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Winona Kirk screamed as her babies came two months earlier than a typical birth. She was utterly terrified of the strange craft that had appeared out of nowhere. It had attacked them, captured and killed their original captain, meaning they were all doomed. As she and the entire crew evacuated to the escape pods, she heard George's voice:

"What have you decided to name him?" Winona sighed, than gasped as a birth pain came from her second child coming into the world.

"I-i-i'm n-n-n-n-ot sure! AH! How about Tiberius; after your father?"

"No, that's the worse. If he were a girl, I'd call him Samantha Agatha, after my great-grandmothers, but how about James Tiberius?"

"Yeah, that's perfect." Winona than screamed as a girl came out of her womb, screaming with loud lungs, as if she knew what was about to happen.

"I love all of you, don't forget . . . " Than, George Kirk was no more.

On the day George Kirk died, he died only with the knowledge of his son's name, James Tiberius Kirk. Although he and his wife knew they were having twins, they didn't know the gender of the twins. Right after little Jimmy was born, his fraternal twin sister was born. The name of his twin sister: Samantha Agatha Kirk.

Sam rolled her eyes at the all too familiar scene between her brother, Jim, and the female space cadet. Seriously, Sam thought, my brother would flirt with any female with legs! Sighing, she waited for the masochistic men to come and 'protect the harmless dove.' Harmless, my ass, that girl was flirting too, thought Sam.

Right on cue, the other male cadets went up to her knuckle-headed brother, who just had to tease them till the one both of them had dubbed 'Cupcake' went right up to him and punched him right in the face. Of course, Sam had to bail him out by standing right in front of him, arms outstretched to prevent him from doing harm, saying:

"You want to fight, Cupcake! Fight me, if you aren't afraid of hitting a girl!" This made all the guys stand still, wondering why this woman, for that was the only way you could view someone as beautiful as Sam, would defend some farm-boy. It was only when he thought of her words that it sunk in:

"You're with him, aren't you?" At this, Sam rolled her eyes; why was it that everyone always thought she was dating her twin?

"We're twins, Nimrod!" 'Cupcake' growled at having not seen the obvious similarities between the two. Without thinking, he went to hit Sam; till Jim's fist stopped him from touching her face.

"You don't touch her!" Everyone in the bar started at how fierce Jim had said that; it was obvious these two are related. Without warning, Jim punched 'Cupcake' in the stomach as Sam did a roundhouse kick, pushing an Asian guy into a table, thus breaking it. Both twins were in a good rhythm till more space cadets came into the bar. Once this happened, Sam knew she didn't have a choice. She had to rely on her heightened senses to get them out of here.

Closing her eyes, she stood on a table and flipped to the center of the room. The cadets, unfamiliar with her style of fighting, as she'd invented it during a desperate time in her life, thought she was an easy target with her eyes closed, hands together, feet slightly apart. The first to try to break her semi-meditative state was an Alien cadet, whom she brought down in 10 seconds by flipping over her shoulder. She never opened her eyes.

She did the same with every one of them; any time they came near, she would force them out of her personal space, rendering them unconscious. Soon, the others just gave up; it was obviously pointless. At this point, Captain Pike came in, utterly shocked.

After the bar fight, Captain Pike came in and tried to convince her brother to join Starfleet. At this point, knowing Jim wouldn't mind, Sam butted in, commenting:

"With all due respect, Captain Pike, Starfleet stole the chance for our own father to know that we'd even survived our own birth. The only reason I'd join Starfleet is to keep my block-headed brother from getting concussions from bar fights and to prove that your bureaucracy is a waste of time. Granted, the leadership thing appeals to me, but I'd rather have everyone work as a team than have people argue about obvious choices." Captain Pike, not wanting to argue with this young woman, asked:

"How is Kirk your brother? And George Kirk was your father?" At this comment, Sam smirked, and then said:

"James T. Kirk is my older, fraternal twin brother. We were born on the same day, only I was born right after Dad died. My mother named me, unlike my brother, who got his name from both our parents. And before you ask, I blame Starfleet, not him. If Dad hadn't done what he'd done, Jim, Mother, and I would be dead." Pike was becoming more and more intrigued by this girl; it was obvious she had thought this out long and hard, but it was also obvious that her anger with Starfleet was over more than the loss of a father she'd never known. However, Pike could tell it was imperative not to press.

