"Amy! Amy wake up!" The Doctor began shaking her arms, causing her limp body to sway back and forth. "Doctor? What's wrong?" Her eyes were half lidded, blocking the beams of light that were pouring from her ceiling. "We need to get off the TARDIS right this second!" He began scanning the room with his sonic screwdriver. Amy heard the high frequency and covered her ears, wincing. "Why? What's going on?" She was completely dumbstruck as the Doctor hauled her into his arms and carried her down the hall way in nothing but her tee shirt and a pair of lace panties. "Doctor! I'm Naked for crying out loud! Drop me this instant!" Amy growled as her capture softly let her down, her bare feet hitting the cold metallic floor.

"Listen, I'm only going to say this once." She shivered, both of her arms rubbing up and down her sides as she looked at the doctor. "The TARDIS has run into some interference with another galaxy." Amy's eyebrows furrowed as she nodded for the doctor to continue. He sighed and closed his eyes, his hands gripping through his messy hair. "What that means is…" He was cut short as the TARDIS screeched, its frame shaking, causing Amy to fall straight down, and the doctor with her. "Amy!" He watched as she slid further away from him. "Doctor! What's going on?" Amy latched herself onto the spiral steps, keeping her gaze on the doctor, who, in fact, was now sliding down to meet her.

"Amy come here!" He called over his shoulder as he began sliding past her, the TARDIS tilting, making Amy's grip harder to hold on. She trusted the Doctor with her life, she would have no regrets letting go. Against her instincts she let the wrought iron bar go and began sliding downwards. It felt as though she was embracing for death, her body felt cold and numb as she slid down the floor, her body pressing into a warm soft object. "Doctor." She whispered as her body pressed tightly against his. He allowed himself a moment of comfort as he drew a deep breath, inhaling her strawberry vanilla scent and releasing a large breath, before getting back to business.

"Amy whatever happens; just know that I won't let anything happen to you." He said, his breath tickling the shell of her ear. "I know. You never have." He smiled at this as the TARDIS squealed and tipped over completely, the doctors' grip tightening around Amy. She desperately tried to cling herself to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as he braced her back tightly to his chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist and buried her face in his chest. He kept strong as she slipped, slowly, from his grasp. "Amy!" He yelled as she dropped.

She felt terrified, her eyes opening to see the doctor, her doctors, face fill with worry. He was getting further away. She reached out for him, his hand extending to her desperately as she fell. "Doctor!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. He was getting closer now, falling towards her. "I promised." He said softly as he neared her, gripping onto her and pulling her towards him. He saw the impact coming, the TARDIS was large, but there were still walls, like any other time machine. He pulled Amy to his chest and closed his eyes, preparing for the impact. She knew what he was doing; she would not let him sacrifice himself for her, Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. As he was deep in thought she slid out of his arms, kissing his cheek in a ghostly caress before slipping beneath him. He felt her soft lips, the feeling of petals caressing his sensitive skin. His eyes opened, Amy was nowhere in sight. "Amy!" He began to panic, his head turning every which way. "I'm here Doctor." Her arms wrapped around his waist from behind and as he calculated her intentions, it was too late, they hit the ground.

He heard the sickening sound of bones breaking, the scream of death pouring from her lips, the most dreadful sound he had ever heard in 907 years of existence. "A…Amy…" He quickly got off of her, her chest barely rising as she fell unconscious. "AMY!" His eyes welled with tears, dropping onto her pale cheeks, making them run down them. He promised he would never let her get hurt. He hurt her, again. "I'll fix this Amy. I'll fix this." He felt the TARDIS shake and he became angry. His body racking with tremors as he glared to the ceiling. "YOU!" He yelled up to the TARDIS, his finger pointing upwards. "STOP AND LET ME FIX HER!" The TARDIS slowed to a stop; somehow it knew what was unfolding and wanted to help. It fought the frequencies from outside forces, giving the Doctor time to pick up the broken girl from the cratered wall and rush her to the med-bay.

