This story takes place in universe G-4. A universe that is very similar to universe G-5 in terms of story line but the only difference is that Rolf is a saiyan as well, and Johnny and Kevin are powerful humans and that those three aided in all the battles that took place in universe G-5. And also, Kevin didn't make the androids, Utonium did, and Kevin fought with the other heroes. Just think of this story just like the animated series but instead of Kevin, Rolf, and Johnny on the sidelines, they were fighting to their last breath. This story takes place after the chaos saga during the eleven month gap before the revenge saga. All of the heroes have mastered the kaioken x's 20.

The scene opens up at Tails' house; our heroes are training at thirty times earth gravity. They were all partnered up to spar, Kevin and Johnny, Drew and Corey, Ed and Rolf, Eddy and Edd, and Sonic and Shadow teamed up against Knuckles. Nazz, Sarah, Jimmy, Tails and Amy were watching them train in the control room, they were astonished at the power that was being displayed; they couldn't see them at all due to their incredible speed. It scared them that they could move that fast in thirty times earth gravity with weighted clothing, especially Jimmy who was terrified. The E-Fighters wore weighted clothing that weighed a total of one ton for each, except for Rolf and Ed who being the two physically strongest of the E-Fighters wore a total of five tons of weight each. And Tails designed special arm, leg, and chest bands that weighed a half ton in total for each of the animal comrades, except for Knuckles who likewise wore five tons of weight. Tails glanced at the list of their power levels; Drew was at 24,000,
Corey was at 23,500, Ed was at 22,000, Rolf was at 22,000, Eddy was at 21,000, Edd was at 20,000, Knuckles was at 19,000, Shadow was at 18,700, Sonic was at 18,500, Kevin was at 18,200, and Johnny was at 18,000. It had been only five months since their battle with Chaos, whom the three Eds defeated using the power of the seven chaos emeralds. During that battle the heroes nearly lost their lives to defend the earth and now they were training for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, which was only one week away. Each of them wanted to win the tournament to prove that they were the strongest warrior on earth. They continued watching them train.

Rolf fired his signature "Meat Lord's Wrath" attack against Ed. A large red energy sphere with lightning around it fired from Rolf's hands. Ed saw this and fired his sphere of the sphinx; the two attacks clashed and a beam struggle ensued. Ed and Rolf grunted with a large amount of effort as they tried to take the advantage. They poured more energy into their attacks until finally the two attacks canceled each other out. The two were thrown back and crashed into the opposite walls of the gravity room.

"It seems you haven't been slacking off, dimwitted Ed-boy."

"Yep that's right Rolf. Can I have a chicken?"

"Only if you defeat Rolf, Ed-boy!" Yelled Rolf as he flew at Ed.

The two interlocked hands and applied force to overpower the other. Their strength was so evenly matched that they didn't move an inch and instead caused a crater to form around them. Eventually they were engulfed in a bright flash of energy.

Johnny dodged a roundhouse kick from Kevin by doing a back handspring. Johnny disappeared and reappeared behind Kevin and while in a handstand, used his right foot to strike Kevin and send him to the floor. Kevin sprung back up and using his head and arms for support, launched his feet into Johnny's chest. Johnny stumbled back but used his arms to spring back into position.

"What's wrong Johnny? Getting soft?" Asked Kevin with a cocky smile on his face.

"You wish. Here, let's see how you handle my new attack, all thanks to Rolf."

Johnny channeled his energy into his hands and with a battle cry launched at Kevin.

"Wolf Fang Fist!"

Johnny struck a number of vicious punches that Kevin couldn't dodge; Johnny put his two hands in the shape of a Wolf's mouth and delivered the final strike that sent Kevin crashing into the wall.

"Wow! Cool move Johnny. Now let's see how you like mine."

Kevin focused his energy and created an orb of black and white energy at his feet.

"I call this one my "Soccer Special"."

He kicked the orb at Johnny and it connected with his chest, Johnny was engulfed in a sphere from which he couldn't escape. Kevin started kicking the ball in all directions and finished with a kick that sent Johnny crashing to the floor. Johnny crawled out of the hole; he stumbled a bit but quickly recovered.

"Wow that made me dizzy. Play soccer with me, will you?"

The two flew at each other and collided. Knuckles was having trouble dodging the combined attacks of Sonic and Shadow, he back handspringed away to safety, trying to think of a good strategy. The two hedgehogs spin dashed at him but he lifted his hands and caught both of them. He struggled to hold both of the buzz saws off, and with one final push he threw both of them back.

"Chaos Spear!"

