The Summer king knelt before her, the one person he wanted to spend the rest of his life, the one he fell not long ago.

'Is this what you truly want? To risk the winter queen's chill?'

'Yes, yes this is what I want'

She watched him, the boy she'd fallen in love with last weeks. She'd would never though nor dreamed that he was something else other than human, but now, his skin was glowing like flames flickering underneath the surface- strange and yet beautiful that she couldn't look away.

'You have to understand that if you are not the one you have to carry the Winter Queen's chill until the next mortal girl risk this? And you'll warn her not to trust me at all?' he paused and glancing her way filling with pain in his eyes.

She nodded

'If she refuses me, you will tell the next girl and the next' – he moved closer to her-'and not until one accepts then you will be free from the cold.'

'I do understand' she smiled reassuring at her decision; she walked over to the hawthorn bush. As she draws closer she re-thinks about her decision. The leaves brushed against her arms as she was about to bend down she stopped. She thought over her decision.

She turned around and looked at him and him looking at her.

'Ke-Keenan?' he looked at her, smiling sweetly

'I think I can't... I love you so much but I think I can't do it. If I was not your queen and I turned into a winter girl...'

He moved closer to her, he wrapped his big arms around her small waist and he looked down at her

'Then join me, be one of my summer girls and we can be together'

She nodded in agreement

Then she felt the change; her body filling up with sunlight, she could feel him

'Oh Keenan love' she saying in a love-y dove-y voice