"Amy, sweet little Amelia." He whispered he laid her down on the cot, his eyes scanning over her bruised and battered body. "I'm so sorry." He ghosted his fingers over her cheeks, her chest rising and holding before slowly going back down. "I'll fix you. I promised." His eyes welled with tears as he grabbed his sonic screw driver and scanned her, finding her ribs broken, her arm broken as well. Her heart was stable and able to pump blood correctly. Her head was bleeding profusely and he slipped off his jacket, tearing his shirt off and ripping it into pieces of cloth, he bandaged her head.

Hours had passed. He kept by her side, watching her eyes move beneath her eyelids. Her fingers would twitch every so often, making his head jolt up to scan her face for any expression. None came. Days began to pass. Her eyes would clench her mouth opening in silent screams and then reverting back to a comatose state. He was going mad. He had not slept, his mind buzzed with possibilities of ways to make her wake up. Cold water, telling stories, moving her a bit, anything. By day three he began talking to her as though she were awake. He told her how he found her tea cup in one of the medical cabinets and asked her how it had gotten there. She lay motionless as he rambled on, amusing himself with his bizarre stores. It kept him sane and entertained; it was all he could do, so he would do it as long as he could.

Day four was nearly at an end. The doctor lay, sprawled out on the cold tiled floor. His shirt torn, his body worn out, his eyes were parted slightly, in a haze. What would he do if she never returned to him? He would never forgive himself. He would go to every galaxy, fight every creature, and travel every road until he could cure her. He had lived 907 years, the last of his species. He was willing to die for Amelia Pond, the 24 year old stubborn Scottish girl who opened his heart in more ways than he ever imagined. Why? She was like Rose, Jack, and Melissa. No, she wasn't. He, in this form, had never held a bond to those women like he had with Amy.

"D…Doctor?" Her voice was rough, dry and utterly the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. She winced and began to whimper; her body felt as though it were drug through hell and lay on an icy mountain top, the jaegers digging into her flesh and ripping it apart. "Doctor?" She called louder, crying as he quickly rushed to her side. "Amy, oh Amy." He ran his hand down her pale cheek as she cried. He kissed her warm forehead and rested his head against hers. "I'm so sorry Amelia." He whispered as she cried harder. The pain was too immense for her.

"Don't Do that! Don't cry like that!" He hushed as he gritted his pearly white perfect teeth, his eyes stinging with unshed tears. "Sleep Amy. I'll make the pain go away." He whispered to her as he placed his hands on the sides of her head. "I'll take the pain away." As he said this, his lonely eyes closed, his mind rushing faster than the speed of light. He felt her pain; every bone that was broken stung in his brain, buzzed and sizzled, igniting fire within his mind. He was fairly sure he was screaming. He felt his jaw relax and tense a few times, opening and closing as his throat burned.

She knew what he was doing. Her mind was in a trance, blocking out the pain and discomfort and for just a split second she felt calm and at ease. As her eyes opened, they rested on a very discomforted Doctor who was now screaming, his face contorted in a mixture of concentration and pain. "Doctor..." She breathed out in a sigh and closed her eyes once again. She would not allow him to feel what she had felt. That pain was too intense for the brilliant and nimble doctor. She was just Amelia Pond, the girl he left for five minutes, 14 years and two months. She could be sacrificed.

He felt the tug at the base of his brain, a numbing sensation that traveled throughout his body. The pressure was beginnig to decrease, allowing him to breathe normally. There was a swift push, as though someone or something was trying to get him out. Amy. He knew her psychic powers had grown over the last few months of her stay aboard the TARDIS. She was, in fact, a time traveler now, his compagin and faithful friend. She had gained the ability to push away forgien psychic powers, but he was much stronger than she.

