Chapter Six: Protectious

The doctor stood from his kneeling position, his hands trembling with griff. He could have saved her, if only she could have gave him time. How could he have let this happen? He watched the flame die until it was nothing but a pile of gray ash. She was kept for a thousand years, chained, tortured, raped and violated. His thoughts shifted to Amy. If she were not saved soon, this would be her fate, and he refused to let this be her future. He had one weapon that was a fail safe, his skin. The plasma had dried hard and if anything he could use it to protect himself and possibly excape with just the thought of having this plasma.

Amy and Jack walked further down a hallway, away from the tortured war cries of the failed male hermits. She held onto his jacket tightly, her eyes dulled and lifeless as she slipped into a daze. Jack kept his eyes forward, his mouth set in a stern line, refusing to talk. It was only after a few minutes did Amy decide to talk once more. "If I don't excape Jack..." She trailed off, her eyes never daring to meet his. He broke the awkward slience after her slip of the tongue. "You will make it out of here. You have the doctor and me for your defense. Nothing can beat that." He allowed a comforting grin to wash over his face, making Amy feel more comfortable. He hoisted her a little in his arms making her lose track of her thoughts on the doctor. "He'll be alright Amy. Dont worry about him." Jack finished his sentence upon running into a chest. "Us, I'm not so sure." Amy's eyes widened, seeing the one creature she never wanted to see. "Harmon." She whispered as Jack looked down at her. "You know him?"

The doctor walked quickly down the corridior he had once walked down before. The sonic was replaced by a torch that he made by hand in the elder womans room. It provided a much better light source and allowed him to see all of portriats that were painted on either side of the walls. He could not afford wasting time viewing them all, he needed to get back onto the main floor and find Amy. He watched as the light from the opened door grew. As he reached the final step he heard loud cries of anguish and pain. He approached the door cautiously, his eyes darting around the hallways.

"You." The prince bellowed, his anger fuming as Jack stood, dumbfounded. "Uh, yes us." Was all Jack could mutter as the princes eyes became blackened, his body tense. "Jack, I think that's our que to move!" Amy yelled as Jack turned to run, Amy held tightly in his arms. "You know I could run a lot faster if I didn't have to carry you!" He voiced as they rounded a corner. Amy growled and crossed her arms. "Are you calling me fat?" She fumed, her fear of the prince no longer evident. "No, simply stating that if you could walk..." He trailed off as he had reached a dead end. "Well, I suppose this is the end of our conquest." Jack said calmly. Amy looked around, her eyes searching for anything that would help. "Hermits, can they see in the dark?" Amy whispered as Jack leaned down to hear. "No, they dont have any special night vision, why?" Jack watched as she slipped off her boots and tossed them up, hitting the florscent lighting above, making the end of the hallway black.

The doctor noticed, at the corner of his eye, the slight change of lighting at the end of the hall to his left. "That's strange. "He grabbed his sonic and scanned the hallway where the odd change had come from. It buzzed and then fizzled, making the doctors eye brows furrow as he read it. "Well that's odd, thats the same reaction it has to..." He looked up again and dashed down the hallway. He started to sweat, small beads began to set on his forhead as he made it half way down the long corridor. "Just hold on." He whispered.

Jack whispered to Amy for her to hold her breath. She did so. Harmon approached, his breathing that of a bull, loud and anxious. She could hear something scrapping up against the metal of the walls, the sound intensifying as it got closer. Jack could feel Amy's body shiver, her head nestled between the nook of his neck. Her red hair tickled his nose, almost causing him to sneeze. "Amy!" The doctors voice was heard loud and clear down the hallway. She needed to call out, she had to or he would pass her in an instant. "Doctor!" She yelled causing Harmon to turn sharply and charge. Jack could sense the distance closing in on them and as they prepared to be charged, the doctor ran down the hall with his sonic and zapped the lights, causing them to flicker and electricute Harmon.

The doctor panted, his eyes watching the twitching hermit prince. He was filled with adriline, more so for Amy who was now tucked under Jack's arm. "Amy." He whispered out of breath. She smiled, her eyes boring into his as she wavered on a mixture of relief and shock. "Jack!" Jack said happily, wanting to include himself into the conversation. They both ignored him as Amy tried, in vain, to claw her way out of Jacks arms and into the doctors.

The doctor moved swiftly, his feet barely hitting the tiled floor as he approached Amy. Jack, seeing his quick movement prepared to hand her off, his arms adjusting to hold her. As the doctor neared them Amy could not contain herself and lept from Jack to the doctor, her arms out stretched as he caught her. They embraced, both whispering incoherent words as they tightened their grip on one another. Jack, watching this, sighed and rolled his eyes, his arms crossed. "Seriously, it's been a grand total of a few hours and you all do...this!" He gestured to both of them as they kept their arms locked around one another.

"Amy are you okay, did they touch you, why can't you walk? Are you paralized? Good heavens did they paralize you?" The doctor started to ramble, his eyes darting from hers to the floor to Jack and then back again. Amy smiled, eyes rolling at the familiar pace of his mouth. "Yes, no, I dont know, and no." She answered as he looked at her again. His mouth quivered as he finished his excentric rant. He held Amy close as Jack approached, his eyes motioning for the doctor to get moving. "We need to get on solid ground before we start celebrating." The doctor quirked an eyebrow and as he rubbed Amy's back he began his fevernt questions once more.

