The next morning Dumbledore entered the Hospital to find Harry and Ron sitting up and laughing, "I'm glad you're both in such good moods."

"Morning Professor." the chorused together.

"Harry today you and I need to go to Diagon Alley and get you a new wand." Albus stated, "It's too bad you lost the other one. It would be just lovely if you still had it."

"It's a travesty." Harry agreed solemnly.

"I didn't know that had happened." Ron said looking upset.

"They took the wand from my hand and snapped it without even asking me a question." Harry replied, "They didn't even do a priori incontatum on it to see if the spell was done from my wand. Just like what happened to Sirius."

"We can speak on that later." Albus smiled slightly, "For now why don't you get dressed. Both of you get to come."

"Cool." Ron said, "I'd like that."

The two boys got dressed and followed Albus to his office. Before they left Harry and Dumbledore explained what was happening to Ron, "His wand wasn't snapped."

"What?" Ron asked, "But you just said…"

"They snapped a wand that looked like mine." Harry grinned and explained how Ginny ended up with a fake wand in her pocket, "She switched it out with mine just before Fudge asked for my wand. I was still shocked they snapped it without even waiting. I wonder why."

"Fudge is not a Death Eater, he proved that under veritaserum." Albus told them, "He's inept not evil. Lucius had been drilling him with the idea that you are a menace just waiting to explode."

"I don't think that opinion has been changed." Harry grumbled.

"I think it has." Albus chuckled, "I think he realizes his greed got him where he is. He only has a three year sentence in minimum security at Azkaban. I heard him cussing Lucius the whole way from the court room to the holding cells. By the way Amelia has been made Minister for magic. She talked Alastor into coming back as the department head until she can get things in order."

"So are we really going to get Harry another wand even though his is fine?" Ron asked.

"Yes we are. This will make it a surprise when he uses it on Voldemort during the final battle." Albus grinned, "This could be the bit of extra space Harry's been needing."

"Is there someone other than Ollivander?" Harry asked, "He always creeps me out."

"Of course there are." Albus responded, "But he's the best."

"Fine." Harry relented. The three left the office and arrived a short time later at Ollivander's

"Such a sad state of things." Ollivander claimed, "Is nothing sacred. Snapping a wand that beautiful is sickening. Well let me see if I have something else that will fit you."

After an hour Harry walked out of the store with a new wand in his hand. It was another holly wand but the core this time contained a feather from a griffin. Ollivander had been very excited because the feather from a griffon was even rarer than Phoenix feathers.

"Gryffindor through and through." Ron chuckled.

"Shut it." Harry grinned back at him.

Over the next several weeks Harry split his time between classes, his friends, Ginny and working on using two wands at the same time. During one practice session he was fighting Sirius and Remus as Ginny, Ron and Hermione watched in awe. Over the weeks they had watched him progress from shooting the same spells first from one and then the other. Hermione had commented that it looked like an old American cowboy movie she'd seen one time. The spells were fast but one at a time. From there he had moved to shooting the same spell out of both wands at the same time. After that he had used two spells one after the other from each wand. He was even able two switch out which spell he was using as he went. But today he was doing something different. It seemed to defy logic but he was shooting different spells from each wand at the same time. After several moments of this the shock was beginning to wear off. Ginny stood and pulled her wand.

"Where are you going?" Ron asked.

"He's holding back." Ginny said, "It will push him more having three opponents."

"Maybe we should help too?" Hermione suggested.

"Let's see how he does with them first." Ron replied.

As she jumped into the fight Harry was almost stunned by her spell. At the last second he turned and blocked the spell. They continued on for another half hour. Just as Sirius was ready to call a stop to practice Hermione and Ron joined in. Surprising all of them Harry was indeed able to work harder and continue to fight all five of them. Finally Ginny hit him with a disarming spell and they all thought it was over. But before the wand could hit the floor Harry looked at it and it came flying back to his hand. He then proceeded to stun Ginny and Sirius who were gawking at him and it didn't take long to take down the other three.

Harry collapsed on the ground panting heavily. From his spot where he was sprawled on the ground he lifted his arm enough to awaken Hermione who was right beside him. He dropped his arm afterwards too tired to move another muscle. After waking the other four Hermione started to analyze the fight.

