Jere was a good swimmer. But I was better.

I had always been a good swimmer, I had been swimming ever sine I could remember. But this sunday morning, I was better. I dived into the water and twirled my body, I spreaded my fingers to feel the refreshing water between them. My arms stroke through the waves mechanically, and before I realised, we had been swimming for an hour, Jeremiah breathing loudly a few metres behind me.

I turned around to him, grinning cheekily. „I still swim like a fish!" I said happily.

„No," he said breathlessy, clutching his chest with one hand. „Better. You swim better than a fish, Belly. Don't you ever get tired?"

I shrugged. „I had lots of practice. All of the times you boys wouldn't let me play with you..."

He laughed, and I pushed him jokily. „That's ages ago! Stop bringing up the old crap. Lots of things have happened since then."

For one moment it was silent, and I nodded. „Yes," I whispered, more to myself than him. He ignored that and stamped the last few meters back to the shore. „Let's go, Bells! Your husband is waiting for you."

We walked back. The sun was now high in the sky and it was turning out to be a bright summer day. Crying birds in circled flight were escorting us back to the beach house. Just before we reached it, I stopped and looked at my best friend. He looked at me anxiously. I paused before saying „I'm happy for you and Taylor."

I guess he didn't expect this, but after a moment of hesitation, he smiled and boxed me in the shoulder. „Thanks."

„But don't hurt her, okay?"

A little offended, he replied: „I wouldn't do that. You know I wouldn't."

„I know you wouldn't."

„Good." Satisfied, he kept on walking up the steps to the porch.

„You're a good guy, Jeremiah Fisher."

„And you're not too bad yourself, Isabel Conklin."

We laughed a little while entering the kitchen, where Tay and Con stood closely together reading a book that was lying on the counter. Con was holding a knife in his hand while Tay was giving him instructions.

„You're cooking?"

Tay laughed at the nearly reproachful way I said this, propping her hands against her waist. „Hey! My cooking is uh-maze-ing!" She pointed at Conrad. „I also have quite a good assistant with me."

Con waved with the knife and we laughed.

After about half an hour, Tay served the food proudly. It was a kind of pasta, although I was not entirely sure. Taylor never knew how to cook, and although Con was very good at it, we decided not to tell her. He told me he wanted to let her do it. When serving it, Con turned to her and said „Magnifique!" in the fakest french accent and that was when, at the very latest, Taylor understood that her food wasn't any good. But nobody minded. We were all very touched by her effort, and we rewarded it with a big tost.

„To Taylor, out wonderful cook!"

And, after everyone drank, I added: „To us."

We all drank again, and Jere said: „To Cousins."

And when we all looked at Con anxiously, he said: „To Susannah."