouching and propping himself up with his elbows.

"I'm bored," whined Finn, for the 69th time that day (Piper had decided to count).

Piper took a sip of her juice.

"I'M BORED," Finn said, louder.

Piper sighed in irritation. "Finn, that's the 70th time you've said that today. Can you please find something to do that doesn't involve annoying me?"

Finn let his head fall to the table. "I am so booooored."

Piper made a small growling noise. "Finn, I mean it."

"I want a chocolate milkshake," came Finn's muffled voice.

Piper took another sip of her juice. "Finn, be quiet."

Finn suddenly raised his head, grabbed his guitar from nowhere, strummed a chord, and began to sing at the top of his lungs, "MILKY MILKSHAKE, DANCIN' WITH MY MILKSHAKE, BABY—"

Piper slammed her book shut and stood up. "That's it!"

It's a real song. Go here: .com/watch?v=9WQJg5fP0U8 and listen to a completely unrelated song of Awesome, and then search 'Milky Milkshake' and click the first link.