There was one thing to be said about Amelia Pond. That one thing is stubborness. Hours had passed as she concentrated on extracting him from her mind. At moments she suceeded, feeling the full force of the pain, and screaming out into the small med-bay room. Most of the time it was the doctor who felt the stinging pain throughout his body, his teeth clenched as he began to sweat. In the rare moments they shared the pain, connecting in such an intimate way caused both parties to scream and relax all at the same time. He knew this could not last for very much longer and decided to part from her mind, only for an instant. Enough time for him to pop a lemon cream into her mouth.

He had concockited this medicine decades ago for when he had damaged himself beyond normal bandaging. It supressed the minds pain receptors and advanced the healing progress two hundred percent. There was a small side effect that ran along with this. The doctor paced, popping the small drop into her opened mouth and sighed, rubbing his face as he watched her body relax from its tensed state. He waited a few moments and closed his eyes, waiting for the side effect to kick in. "Doctor." Her eyes blinked open, adjusting to the bright florcent lights that hung over head. He swiveled on his feet to face her. She began panting, her eyes hazy as she let out a soft whimper. He knew she was burning up, in fact, he knew she ran a ridiclious fever.

"Amy, its alright." He walked over, careful not to startle her. She began pulling at her shirt, trying in vain to tear it off her perspiring body. "I dont like this." She wailed as her eyes closed, her hand touching her warm forehead. "I know, but it was all I could think of." He peeled back her shirt that covered her ribs, finding the bruises disappearing, her head and stopped its bleeding and the heart was slowly beginning to pump faster. "Right! Lets get you in the tub shall we?" She could not understand him, his words were muffled as her eardrums began to pound at the rythem of her heart. "Doctor. I cant hear you." She felt her mouth moving, the humming vibrations through her throat told her she was speaking though she couldnt understand it.

"Yes, another side effect. Wait why am I telling you this, you cant hear me." He rambled on as he scooped her up in his arms and rushed her down the hallway. The TARDIS had been able to fight of the frequencies invading its systems and managed to land on an uncharted planet. There were a few, minor problems. The main circuit had blown to pieces, leaving the smell of smoke wafting through the corridors. The doctor cursed under his breath. This would take him hours to fix. He glanced down at the small bundle in his arms, her hair sprawled around her face and shoulders in a messy fashion as her head thumped with every step he took.

"Okay bathroom, bathroom, bathroom Ah yes bathroom!" He opened the door only to find the library accompinied with the swimming pool. "No, bathroom not library, honestly." He felt Amy shift in his arms, obviously tired of the run around and desperately eager to find a cool spot to lie. "Alright, we'll make do!" He exclaimed as he sat her down on the floor before stripping off his tweed brown jacket and tossing it to the side. "Now, swimming time." He said under his breath as he gathered her up into his arms and jumped into the pool.

Amy felt her body tense as it hit something cold and wet. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing the doctor, his arms laced around her waist and his eyes meeting hers. She wanted to say something, anything. She wanted to tell him that she was okay, she felt better. Her eyes light up as his smile appeared over his ghostly expression. Small bubbles floated to the top of the surface, her oxygen was running low and he knew that they had only few more seconds before they needed to breathe.

He watched in fascination as her small slim fingers tried to catch the tiny air bubbles coming from her mouth. His smile broadened as he grabbed her hand and swam up to the surface, both taking a large gasp of air and breathing hard. She smiled at him, her doctor. He always knew how to handle things. How to heal her, fix her, keep her safe. "Amy? Are you feeling alright?" He placed the back of his hand on her forehead and felt for any unusual warmth. Nothing. "Of course, why wouldn't I?" She smarted, the trademark smirk appearing on her lips. "Oh Amy, how you scare Me." he mused, her fist colliding with his arm in a playful manner.