"What are you doing here? Why can't you zap your way out of here and exactly how did you find Amy?" Jack sighed as he listened to the doctors insesent ramble, his head shaking as the doctor concocted his own theories. "Listen Doc, we have about an hour before this whole ritual thing takes way so might I suggest we walk towards you're TARDIS?" The doctor nodded and as they began walking the doctor stopped in his tracks, causing Jack to stumble and look at him. "What about Amy's legs?" Amy looked at both of them and sighed.

"We'll have to get that antidote from the Med Bay." Jack stated calmly, his eyes focused on Amy's non moving legs. "Listen" He started again, his eyes shifting to both of them. "You two go back to the TARDIS, I can get the antidote and meet you there."

"Is he nuts? Those thing's are completely out of his league!" Amy exclaimed as the doctor rushed down the hallways, his sonic guiding him the right directions to locate his tardis. "Jack is quite nimble, I'm sure he'll manage to fight his way in and get what we need." The doctor was slightly out of breath and he knew that if the tardis did not make itself known soon, that they would need to take a rest. "If you say so." She whispered under her breath as the doctor squeezed her slightly, reassuring her though a simple physical action. As the frequency intensified from his screw driver the doctor at long last discovered his beloved box in the middle of the corridor. "Well, that's not obvious at all." Amy said as she looked at the doctor who was occupied with opening the doors.

"You try hiding a blue police box in a sand castle and then you can say what's obvious or not." He chided as he pushed both of them inside the tardis. He sat Amy gently on one of the comfy chairs and panting softly under his breath. He was nine hundred and seven and still managed to keep the pace of a teenager, though it wore him out entirely too quick. Amy smiled as he plopped into the seat across from her, his eyes closed and his chest heaving with silent long breaths. "Honestly Amy Pond, you have no idea how old you make me feel." He smiled as she poised herself on the chair, her back straight and her eyes ever so peering into his soul. "Just keeping you on your toes doctor." Her smirk all but made him laugh as he rested in his easy chair.

Jack looked both directions as he walked slowly towards the main enterance of the vast catacombs of the castle. His eyes moved rapidly, trying to pick out something that looked medical or at least different than the chrome that surrounded him. "So this is what happens to men when there are no longer females. They clean continuiously." He mused as his hand skimmed along the metallic walls. He noticed, from the corner of his eye, a door. The glass was opaque which made it hard to deciper what exactly was held behind it. Curiousioty got the best of him as he pushed the door opened and was greeted warmly with shelves upon shelves of vials.

"And none of them are marked, simply wonderful." He said in monotone as he looked over the many different colors and styles of bottles that lay before him. "Honestly how do they keep track? There must be something that can help me." He whispered to himself as he scanned the room for anything that would help him. "What's this?" He picked up a small digital device. It was thin, lightweight and compact. He turned it over in his hand and heard a soft buzzing as it powered up. "If you are an alarm I will chuck you stright to the third moon." He stated as the small device beeped, signaling it was ready. He studied it, the glass screen now coming to life as the image of many different bottles appeared on the screen. "This looks like all the bottles here. Jackpot!" He mused as he touched, with his index finger, one of the bottles on the screen. A robotic feminine voice greeted him warmly.

"Aptrosis. Kills all bactiera in lifeforms. Also used as antidote to common illiness." He raised an eyebrow and tried again. "Vaspution, used to arrouse the sexual desire in men. Usless to females." He smirked and looked for the vial that contained the said aroused potion. He pocketed it and continued on. "Harringas, cures paraliass." He grabbed the vial and looked over the small device. "You, my dear are ever so helpful." He kissed the screen and placed the device down on the counter where he had found it and left quickly.

As Jack left the medical postion room he realized, as he scratched his head, that he had no idea where the tardis was. He looked down at the time travel watch on his wrist and remembered that he was low on battery but could possibly be used as a tracking device. "Alright girl, show daddy the way." He pressed a few buttons, a few beeps told him that it was still alive, but barely. "Now, show me where that tardis is." He pressed a final button and a familiar frequency told him that he was close. "Perfect." He walked down a few hallways, turned left, then took two rights and was greeted with the sight of a brightly colored blue box.

"Jack!" Amy exclaimed as he walked into the tardis. The doctor had seen him on the screen and decided to boot her up as it took a few minutes to do so. "Ah, my lovely Amy!" He said with as much vigar as he could muster up. She looked at him for a moment in pure confusion before shaking it off. "Did you get that antidote Jack?" The doctor voiced over his shoulder as he punched in a few cordinates and pulled the lever. "Of course I did!" Jack seemed offended as he tossed the vial to Amy.

"Doctor, what about those crab things. Are we going to leave them be?" Amy's voice was soft as she polled the vial around in her hands. "Funny you should mention that." Jack said after a few moments of silence. "On my way back here I found, what looked to be like an emergency lever." He continued as he sat in one of the chairs facing Amy. "Naturally I pulled it, being as bold as I am and all." He smirked seeing Amy's eyebrow shoot up in wonderment. "Anywho, it started an emergency fumigation, sort of like a gas that puts you into hibernation. I'm guessing it was to protect their kind from any bio terrisiom warfare." All three heads turned to the screen that showed just outside the tardis. It was murky with a greenish mist. "I'm thinking we should probably get a move on, that stuff wont stop unless something hits the shut off valve which I just so happened to break on my way here as well." Jack kicked his feet up and sighed, eyes closed.

"What a hero you are." Amy scoffed as she watched him crack an eye open. "I saved your legs didn't I? Else you'd be paralized, though that would't subtract from your loveliness at all." He winked at her and she blushed, looking at the doctor who shook his head and pulled the lever to return them to space once more.