"Good job Harry." she complemented, "What happened that you were able to get us?"

"Well Ginny and Sirius just stopped for a second looking shocked over something and I took the opportunity to stun them." Harry replied still panting, "What were you two staring at?"

"You." Ginny said, "I think you did wandless magic."

"No way." Harry replied, "When was that?"

"When I disarmed you." she said.

"I just summoned it. I did have another wand." Harry commented with a grin his breathing was finally slowing down.

"But that wand was busy shielding against the other three." Sirius said, "You did wandless, silent spell casting. I saw it."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked, "Wouldn't it just be classified as accidental?"

"No accidental magic breaks glass or throws things. Occasionally it will summon an object but the kid has to be very emotional for that to happen." Sirius stated.

"Maybe I was just an emotional kid then." Harry said, "I know I was scared to death when the dementors tried to attack Dudley and I over the summer. I dropped my wand and couldn't find it. I just yelled luminous in a blind panic hoping I could find it."

"Did it light up?" Remus asked.

"I'm still here aren't I? I did get charged." Harry chuckled sarcastically he was still on his back and he had closed his eyes trying to get some energy built back up.

The rest of the group glanced at each other before Sirius asked, "What other accidental magic have you done?"

"I don't know if all of this was magic or if some was just coincidence." Harry started. He then listed every strange occurrence that he had ever been blamed for, "I think that's everything that has ever happened. I don't remember anything else."

"You are right that all of that was not magic." Sirius said, "I can see two things that definitely had nothing to do with magic. Maybe a third of that was truly accidental. The rest I would say was unconscious control."

"And the difference?" Harry asked finally opening his eyes and looking at his Godfather.

"Very slight but if you had known you were a wizard it would have been conscious control." Remus said, "Since you didn't know it was unconscious. But you most definitely, wanted those things to happen."

"Which is which?" Harry asked concerned.

"I would say your violent reactions were accidental. Those were average responses." Sirius said, "Transfiguration and apparition was control."

"For the rest of the week I want the four of you to practice wandless as well as your normal training." Remus declared, "Are you able to move yet Harry?"

"That was a workout and a half." he groaned, "What made you guys join in?"

"Ginny." Ron and Hermione said in unison.

"You wanted to beat me up?" Harry raised his head looking at her.

"I want you to train so that you will survive." Ginny said and then turned to leave the room in a slight huff. Harry struggled to get up and follow her but before she made it to the door she turned around, "I know you can beat him I just want to help."

"That's fine." Harry said still struggling, "I was only teasing, come back."

"Sorry." she walked back and pushed Harry back down, "Just rest, I guess I'm still worked up about everything that's been going on."

"I think we need to work on strength and endurance." Ron interrupted their train of thought.

"Why do you say that?" Harry asked.

"I couldn't hold up that mask. I bet Charlie could have." Ron said, "I really felt useless, I couldn't even walk upright I was leaning my head on your shoulder. And you were barely holding me up."

"The mask was designed to be too heavy to hold up." Hermione said, "It was supposed to keep you down. I don't think Charlie could have held it up without using his arms."

"Still I couldn't hold it up by myself even using my arms." Ron said, "I just don't think we can go wrong with this type of training."

"I agree." Sirius said, "Remus and I will do that with you. I lost a lot of muscle when I was in Azkaban and I've never been able to get it back. I'll look into it and see what we need to do. For now thought we can all start running."

"Where?" Harry asked.

"I've got it." Hermione said and then scrunched up her face in thought. Around them the room expanded and changed. She added a running track like she had seen at a fitness place not far from her parent's house. She also added showers and changing rooms, "It can't give us clothes to run in but that's about all."

"Brilliant." Ron jumped up and moved to hug Hermione. He jogged over to the track and started looking it over.

"I'm going to pass today." Harry said, "I'm doing good to still be conscious. How long was the duel?"

"Three hours and I'm with you." Sirius grinned, "Run tomorrow sit today."

"Ginny, I have a question for you." Remus started, "What made you switch out Harry's wand?"

"You know the twins made it." Ginny said, "They asked me to hold it because they didn't want Hermione to catch them with another new prank. I knew it was a prank and I thought right then was a good time to prank her. I had no idea they were going to break it."

"I'm glad you did it." Harry reached for her hand.