"I'm not scary. In fact, I'm quite alluring." She sassed as she spun around, heading for the ladder. "Alluring she says." He muttered to himself as he followed close behind. "I heard that." She countered quickly as she approached the railing, pulling herself up onto the first step. "Well, you're hearings back then. I suppose that's good." His boyish grin never left his face as they exited the library. "What happened to the TARDIS?" They walked through the corridors, nearing the time machines central hub. "Ah, well yes, about that." He walked passed her, taking his sonic screw driver and scanning over the switches and buttons. "Ah, yes just as I thought, exactly as I thought. Quite extraordinary." He said softly, looking over the console. "What is it?" Amy voiced, drying herself off with a towel. "It's broken." He stated matter of factly as he looked over at her.

"I can see that doctor." She rolled her eyes, the towel hanging over her shoulders to dry her messy red locks. "How do we fix it?" She walked up the steps and settled herself into a cozy leather chair, her tee shirt sticking to her as though it were a second skin. "That part is not quite so extraordinary." He kept his gaze fixed on the TARDIS screen, pushing every button until a faded light dimmed into view. "Ah, let's see what we have here." He flicked a switch, the TARDIS humming to life though the sound was more deathly than lively.

"Poor old girl. Completely wiped of energy. How could something suck the energy out of a time machine so quickly, or rather at all?" He fussed with the knobs, hearing the familiar whoosh. "She's landed somewhere, anywhere to be exact." He ran down the steps to the door, opening it widely with both hands. "Ah, yes, splendid, we're in Anubis. Wonderful." His mock of happiness caused Amy's head to tilt, her slender form standing to stretch before joining the doctor. "What's so bad about..." Her words trailed off as she peered out into the vast nothingness.

"Amy Pond, meet Anubis, the black moon of solitude." He voiced, his echo rebounding back to him. "Is there..." The doctor cut her off. "People here? Yes well, you could say that." He scratched the back of his neck quickly before walking back into the TARDIS, Amy quick on his heels. "So, what's the plan." The doctor stopped in his tracks and turned to face her, his eyes gleaming. "First...we get you dressed." He allowed himself a sweeping gaze up her half clothed body, the tee shirt acted as a see through screen, allowing him to discover the color bra she was wearing.

"Secondly..." He trailed off, not actually thinking of a secondly. "Well, Secondly, we'll think of a secondly." He stated as he rounded up around the corner of the stairway. "I'll try seeing if she can warp someplace, more, lively." His hands fidgeting with the knobs and switches. "Hold on, and this time don't let go, even if I tell you too." He never looked at her as he said this, but she could feel the guilt in his voice, so much so, she could tell his face was no longer smiling.

"He pulled the sliver and yellow handle downwards. The TARDIS screeched, small bellows of smoke coming off the top as he waved his hand over the console, clearing the air. "Ah, well then, let's try this." He pushed it upwards and then back down. The TARDIS whirled, the lights flashing on and off as it rumbled. "That's the ticket old girl!" His voice was on the verge of excitement as she continued to boot up. "Amy isn't this lovely? She's still firing up even after that whole wobbly wobbly mess. Amy?" He looked around, no sight of her at all.

"Oh Amelia Pond?" He sang joyously as he flipped the switch for auto drive. "Where are you?" He continued his little song until he stumbled upon the wet foot prints. "Ah, leaving me bread crumbs are we." He followed them down the narrow corridor, turned left, walked down and again took another left, making him stand in front of his bedroom door. "Well isn't that odd." He said to himself as he opened the door slowly, peeking his head inside.

"Amy?" He said softly, looking around the room before slowly entering. "This is popostrous; this is my room after all." He straightened his bowtie and closed the door behind him. Upon his scan of the room he found Amy, curled in his bed in the corner of the room, her shirt almost dry and clinging to her frame. "Ah." He whispered as he approached her cautiously. "She's...asleep." He said after a brief pause. He sat at the edge of the bed, his fingers intertwining in his lap. "I don't want to wake her up, but what if I get tired. Naturally I get tired as well, don't I need a bed to sleep in?" He rambled on and on, waiting for her to wake up.

