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By waterrain

What would Camelot be like without me? Would it be peaceful and safe without me? No for Uther has countless enemies that come after mainly Arthur for losing Arthur would hurt the King the most. I can't let Uther be killed by magic for then Arthur would hold a grudge and the cycle will go on. It is stressful keeping Uther and Arthur alive for it seems as if is one or the another, but sometimes both are in danger.

I'm willing to give up my life for my mother, Arthur, Gaius, and Guinevere. There is no hesitation for me. A few times late at night I wonder what it would be like to really die since I have been close to death a couple of times.

"What are you doing, Merlin?" Arthur asked me. I looked down and noticed that the sword I had been cleaning for Arthur. It looks like it gave me a minor cut. "Go see Gaius before it becomes infected."

I handed him the sword, nodded my head, and started to walk away.

"Is there something wrong, Merlin?" He asked and I looked at him.

"I'm fine." I replied calmly, gave him a smile, and went on my way. It is best not to think about death for it is rather distracting.

I will just focus on the here and now. I will keep Arthur alive and one day he will become King. Hopefully, Uther will not killed off by magic for then the cycle would go on.

Uther has a lot of enemies. I believe the sins of the father should not be passed onto the son. It makes my job really difficult because almost everyone goes after Arthur instead of Uther. I think I'm starting to get grey hair since I found one this morning, but maybe someone is playing a joke on me or I turned it grey by using my magic while sleeping.

My destiny is to protect Arthur not Uther, but sadly I can't allow the King to be killed for Arthur is not ready to become King yet...

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