- Everybody, Let's Go! -

The Akatsuki can get boring, just like anything else. Hidan joins Kakuzu to watch TV, and is subjected to an unfortunate fate.

Rated T for language.

Disclaimer: I only own my crack writing.

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Hidan plopped himself unceremoniously down on the tattered, burnt, bloody sofa beside his money-grubbing partner. Kakuzu had the remote in his hand and was flipping idly through channels.

"Would you just pick something, dammit?" Hidan growled, slouching against the armrest and shooting a glare at Kakuzu. In response, the older man grunted and flipped back a few channels, setting down the remote when the television produced the sound of high-pitched singing.

"Garden, forest, wishing well! Garden, forest, wishing well!"

"What the fuck is this shit?" Hidan demanded, waving his arms frantically in a gesture at the TV.

Kakuzu looked at the TV curiously, watching as a small, tan midget girl wandered down a path accompanied by a monkey in red rain boots. He picked back up the remote momentarily to check the guide.

"Dora the Explorer."

"The what?" Hidan asked, eye beginning to twitch as the girl declared something else, eliciting laughter from the monkey and fuzzy thing beside them - what the hell was that thing, anyway? A gremlin?

"Dora. The. Explorer," Kakuzu repeated, slower, as if he were teaching his partner to speak.

"Fuck off, Kakuzu. I didn't actually mean that."

"Cuidado! Cuidado!"

Kakuzu 'hmphed' as the girl and her companions began speaking an entirely different language that he failed to understand.

Who put these things on TV? And did kids actually watch it?

"Oh, no! The wish is blowing away!"

"I'm about to sacrifice myself," Hidan declared, pushing his palms hard against his temples. "Please turn this shit off."

"You're the one that told me to pick something, so I did," Kakuzu remarked smugly, eyes fixed on the television.

"How old are you? When I said pick something, I figured it would be something more mature," Hidan hissed, giving his partner the dirtiest look possible. "Turn this shit off!"

"Swiper, no swiping!"

"Agh! Fuck this!"

Hidan punched the couch and got up, mumbling something about Jashin-sama between profanities.

Kakuzu watched the TV, half-interested.

"You'll have to say it with us - I wish the wiggle home!"

"I wish the wiggle home," Kakuzu chanted. "I wish the wiggle home."

Crackfic I wrote after Dora came on tv. I'm not sure why I didn't change the channel, lol.

I'd like to think it made an interesting fic.