An hour into his rambling she stirred, her eyebrows furrowing before her eyelids opened to the dim light of his room. "Well hello sleepy bones." He jeered, his lips curved into a smile. "What kind of expression is that?" She sat up, her mouth opening wide for a yawn. "A good one, that kind." He stated before moving closer to her, sliding up the bed until he was laying, halfway, beside her, his left arm supporting him from lying down completely. "Now, why is it that I found you hiding in my bedroom?" His nose was almost touching hers as she blinked her mouth still slightly open.

"I couldn't find my room. The TARDIS gave me this one." She spoke softly, her eyes latching into his soul, connecting with him as she always had. "That's a lie." His smile softened, his eyes shifting, searching for something in hers. "I was too tired to find my room." She tried again, her eyes focusing on his dilated pupils. "Another lie Amelia." He said, his breath tickling her lips, causing her to shiver. "It's not a lie doctor." She tried to appear confident, her muscles tensing, forcing her to become defiant.

"Humor me Amy. Why did you wonder in here?" He pressed his forehead to hers, his eyes moving back and forth sporadically. "I...um..." She was stumbling, her mouth felt dry like she had swallowed sand. She coughed to clear her throat, her eyes never leaving his. "I wanted too." She felt no need to elaborate on it. There was no need to, he knew what she meant. "You. Wanted to come here, in my room and..." He trailed off, allowing her to finish the sentence. "And sleep...in your bed..." She gave a small smile; a little noise passed her lips, a somewhat mock laughter. "Nothing crazy about that." She whispered, his forehead moving away from hers.

"My biggest concern is why you didn't bother telling me." He reached out with his free arm and caressed her soft cheek, her head instantly nuzzling into its warmth. "Ah, yes. Now I see why." His voice was soft yet full of endearment. "You didn't want me to say no. Fear of rejection?" He asked as her eyes shot open, staring at him. "No, I was not! I just didn't want to bother you and all." She looked away, his boyish smile resurfacing on his face. "Amy Pond, this is the third lie tonight, are you going for a record?" She blushed and rubbed her arm uncomfortably.

"I'll go to my room now." She voiced as she tried to slide off the bed. "No, no, no. I didn't mean to scare you off. Really it's perfectly alright. Stay with me, have a nice chat. Let's talk about something happy." He patted the spot next to him. "I need a shower." Her head tilted to the side as she watched his face change from gleeful to something much more potent.

"Shower aye?" He rubbed both of his hands together, looking up at her. "How about I make us some tea and you can use my restroom facilities to do those girly things you do." He winked at her as she crossed her arms in a pout. "Might I ask, what exactly are girly things?" He followed her stance and crossed his arms, gesturing for her to answer. "I don't know, shaving our legs, lighting candles, relaxing music, skinning a dead animal and preforming a ritual." She rolled her eyes as he nodded and clapped his hands together. "Well then, I'll remember not to buy you a pet." He mused as she slides off the bed, walking over to where he stood now.

"Oh shut up." She stood slightly shorter than him, her eyes meeting his neck, not daring to look into his passionate and lonely eyes. She kissed his lips softly, before he had time to react, and backed away, towards the bathroom door and closed it. "What was that all about?" He touched his lips that were still tingling with the softness of her kiss. "Right then, tea." He swiveled around and walked out of his bedroom, the sound of running water filling his ears.

"I wonder what she looks like...na..." He stopped himself his brain buzzing, his eyes wide. "Did I honestly just say that out loud?" His hands began moving over the tea bags, plopping one in each white china cup and filling it with piping hot water from the kettle. "Easy boy, you might have just crossed over that imaginary boundary." He shook his head, setting the cups on a small silver tray with the small sugar bowl and milk container. He walked in silence though his head was full of commotion.

