When Timmy kissed me, I didn't know it would be the last time I ever would see him alive. I felt so alive & free when it was happening. It was just so amazing I can barely put it into words. Those thoughts were shattered by a single bullet.

I was about to race over to the boys' bathroom, but then I remembered the note he gave me, Frantically, I uncrumpled the note and read through it carefully. I was shocked at what he wrote to everyone, especially me. He actually apologized for my behaviour. I admit, I was very crazy (and creepy) around him. I was still very surprised and shocked about what he wrote to everyone else. His parents didn't care much for him, his best friends called him a freak, he hated Trixie, and my older sister, Vicky, called him an unwanted mistake. As if! I felt like I could strangle her, but then I came across something very unusual.

He said he actually DID have fairy god parents, just like Mr. Crocker suspected. I think they were Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof since I don't think I've ever met them. If they really cared for him, they could've have stopped this from happening. If anyone knew what he was going through, he could've been helped. This wasn't the right way to solve his problem. I felt like crying, but I didn't dare. Timmy told me to stay strong.

As everyone started crowding around the boys' bathroom, I made my way over to the copier machine. Instead of showing them all the same note, I'd just give a copy and leave. I cut out the part of him having fairies of course, the last thing we need is Crocker rubbing it in and gloating that he was right all along. He would be the only one happy from Timmy's death. Besides, I don't ever want to forget about him.

I heard an ambulance coming close by, and I knew it was time. I grabbed the notes and ran out to where they were taking the body away to the hospital. They covered it, so I couldn't see him. I couldn't tell if there was a chance that he was still alive. I gave a copy of the note to Chester, AJ, Trixie, Gary, and Remy. I kind of wanted to stick around and see Trixie cry, but there were still two notes to give. While everyone was distracted, I made my escape.

My first stop was the Turner's house. I doubt they will be mourning over the loss of their only child. When our house was destroyed, they only wanted us to stay so they wouldn't be left alone with "that boy". As if it was his fault that he didn't have any friends, they hardly ever spend time with him. Sometimes they couldn't even remember they HAD a son, let alone what his name was. They didn't know how to raise a child. Were they even really his parents? He spent more time at school, with his friends, or with Vicky than he did with his parents. At least mine showed that they cared about me. Their only excuse for not coming to my birthday parties was that Icky Vicky was at them. Timmy's parents couldn't even remember when his birthday was.

Finally, I reached my destination. I rang the doorbell and waited, planning what I was going to do when they answered. It wasn't too long before they opened the door. They were all dressed up like they were going to a party-what a surprise. I pulled out one of the copies of the note and held it out in front of them. "You are to take this," I said, sternly but unemotionally.

They both looked confused and surprised. Usually when I came to their house I always asked to see Timmy, or something Timmy related. This was also one of those times.

Is everything all right, Tootie?" Mrs. Turner asked. "Timmy's not here right now and-"

I don't know how, but I just lost it completely. "OF COURSE HE'S NOT HERE! HE'S BEING TAKEN AWAY TO A HOSPITAL BECAUSE HE'S PROBABLY DEAD, AND IT'S YOUR FAULT!" I screamed. After I finished, my face was red and I was out of breath. My face was also wet, and I realized I had been crying.

The two adults looked shocked, and Mrs. Turner look as if she were about to faint. "W-what?" they whispered in disbelief. Maybe they actually care after all, I thought. I felt a twinge of guilt in my stomach, but it was very small.

"Just read the note," was my only reply as I ran home, tears spilling all the way.

When I got home, I knew Vicky would be there. She had a day off from school, and was using it to sharpen her blades and plan new ways to torture kids like us. But calling Timmy an unwanted mistake was going way too far. I was going to let it all out, even if she killed me. At least then, maybe, I could be with Timmy.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. Quietly & cautiously, I crept to the basement aka Vicky's torture dungeon. The place was dark except for the light coming from the torches on the wall. Axes, hatchets, swords, and all sorts of medieval were hung on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and some were lying on the floor in piles. It was the place where nightmares were created, literary.

Nervously, I tiptoed down the steps while trembling with fear. To end the fear, I instead thought about all the stuff that Vicky has done to me, Timmy and every other kid in Dimmsdale. My fear was swiftly replaced with anger and hatred, I realised, as I was now stomping instead of trembling. I found her polishing her chainsaw. She loved that thing a lot, and often polished it so "the twerps cowardly faces would reflect on it." I just wanted to get her flame thrower and burn it to ashes. Burning her to ashes would be even better. But first, there was work to be done.

"Hey Icky," I said quite loudly so she would snap out of whatever sick, twisted, child-abusing daydream she was having.

Her head immediately snapped up, and a look of anger and annoyment splattered on her face. "What do you want, Tootie?" she hissed at me.I could have sworn I saw her tongue was forked. I pulled out the note and held it in front of her. She took it hesitantly, and then started to read it. At first she was confused and kept looking at me as if to say "What is this?" But I only nodded a sign that told her to keep reading. After a while of reading through, after a while of reading through, her eyes popped and were as big as hubcaps. She dropped the note in shock.

"W-w-where did y-you g-get this?" Icky Vicky stuttered nervously.

"Timmy gave it to me about half an hour ago, right beforeā€¦" I couldn't bear to say what happened to him. So I just went to what I wanted to say for a long time. "I can't believe you went this far. Every day you torture kids like me. Either just for fun, or by making us do work: yours or pointless. Timmy's death is proof you torture us too much. Think how many other kids might do what he did, just so they wouldn't have to endure the suffering you put on them. But no one will even be suspicious of you. The entire kid population of Dimmsdale would be wiped out, and it would be your entire fault!" I yelled so much I could barely breathe. Before she could even react, I fled to my room. My sacred haven.

As soon as I entered, I threw my face into my pillow & wept. Not only for the death of the one I love, but for the way I was thinking a few minutes ago. I'm actually becoming more like her. I was already thinking of ways to torture her, who's to say I won't be like that when I get older? I was becoming the exact opposite that I wanted to be. I took out my diary and began to write:

Dear Diary, March 25 2007

Today was the most dreadful and unusual day in my entire life. At lunch, Timmy walked up to me and he actually kissed me. That moment was just so magical, and it was the best kiss in my life. If I only knew what he was going to do next, then I never would have let him go. Because after that, a gun fired, and I bet you can guess who got shot. I didn't know he felt the same way for me as I did for him. When I heard that gun fire, it felt like my heart had been shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. The last reminder I have of him is the note he gave me the moment before he died. I can hardly believe how similar, or at least more or less so, are lives are.

I have also realized that I'm becoming more like my older sister, Icky Vicky. I was already thinking of ways to torture her, what if I do the same to other people when I get older? I can't believe that any of this is actually happening. I just wish that today is only a dream, and I'll just wake up.

Speaking of wishes, there is one more thing I've learned from all this. My crazy fairy-believing teacher, Mr. Crocker, was right all along. Timmy actually DID have fairy god parents. They seemed to have loved him and cared for him, but they let this happen. Why couldn't they stop it? Why did this have to happen? And why do their names, Cosmo and Wanda, sound so familiar?

I put my pen down, and thought about my last question. Why did those names sound so familiar? Have I met them before but forgot? If they were supposed to stay a secret, how could I? That's probably the reason why I didn't have anyone like that. I'm such a blather mouth that I'd lose them within 5 minutes. I just have to suck it up and go through any obstacle life has to throw at me.

Life can really bite you in the butt sometimes.