I was going to end there, but thanks to the reviewers encouraging me, I am adding a coda that will lead into the sequel.

Still not my characters.


Castiel felt himself coming to consciousness in a hospital bed. Again. After expecting to be irrevocably dead. Again. He remembered declaring himself God, and his soul curled inward in shame. Perhaps this was only the illusion of a hospital, and he was in Hell as he deserved?

If this was an illusion, it was extremely accurate, and the only strong pain he felt was his aching forearms. He inspected them and felt more emotions in a few seconds than he had in thousands of years, including the past three.

Burned into the skin of his right arm, in such a way that would eventually heal but only after several months given how dim his Grace was at the moment, was a message in Enochian. "You overstepped. Yet I forgive. Your power will grow as you redeem yourself. Signed, Father."

On his left arm, also in Enochian but in a very different style of script, there was a message as well. "My godfather and I suggested this solution to Granddad. Two souls in one body's no good. Try not to mess people about this time. Signed, your nephew, Adam Young."

That's when Jimmy Novak woke up, saw Castiel inhabiting a body that was a near-perfect double of his, and screamed.


The sequel will be slower to update, but will be a Supernatural / House M.D. crossover. Hope you like the idea!