Naruto Uzumaki is ruthless, had no respect for human life. Come and join in the story as we reveal the life of Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki your normal high school teen is supposed to have a normal life, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He's in a gang has a very complicated life. Things don't seem to go all so well for him. But just maybe Hinata can help him.

He pointed the pistol at the young man's head before he pulled the trigger. The body that was once filled with life had dropped down on the floor making a 'thud' sound. Blood began to pour from the lifeless body which had mixed with the rain that had fell down.

News Reporter: Today in Konoha another body was found in a dark alley, bringing the total murder rate up to 30. Apparently the young man was gunned down and shot on October 2th. The nineteen (19) year old name was Shun Mi Liu. Police has come to the point that all these murders have to be gang related.

The halls of Konoha were congested with teens, babbling and making jokes amongst varies of groups. The bell rang and the children did not move, until:

"YOU PACK OF MULES GET TO YALL CLASSES BEFORE I SMACK EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU" shouted Tsunade, principal of Konoha High, walking through the hallway with a bat.

The kids scurried to class, dropping papers on the floor.

"Hey Ino" Sakura, a pink hair girl, said. "Did you hear about the newest murder last night?

"OMG, Yeah I did" Ino said.

"Can't believe it" Sakura said walking into classroom, Ino then followed behind.

"Mhmm", Ino said.

The two girls took their seat. The class was in an uproar, when Uchiha Sasuke walked in. The girls squealed and gawked at the hot raven teem walking down the aisle to the back of his class. Sakura was drooling and Ino stared at him wide-eye.

Uchiha was 6ft3, a lean body and muscles everywhere. He strolled to the back of the class and sat down, staring out the window. The girls screamed louder when they saw the wind blew his hair back and forth.

"Okay class! We all get that Sasuke is hot, but I'm he- Kakashi sensei when the door opened.

A blonde hair boy walked in the classroom and sat in a row in front of Sasuke.

"Okay, as I was saying. I'm here so you little cock suckers do whatever you like" Kakashi said walking out the room.

The class cheered and they started chatting.

Hinata Hyuga was a lean girl with huge boobs and perfect curves. She had nice long midnight hair, and a gentle face and silky skin.

Her lavender eyes stared at the blonde boy staring down at his desk. Her cheeks turned rosy and she sighed.

The blonde boy, Uzumaki Naruto, feeling somebody staring at him looked up and stared into lavender eyes. Hinata couldn't move her face from staring into Naruto blue eyes. Naruto smirked at her and have her wink. Hinata felt her body go red and she quickly turned her face away.

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