Hey people of earth. This is my very first story so please review and don't be cruel. (Wipes sweat of forehead) this is about a girl who is sexually and physically abused by her dad. She has moved to a new school and talks to no one. When her and Sesshomaru meet all hell breaks loose. ENJOY!

First chapter: my life

"Hey bitch what's taking you so long come down here and make me some damn breakfast!" Kagome jumped at her father's harsh words. She ran down the steps and started making breakfast she cooked some eggs and bacon. She looked at the food teasing her senses, she reached down to grab some when, and her father Houtio slammed her against the wall.

"Aw is the little wench hungry he grabbed bacon and put it on her plump pink lips teasing her to bite it. Then spit on her and threw her aside eating the bacon.

"Hurry up and get ready for school, remember be home by five sharp and no friends or else." He narrowed his eyes as tears flowed down her face. She got up and bowed to him and ran up to her room slamming the door closed. She grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt she decided to leave her hair down. She sighed at herself. 'When is this hell going to be over' she thought as she grabbed her stuff and headed out the door.

She was walking to school when a weird feeling came over her it felt as if someone was starring over her. She shivered and looked behind her. She was met with crimson eyes staring intently at her.

"Hey gorgeous what's your name. His hot breath traveling down her spine.

"I… I'm …m...kagome." She blushed deeper realizing that she had stuttered. He continued to stare at her making her feel uneasy. She politely smiled and turned around and kept on walking.

Naraku smirked as the young girl nearly ran to get away from him, his eyes eyed her figure and he growled to himself.

'She will be mine'

When kagome made it to school she was completely lost she had never been to a school where demons, humans and hanyous went to school together. She saw the main office and tried to walk as calmly as she could trying not to bring attention to herself. When I walked in I saw a girl about my age, she looked human and had dark ebony black hair and the biggest smile on her face. I felt calm and safe around her. She turned around and smiled even bigger if that's possible.

"Hey! Are you the new girl Kagome?"

"Yes, do you know where these classes are I handed her a little slip I got several weeks ago. "Oh yeah we have the first three classes together and some with my other friends. Now let's go or well be late."

I followed her until we saw the classroom door. I stopped and took a deep breathe Sango look at me and smiled she opened the door and walked in. As soon as I walked in I felt all the students' eyes on me. I blushed deeply and looked at the teacher. He appeared to be a demon. He smiled at me and introduced himself. Totosai pointed at a desk next to a silver haired boy. I went and sat down I felt a huge demonic strength over flowing me I felt as I couldn't breathe.

"She can actually handle his demonic aura." I sneaked a peek and almost gasped out loud. He was stunning! He had marble white skin long silver hair which looked really soft. And purple stripes and a purple crescent moon on his forehead. I realized I was staring when he looked at me and had an angry expression.

"Human why do you stare at this Sheshomaru?" He didn't show any emotion. I searched for any trace of well anything in his eyes, but there was nothing.

"Uhhh… sorry. My name is kagome I'm new here if you haven't noticed." I gently smiled at him.

He just turned around, her eyebrow raised.

'Talk about welcoming' I turned around and Sango was looking at me she seemed concerned. I weakly smiled and looked away. I realized there was a boy called Kouga staring at me. It was making kagome blush a little.

"So cutie what's your name?" Kouga asked leaning in closer almost an inch from her lips. She tried to lean back not wanting the attention she was getting. She looked at Sesshomaru for any sort of support. He simply ignored her and remained looking ahead at the teacher. After a while he heard a squeak and a gasp, he looked over and Kagome had just managed to dodge Kouga from kissing her. Sesshomaru let out a low growl looking at Kouga.

"What's your problem?" Kouga asked looking at the always calmed Sesshomaru.

"She doesn't want you near her leave her alone before I sink my claws to your neck." Sesshomaru looked away acting as if nothing had happened.

"Thank you for helping me." Kagome beamed with a gorgeous smile.

"Hn." Was all Sesshomaru said.

"Wow you sure know how to get a girl, your treating her like shit."

'Leave at once.' Sesshomaru thought already feeling a huge headache, with that his inner demon left. Kagome looked at him he seemed tense, his jaw tightening. He looked in pain Kagome wanted to reach out and confort him. Before she could do anything the bell rang

Sesshomaru got up and kagome quickly followed him not wanting to lose his protection.

Kagome was looking at Sesshomaru realizing how tall he was she guessed he was about 6'2 she was deep in thought when Sesshomaru stopped, she hadn't noticed and ran into him. Sesshomaru looked back and was immediately lost within her brown pools.

"Umm… do you know what time it is?" Sesshomaru just kept starring at her then looked at the clock.

"Its 5:15." He immediately felt the young girl tense and he could smell her fear overpowering her. Kagome simply took off terrified of what her dad was going to do.

Sesshomaru stared at her as she ran and raised an eyebrow wondering what had her all upset for. Disgust filled him for feeling concern for a lowly human; he turned around and walked away.

'I'll find out tomorrow'