Okay this is sort of a new take on Catch me if you can.

It's a fem Kenichi. Not sure about any pairings just yet since I just decided to turn the former one shot into this whole different story. It starts out with a semi re-done first chap that I took from the earlier story and decided to add some stuff too.

Kenichi is still referring to herself as a 'he' at this point but it switches back and forth from time to time so sorry about that.


It all started with Honoka's kidnapping.

The questions that 'Kenichi' should have known would eventually come up. She should have known long ago that the twerp would somehow manage to undo everything that she had managed to do for her family over the past few years since Ken-chan's death. After all Honoka was a pest of biblical proportions sometimes.

Even when her current problem wasn't exactly the pests fault. Not entirely anyways.

Kenichi stood before the old iron church gate panting, his eyes fixated on the large stone building just beyond the bars as lightning flashed over head.

It was pouring rain, it had been all day and most of the evening before. But this wouldn't deter him from his course. Somewhere in the darkened, gloomy and ominous looking church building Loki had his little sister Honoka-

He clenched his fists at his sides for a moment as murderous rage welled up in his chest. He started to reach out to rip the gate down but stopped himself and instead pulled the hood on his jacket up so that his face was partially hidden in shadow. Allowing him to see better without the rain in his eyes while hiding his face from the world.

Ragnarock had gone too far this time in taking his baby sister hostage. And there will be no mercy in me. Kenichi thought as he heard foot steps approaching from different sides. It was Takeda, Ukita, Nijima and Miu no doubt. And made an impatient sound in the back of his throat.

He had no time to wait.

Honoka was in there alone. Frightened, hurt, maybe even worse- No! He couldn't think that. It would break his heart and soul into pieces if he kept thinking about it. He heard rough breathing from somewhere behind him, closing in fast, much faster than he had calculated, and took a deep shuttering breath and quickly placed one foot against the blackened gate and used it as a step ladder and jumped the fifteen foot piece of metal and landed easily on the other side, on the balls of his feet as Nijima reached the gate.

"Kenichi, what the hell are you doing? You can't go in there without a plan!" The pointy eared alien/demon he went to school with practically shouted in what could only have been outrage. Or was that concern? With Nijima one tone was like all the others so it was sometimes hard to tell.

"I have a plan." Kenichi said in an eerily calm voice. Nijima blinked at him in surprise but otherwise didn't look impressed as he grasped the metal bars and tried to pry the gate open. Kenichi nipped that in the bud with a well placed kick that bent the metal so that they would either have to tear it down or find another way in.

To say that this didn't go over well would be an understatment.

Both Miu and Takeda took turns trying to open the gate with shoulder rams and a couple of strong kicks. Kenichi watched them only for a second before saying, "Stay put and no matter what, don't come looking for me. Let me come to you." Because I don't know what to expect in here... And it was safer for them to stay out of the way even if they didn't understand his reasoning.

After that he turned and opened his mouth, intending to put the second part of his plan into action so that he could locate Honoka.

If she was even able to hear him then he knew deep down that she would answer him. He used their secret language. Picking one of the songs that he used to sing to her as an infant, for a lullaby, and stuffed his hands in his pants pockets and took a moment to relax his body so that his voice would carry further. His voice raised in volume a bit so that his voice echoed across the yard and could easily be heard inside of the church without him having to raise it loud enough to rattle- or worse- shatter the windows as he sang out.

Lately games have been engaged

And around here these enemies hold me when I get off the stage-

Only fools follow rules

It's time to play!

Honoka heard Kenichi's voice and managed to slip over to one of the far windows, grateful that only the teen in the hooded jacket, the one called Hermit was actually watching her. He let her get to the window before getting up from the old antique pew and stealthily walking over to her as she hopped in place, trying to reach the window. She felt large hands on her and gave a strangled sounding squeak as she was picked up and settled on one of Hermits knee's so that she could see outside.

"Better?" He asked in a whispered tone. Honoka looked at him from over her shoulder and nodded her head yes. Still aware that this person wanted her 'brother's' life, yet she couldn't help but feel that even though he was after her brother- he wasn't really a bad guy. Sort of like her 'big brother' wasn't a bad person despite hiding his true self from everyone else.

Hermit placed one hand on the small of her back to hold her upright and reached out and slipped a gloved hand under the cracked window and lifted it up and held it while the girl squirmed a little bit and leaned forward as she heard her brother's voice again.

Hermit must have heard him too this time since he got a puzzled frown on his face and looked at her expectantly as if waiting for an explanation. Instead of telling him what her brother was doing she caught him by surprise and leaned forward and sang as loud as she could-

Now you see me, now you don't come on and catch me if you can-

Come on and catch me if you can!

Kenichi's voice went silent in the distance as Hermit looked at her with wide brown eyes before growling, "What the hell-" Honoka gave him a slightly feral looking grin as the church door was hit hard by something outside, splintering the wood of the frame into pieces as a hooded figure stepped through the door and scanned the room full of gaping people until warm brown eyes landed on the girl sitting on Hermit's knee.

Kenichi quirked a brow at her then said, "I'm here for what's mine. Give Honoka back or die screaming."