The attack connected with Knuckles' midsection and sent him flying back, but Sonic was there and hit him down to the floor with an axe handle smash. Knuckles burst through the floor and rushed them, he
delivered a barrage of kicks and punches that the two had trouble dodging. He finally managed to catch them both off guard with a hand stand double kick. Sonic was the first to recover and launched at Knuckles.

"Tornado Vortex!" He yelled as he ran around Knuckles and engulfed him in a violent tornado which thrashed him into the wall.

"Nice one, Sonic. Let's see how you like this."

Knuckles ran at top speed and jumped in the air and began spinning his body rapidly with his fists in front.

"Jackhammer Smash!"

The attack collided with Sonic's midsection and pummeled him into the ground violently. Knuckles jumped out of the hole, satisfied with Sonic's defeat. He looked behind him to see shadow charging an attack. The attack had surges of yellow electricity; it was green and was shaped like a lightning bolt.

"What do you call this one, Shadow?"

"Chaos Storm!" He yelled as he fired the attack.

"Fair enough." Knuckles said as he launched himself at Shadow's attack with his "Jackhammer Smash." The two collided and were engulfed in a flash of light.

Edd split himself into multiple clones of himself as did Eddy. They charged each other and traded hundreds of blows that were too fast to be seen. They nullified their multiform technique and continued trading blows. Edd did a triple back spring and then disappeared and reappeared behind Eddy and threw him straight into the wall. Eddy ran back at Edd and delivered a powerful punch into Edd's midsection and then backflip kicked him up in the air. Eddy flew at Double D but Edd
front flipped continuously to strike Eddy in the face and send him crashing down.

"Good one sock head. Now I'm gonna show you that new attack I developed."

"Can't wait to see it Eddy."

Eddy put his index and middle finger on his forehead and concentrated his energy into his forehead. Double D saw dollar signs fly around Eddy's battle aura and sensed a powerful energy. He decided to charge his own attack and formed a ball of yellow energy in his hands. Eddy grinned as his attack was finished charging and launched it from his forehead.

"Special Ray Cannon!"


The two beams collided and the two friends were engaged in a beam struggle. They poured more energy into both their attacks until they were both engulfed in an explosion of raw power.

"Destructo Disc!"

Drew sidestepped to dodge the attack which narrowly missed him, cutting off a strand of his hair in the process.

"Heat Dome Attack!" Drew yelled as he fired a barrage of powerful super-hot red energy orbs.

Corey vanished before he was hit by Drew's attack and reappeared behind Drew and threw a punch but Drew caught his fist and flipped him over and threw him to the ground below. Before Corey could crash into the floor he used his arms to spring back up to his feet and launched at Drew. The two cousins traded punches, kicks, head butts, knees, and elbows for a few minutes when finally Corey found an opening and delivered an uppercut to Drew's jaw that sent him flying to the ceiling. Drew used the momentum to bounce back and hit Corey with a boot to the face, Corey hit the floor and looked up at Drew and smiled before wiping away a little blood from his mouth.

"Hey Drew. What do you say we end this?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Corey cupped his hands and formed a blue sphere in his hands, while Drew put his index and middle fingers on his forehead and began charging his own attack. Corey was the first to launch his attack.


"Bullet Beam Cannon!"

The two beams clashed, sending a shockwave across the gravity room. The two cousins were at a stalemate and couldn't advance their beams further. The two beams canceled each other out and sent both Drew and Corey flying in opposite directions. As they got up they heard the intercom's automated voice.

"Times up."

They all felt the gravity return to normal, it was a huge relief on their bodies. The heroes congratulated each other on a good training session, which was the last one. Tails and Amy and the cul-de-sac kids waited outside the gravity room to greet them. The door opened revealing the heroes; they were panting, sweating, and bleeding a small amount.

"So how'd it go?" Asked Tails.

"It was nothing." Replied Knuckles with his arms folded across his chest.

"Nothing? How can you all survive beating each other to a pulp under thirty times earth gravity with weights on for three hours straight?" Yelled Jimmy as he cowered in a corner.

"It's called training Jimmy, you can do it too ya know. In fact next year Sarah will start her training." Drew said in a warm tone.

Jimmy stared at Sarah in disbelief.

"You want to train with them?"

"Well yeah. I mean all the things they can do is just really cool. You should consider it; look at Kevin and Johnny, they're only human and their power isn't far behind the others."

"I think I'll pass."

"What about you Nazz? Are you going to train as well?" Asked Amy.

"I'm not sure. I don't know what'll happen to my hair."

Everyone laughed at her joke.

"Wow, the tournament is only one week away. Isn't that awesome plank?"

No one knew what Plank said, only Johnny.

"Likewise Plank. We'll be the strongest fighters on earth for sure if we keep training."

"Rolf shall prove his strength and end the stalemate between him and Ed-boy."

