Guardian Angel- Chapter 1

A/N: so this is my first story...criticism is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Just don't be flat out mean. Thanks guys...this story is basically an all human B/E fanfic. Eward is mean to Bella everyday and she puts up with it. What does she do when she receives a text message from somebody who calls themselves guardian angels? Read...and comment pretty pretty please :)

I walk down the hallway with my head down. My eyes look at candy wrappers, and new shoes that came out yesterday. My ears ring with laughter surrounding me, and I can imagine the excitement on their face as they relay the past events they went through over the weekend. I scurry to my locker and try to put in the combination as fast as possible. The locker opens and my hands seem automatic as I retrieve the things I need. 1st period binder, 2nd period notebook, 4th period textbook. Suddenly a hand slams my locker door. I look into the cold, hard, emotionless eyes of Edward Cullen, A person I regretfully have to see.

"Look at what the trash dumped here." Edward sneered to his posse behind him. His group starts to snicker.

"Move." I say with as much venom as I could possibly muster.

"Make me." Edward remarks, his eyes dancing with amusement.

I knew my strength didn't compare to his so I turn around to go the opposite way, but as luck would have it, he wasn't finished. He takes my bag and throws all of my content on the floor. He then steps on my prized possession of "Romeo and Juliet" and then picks it up and while looking at me, tears the cover and random pages. Salty tears blur my vision and so I bend down to pick up the rest of my things so they don't see me crying. My mother gave me that book my beautiful, sweet, easygoing mother. The women who took care of me from ages 3-10, until she decided I wasn't good enough and left, leaving me with no one. I stay on the ground until I hear Edward's feet retreat. Usually I would be happy but what he says next breaks me.

"I mean…. you think that with her parents leaving her she would understand she's not wanted." He doesn't turn around but I can hear yell "You hear that Swan? You Aren't wanted! GO AWAY!"

I choke back a sob and after retreating my things I run to my first period. It's true. I must not be wanted. Everybody always ends up leaving me. My father, my mother, my aunt. I put my head down and it stays there until I get a text. I pull my phone out and I see its from an unknown person. Cautiously I open it.

404-987-1324: Hey Bella, Ignore what that jackass did to you. You deserve more. Keep your head up, because you are wanted. You don't realize it yet, but you are wanted.

Confused I send a text back.

Who is this?


Moments later I get a text back. Four words, seventeen letters, and an unknown person made me crack a smile for the first time in years. I saved it to my favorites and closed my phone. The words still surrounding my mind.

Unknown POV:

A vibration in m pocket let me know someone texted me. I look at my phone and a smile crosses my face. She wants to know who i should I respond...I KNOW!

I type the words slowly..and look it over before i hit send. I close my eyes and relax on my desk until today's lesson starts. The words i wrote are imprinted on the back of my eyelids.

Your guardian angel.