"Me too." She squeezed his hand and cuddled up closer to him.

"Why did the twins make it?" Sirius asked, "Where they planning on pranking Harry because that could be dangerous."

"No. They wouldn't do that to Harry." Ginny shook her head, "He's fair game in anything else but they won't mess with his wand. They had some vague idea about pranking Umbridge with it. I think if she would have touched it something would have happened to let them know it wasn't a real wand."

Just as Ron was rejoining the group a Phoenix patronus swooped into the room and landed in front of Sirius.

Dumbledore's voice instructed, "Sirius and Remus come to my office and bring them with you."

The group stopped talking and headed out the door. The walk to the Headmaster's office didn't take long. Upon their arrival they found Albus seated at his desk with his pensieve ready. They all found seats and relaxed waiting on Albus to tell them why he called.

"I have placed my memory of Draco's trial in this pensieve. I want you all to see it." Albus directed. Soon the group with included Albus found themselves at a courtroom in the ministry.

"Is this the same one I was in?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Albus replied.

The scene started with Draco being brought in and sat in the chair. He was trying to look relaxed but the four teens could see the tenseness in his face. In the Headmasters office were Amelia Bones, Albus and Madeye Moody.

"State your name."

"Draco Malfoy."

"Tell us what happened."

"My father wrote me a letter telling me I needed to help Umbridge with a task that would rid us of Harry Potter for good. I approached her and she told me to be in her office on Friday evening fifteen minutes before the end of last class. She had me follow her out to a classroom not far from charms." Draco told his story, "At the end of the hall she did a spell that would repel almost everyone but she didn't say who it would allow. She was extremely happy and giggled every so often. When Ron Weasley walked by alone she had me stun him then levitate him into the room. She did a disillusion charm and then levitated him to her office. She woke him and forced a potion down his throat and it knocked him out. We tried to put the mask on him but it wouldn't lock."

"What kind of potion?" Moody asked.

"I don't know." Draco admitted.

"You helped her put the mask on him?" Amelia asked.

"Yes because she couldn't do it." Draco stated, "But it wouldn't lock so she went to her floo and called my dad. He came in and finished locking it. Shortly after Umbridge called Minister Fudge and he arrived with an Auror but I didn't catch his name. They told the man to take Weasley to Azkaban. He tried to ask who it was and what he had done but they told him to take him or he'd be joining him. My father handed me a vial and told me to keep watch on it. After a few minutes a few red hairs showed up. When he told me I would be pretending to be Weasley I didn't want to do it but he made me."

"How did he make you?" Albus asked.

"He threatened me with punishment." Draco answered.

"What kind of punishment."

"He didn't say but that usually means I have to do tasks for the Dark Lord." Draco shivered, "I did what I was told. I stayed in the Gryffindor tower that night and the next morning I hid near the Great Hall and waited until everything was in place and then came out and started yelling at Potter."

"Do you know why she needed your help?" Amelia asked.

"I think it was because she didn't want any evidence on her own wand." Draco said, "I didn't think about that until it was done. Anything that could prove she did it she didn't do. I didn't realize it before but she set me up to take the fall on this."

The memory ended and they all left the pensieve.

"It's a good thing she's in Azkaban." Sirius said.

"Don't do anything that will get you put back." Harry said, "It isn't worth it."

"You can say that again." Ron agreed, "Did you find out what the potion was?"

"It was a Dreamless sleep potion." Albus supplied, "But it was strong enough to keep you out for a long time."

"I'm just glad it's over." Ron said, "That was the worst."

"I agree." Harry nodded.


The battle had been raging for some time. Harry was kept in the back away from the fighting until Voldemort arrived. When he did Harry was ready with his new wand out and his old wand within easy reach. Their battle was surprisingly short. Voldemort started out with killing curses not wanting the battle to go on for long. Harry rolled out of the way of the first one pulling his old wand as he went. When the next one was sent Harry was sending back his own disarming hex with his old wand and the spells met in the middle. The priori incontatum surprised Voldemort again.

"How can this be?" He screamed, "The brother wand was snapped."

"Actually it wasn't." Harry yelled back, "A fake one was. You've got to love the pranks the twins put out." Harry yelled the cutting curse as he raised his second wand and the hex caught the dark wizard and quickly ended his life.