"I will finally defeat you Rolf, and then I shall defeat the Frost Giants attacking Asgard."

"Shut up Ed. I don't care about anything except the $10,000,000 cash prize!" Yelled Eddy with dollar signs in his eyes.

"I'm going to prove that I'm the greatest martial artist on the planet." Said Knuckles confidently.

"All I know is that I'm going to enjoy the competition." Said Edd.

"Speaking of the tournament, Drew and I were discussing some ground rules."

"Corey's right, the main rules are to not cause too much destruction and to not use the kaioken or the chaos drives."

"What? Why not Drew?"

"Because Kevin, it'll bring us too much attention and we want to appear as normal people in the tournament." Answered Corey.

"Uh...yeah. I don't think that three talking animals such as me, Shadow, and Knuckles count as normal people."

"Actually Sonic, there have been talking animals in the tournament before." Said Edd.

"Fair enough. I think we should all go home and get some rest, we should use the week for some solitary training and meditation." Said Shadow.

"I think that's the best idea yet. Well you heard Shadow, let's go home." Said Drew.

Corey grabbed four senzu beans and split them into eleven equal pieces and gave everyone a piece. Once the beans were eaten they all felt rejuvenated, their energy was restored, and any injuries from three hours of straight training brought. The heroes said goodbye to their animal friends, since Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow were going to spend the rest of the week at Angel Island. Shadow used chaos control to teleport himself, Sonic, and Knuckles (Since they didn't have any chaos emeralds) to Angel Island. The cul-de-sac kids also said goodbye and took off in their hover car that Tails and Edd made for them. The E- Fighters took off into the air and headed back to Peach Creek, Drew led the flight home.

"I wish we could have gone to Angel Island. It's the perfect place to meditate." Complained Double D.

"Come on sock head, let them have the island to their selves for once in a while." Said Corey.

"Don't worry Double D Ed-boy. Rolf and Johnny the wood boy know a good place to, how you say...meditate. In the old country we have a different name for meditation."

Rolf then said something in his native tongue that no one understood.

"Hey shovel chin! Race you home!" Yelled Eddy as he quickly landed on the ground and took off on foot.

"Oh you're so going down dorky! Kaioken times fifteen!" Kevin yelled as he was surrounded in a crimson aura.

Kevin landed on the ground and took off on foot after Eddy. Kevin passed Eddy and left him in the dust before Eddy used the kaioken times fifteen as well and caught up with Kevin. Johnny saw them racing and decided to race as well. He gripped plank tightly in his arm before using the kaioken.

"Kaioken times fifteen!" Johnny yelled and he too gained a crimson aura.

"I'll show you guys what speed is." Said Corey as he landed on the ground and ran after them. "Kaioken times fifteen!"

Everyone else decided to race as well, so they used the kaioken times fifteen as well.

"Kaioken times fifteen!" They all yelled in unison, and gained crimson auras as well.

The heroes raced back to Peach Creek, leaving red aura trails behind them. Kevin, Eddy, and Corey were the only ones racing on foot; since they were the only ones fast enough to keep up with flying opponents on foot. They were moving so fast they were blurs of red. They still had around six hundred miles to go and yet no one was in the lead.

"Kaioken times twenty!" Yelled Johnny as he took the lead.

"Rolf shall win this race Johnny the wood boy. Kaioken times twenty!"

"Evil Tim shall not prevail! Kaioken times twenty!"

Everyone in unison: "Kaioken times twenty!"

The world around them became a blur as they continued racing to the cul-de-sac. The mid-day sun became a white streak of light. They were now less than a hundred miles from Peach Creek, and Eddy started to gain a slight lead, but once everyone saw this they sped up and again there was no leader. They finally arrived in the cul-de-sac and there was no clear winner.

"Great Rulog's reincarnation! I won!"

"No, Rolf has won the race."

"No I won, Plank says so."

"I believe I won gentleman."

"No! I won, I'm the fastest one!"

"I won dorky!"

"Nobody won, it was a tie." Said Corey as he exited the kaioken transformation.

Everyone but Eddy and Kevin forgot about the race, and they all exited their kaioken transformations.

"How long do you think it'll take for the kids to get here Double D?"

"Well Drew, Tails' house is in California and we're here in the north east and we're about two thousand miles away, I'd have to say about an hour."

"And how long did it take us to get here?"

"Two minutes."

Everyone exchanged glances before Drew continued.

"Alright guys let's go our separate ways and meditate."

Everyone nodded in agreement and took off in different directions. Corey and Drew headed for their apartment, Rolf and Johnny led Double D to an unknown location, Eddy took off for his brother's place, Kevin and Ed headed for the training grounds located in the nearby woods. Their individual training had begun.