"I would like to see both of you at the shuttle bay heading to the Academy at 0700." Both siblings looked disinterested as Pike made some final comments, and then turned to leave.

Three Years Later

My brother is a moron, though I can see why he would be so stupid . . . Tarsus IV made him want to win no matter what the cost to his own person . . . thought Sam A. Kirk as the trial was going on about the other Cadet Kirk's obvious cheat on the Kobyashi Maru. As the trial went on, Sam felt an overwhelming urge to punch out Lt. Spock, as he was being, in her opinion, a major ass to her twin.

Never the less, Sam remained silent. She was not bailing her brother out this time. He needed to learn to stand on his own two feet. She had faith in him.

Sam's assignment to the Enterprise as part of her engineering crew caused her great happiness. While she'd been performing her duties aboard the ship, she spotted her brother running like a madman toward the bridge. Recognizing his frantic running as a sign he had something important to say, she followed to assure that her brother was heard . . . it was a decision she would never regret.

Though she couldn't help being annoyed she was bailing her brother out . . . again!

When Sam came on the scene, Lt. Spock and Captain Pike weren't believing her brother. Sam had to put this to an end now. She knew her brother was telling the truth, mostly because she'd seen and heard when her brother lied to others and even herself. If there was someone he couldn't fool, it was her.

"Captain Pike," interrupted Sam, "my brother is telling the truth."

"With all due respect, Cadet Kirk, as you've amply reminded us, you're too close to the other Cadet Kirk to have an unbiased view upon the situation." Sam felt her blood boil with rage again at Lt. Spock. The biting comeback she had came out clipped, yet logical:

"With all due respect, Lieutenant," At this point, Sam smirked a bit, looking eerily like a certain half-Vulcan, for those that had seen his half-smirk, "your logic is flawed in that me being Jim's sister allows me to detect his lies better than anyone, even that Southern doctor he nicknamed 'Bones.' My point is that we've been through hell and back . . . I know my brother's not a good liar, especially if he is passionate about the issue." This was news to everyone aboard the bridge; everyone thought, what with his supposed 'womanizing ways,' that James T. Kirk would be a smooth liar . . . why wasn't he?

"That aside, Cadet Kirk," stated Captain Pike, "how do you know what your brother says is important?"

"My brother and I are geniuses. Plus I know my twin . . . hear him out without prejudice and you'll be surprised." After this assertion of faith from Jim's own sister, everyone on the bridge turned to him, now open to hearing what he had to say. As Jim explained the logic behind his fear that Vulcan was being attacked at the moment, as well as the rest of the Starfleet ships ahead being attacked, Lt. Spock surprised Sam by saying:

"The cadet's logic is sound. Also, Cadet Uhura is unmatched in xenolinguistics, it would be wise to trust her analysis." Sam had never been so happy for Vulcan logic before in her life.

As they came upon Vulcan being attacked, she stared at the screen in horror. Not since her days on Tarsus IV had she experienced such fear for not only her life, but the lives of others. As her brother came beside her and gave her a quick side hug, she knew he was struggling against the emotions of Tarsus IV as well.

Sam's memory from when she was thirteen . . .

SA, known to us as Samantha Agatha Kirk, was doing a run for food along with JT, otherwise known as James Tiberius Kirk. Both were the leaders of the orphans, and took the most food runs, with the least of the results. Out of all thirty children, both were the skinniest children out of the group; they insisted on always eating last, especially JT, mostly because he forced SA to eat before him.

As they made their way to a dwelling that had been of a rich woman that had retired on Tarsus IV, whom had unfortunately been among the 'less valuables,' they found a great deal of food. Grabbing their satchels from their backs, as well as grabbing extra bags they could find, they stuffed as much food as they could.

Suddenly, they heard guards from Kodos, their undeclared enemy. Their entire group wanted to survive. Kodos wanted them dead . . . it was that simple. As SA and JT narrowly escaped, SA thanked God Almighty that they were able to bring food to the group.

As both twins snapped out of the same memory, Jim realized that Pike is calling him to shut off the drill. He obliged, when all of a sudden, Sam followed, saying:

"Sir, I have combat skills. May I join the drill mission?" Pike looked at her, saying with suspicion:

"Does this have anything to do with your brother going, or do you want to go to prove something, like woman prowess or something?" Sam didn't hesitate as she answered:

"Both." Sam was lying; it was to do all she could for Vulcan so she wouldn't feel useless.