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Lucy and Ricky just got home from a trip visiting his parents.

"Wow," Lucy said, "Now I understand you a little bit better"

"What does that mean honey," Ricky asked.

"Well I understand why you act the way you do," Lucy said, "and why you're a bit of a control freak"

"I'm not a control freak," Ricky said

"Whatever you say dear," Lucy said kissing him

Fred and Ethel came over.

"How was the trip," Fred asked.

"It was great," Lucy said, "and I know why Ricky is so much of a control freak"

"Fred," Ricky asked, "am I a control freak?"

"Um... I've heard it sometimes," Fred said, "But all guys are"

"I'll try not to be so much of a control freak anymore," Ricky said

"Good luck with that," Ethel replied.