Amy stepped out of the shower, the steam fogging up the tall Victorian style mirror that hung above the sink. She wiped it down, small streaks still covering the surface. She looked at herself, a tall ginger with not much to show in the chest area, big green eyes and long arms. She felt ugly. Maybe if she were more attractive, she thought, and then the doctor wouldn't be so intimately distant with her. She sighed and braced herself over the sink, one hand holding her upright as the other ran through her nearly dried yet clean hair. "What was I thinking, kissing him like that?" She felt disgusted with herself. All she ever wanted was to be with the doctor. Ever since he had shown his raggedy face to her fourteen years ago, she wanted to explore with him, wanted to travel the galaxy with him. Wanted to love him unconditionally. She looked at herself in the mirror, ashamed to see the hopeful shine in her illustrious eyes.

She wrapped the light blue towel securely around her body and walked out to find the doctor sipping his tea and staring rather intently at her. "Oh..." He stated, the rim of the tea cup distancing itself from his lips as he pulled it away slowly. "You look..." She felt embarrassed and worst of all, disgusting. "I know, horriable and completely and utterly unattactive, save me the speach." She said in a half joking tone before walking closer. "Never would I ever said that Amy." He sat the tea cup down on the tray and stood, shortening the gap between them.

He took her by the shoulders, staring into her eyes. "You, Amelia Pond and beautiful. In fact, you're the prettist woman I've ever encountered on my travels through the universe." He kissed her forehead, her body shivering as his lips moved away. "Doctor...I love you." The words came out too quickly, she couldnt stop them. It felt right, everything felt right. He sighed softly and closed his eyes, his forehead pressed against hers. "I know Amy, I know." She let a tear slide down her cheek, ending at her chin and falling on his hand. "I love you too." He whispered softly, her eyes wide and searching his.

"But its not possible. I dont get older Amy, I stay this, and then I change into something else." He watched her eyes dull into passionless prisons. He took that sparkle out of them and it broke him. He lifted her chin and kissed her, his lips devouring her small supple ones in a hungry kiss. She felt a tingle shoot through her body. When she kissed Rory, it was nothing like this. It wasn't special, it was just a kiss. This, the feeling that was flowing through her body now was special, loving and passionate. As the doctor pulled away, he pulled her to his chest and stroked her back softly, resting his chin on her head. "I cannot promise anything Amy." He said softly into her red hair, his eyes closing as he gripped her tighter. "But I will promise to always be at your side, I love you sweet Amelia Pond. My sweet Amelia Pond." She was completely in shock. Her arms wrapped around his waist as she held him, both silent.

"With that said..." he finally spoke his voice soft and tired. "Would you like to be with me?" He pulled away, looking for her response in her eyes. "I...yes. Yes I'd want that more than..." she was cut short, his lips crashing into hers, making her body tense in reaction.

Days had past as Amelia Pond and the doctor chartered unfamiliar galaxies. They stood by one another through all obstacles, leading them closer to that crack that was once in sweet young Amelia's bedroom. Everything felt normal, aside from the doctor's overprotectiveness of Amy's safely. She could feel his hands on her shoulder when she walked a little further than him, could sense his eyes searching for danger on every planet they visited. She found it rather amusing and at times preformed actions intentionally to stir him up. This would be one of those occasions.

"Oh doctor! " Amy exclaimed as the doctor ran to catch up with his newly found better half. He panted as he approached her, his hands on his legs as he bent over a little, catching his breath. "Honestly Amy, must you frolic all over this planet without as much as a word to tell me where you're going? It's a dangerous universe this is." He gestured around him while he looked up into the red sky. Amy began to laugh softly, her face staring into his as he regained his breath. "You're such a worry wart." She said after a few giggles.

"As I should be. I remember back in 1941 I was stuck in the middle of a ghastly war. It was quite remarkable how I learned to fight on the spot you know." He rambled on; his back turned to Amy as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, walking away silently. She could hear his voice, growing more distant as he recounted his actions, the excitement dripping from his words. "AND THEN!" He exclaimed, turning back towards Amy's direction. "Ah…" His excitement dropped, she was gone.

