Hello, my loyal readers.

I suggest you all mosey on over to my profile, because it's here. The wait is over.

"NQaP Season II: Still Not Going as Planned" has made its debut!

*fireworks and fanfare*

Regarding Murcielago, I got a lot of good guesses. To those who guessed Batman, he was seriously considered, but I didn't think he felt right (though Ulquiorra is certainly badass enough to have The Goddamned BATMAN as his Zanpakuto).

The Sinful, you were so very close. You got the right cartoon, and almost got the right character. You were just a little off.

But the big winner is Nameless Flame Wielder. Murcielago is indeed based off Thailog, Goliath's evil clone from Gargoyles. Congratulations. As a prize, choose one of the below.

Training with the Vizard

Ichigo vs. Ukitake: The Battle in the Woods

Victory Party Derailed

Resureccion: The First Release

Pick the one you want. It will be the first chapter in the collection of omakes I'm working on.

What are you all still doing here? Get your asses over to "NQaP Season II" and start reading!