"You sneaky cheeky girl." He whispered to himself as he quickly walked forwards. The roads curved at odd angles, almost like a labyrinth. He turned his head every which way, looking for any sign of red hair. "Amelia Pond when I find you, I shall…" He trailed off, his mind drifting to mature themes. "Gha! Never mind that!" He shouted as he rounded a corner, leading to a small village. "What do we have here? A pleasant little old town perhaps?" He watched as human children ran, happily, playing tag. Mothers sitting on a bench gossiping. It was starting to get dark, the street lights coming on as the red sky changed dramatically to a light navy blue.

'If I don't find her soon, she'll be out there in the darkness.' He thought to himself as he walked down the cobblestoned path. An old abandoned church sat, crumbling from the roof, creating a large hole at the center. He stopped, hands in his pockets he squinted his eyes, seeing a slightly yellowish glow coming from the mosaic windows. He grabbed his sonic screw driver and scanned the building, hearing the familiar high frequency he read the readings. "Looks like someone forgot to pray today." He grinned and looked around him, noticing the townspeople shuffle quickly into their homes as the large clock tower chimed, signifying its midnight.

"Doctor?" Amy called out. It had only been twenty or so minutes but the sky had taken a drastic turn. The light had receded, the stars brightly shinning, allowing her to still be able to see, but only slightly. "I'm sorry okay? Goodness where did you go?" She mumbled as she turned a corner, seeing an empty building. Her eyes met with the large clock tower, its chimes making her ears ring. 'It's midnight already? That cannot be right.' She looked around frantically. The statures that she swore were not there a moment ago appeared at the top of the clock tower. "Doctor!" Amy shouted, her pace quickening as she ran down the cobble stoned path.

"Let's take a peek inside shall we?" He removed a thick wooden panel that blocked the double doors leading into the church. As he opened the door, he could hear screaming. "Amy?" He faintly voiced as he turned to see her running rather quickly. "Amy!" He shouted, her head turned looking at him as though she had seen a ghost. "This town, there's something wrong." Amy exclaimed as she neared the doctor atop the hill. "Just get up here, we'll sort it out." He said as she walked up the stone steps that lead to the rather large dilapidated building.

She neared, only a few more steps. Her smile broadened as she could make out the doctors face more clearly. It was not what she expected. His eyes were wide, his body moving towards her. "Amy!" He yelled as she tripped on the last step. Why was he screaming? She went to get up, her back being pushed down into the cold earth. "Amy!" He yelled again as her head turned to look at her attacker.

"D…doctor." She whispered as her eyes landed on what was pushing her. Down. Large yellow eyes with tiny black slits down the middle stared at her angrily, its large oversized huffs pressing harder, its black wings extending, small white insects running hastily over them. She grimaced, its attention focusing at the figure approaching it. The doctor's expression was a mixture of anger and worry. He slide out his sonic and aimed it at the creature. Amy lay, motionless underneath its huffs, her lungs being compressed, causing her breath to come out it hasty, short gasps.

He watched her, her eyes locking on his. They were scared, pleading eyes, begging for his help. It tortured him, seeing her there, helpless, his only defense was a sonic screw driver that was failing him. The creature let out an enormous yell, a mixture of a bird cry and a horse as he looked away from the doctor. Amy struggled as it pushed her harder, both sinking into the ground like quick sand. The doctor watched in horror as she tried to grab onto the earth, trying to claw her way back up to the surface.

He ran and skidded towards her, his hand reaching hers as he held it, trying in vain to pull her free. "Amy don't you let go!" He gritted his teeth as she struggled to keep her head above the surface. "Doctor…help me." She whimpered through tear covered eyes. "Don't give up! Amy!" He grabbed at her as she sunk further into the earth, the creature diving down into it and taking her with it. "No! " He yelled, saliva spewing from his mouth in a rage. His eyes stung as he tried to dig into the ground, finding nothing.