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Sam woke up and did something very atypical of her, as did Spock; they hugged each other, hard. Sam had tears streaming down her face, while Spock had tears at the corners of his eyes. Sam started to cry into Spock's neck, while Spock rubbed circles on her back. Everyone in the room was increasingly curious about what had happened in that mind-meld. Jim was the first to speak, saying:

"What happened, Spock, Sam? Are both of you . . ."

"If you must know, nosy brother, when Spock mind-melded with me, we played a nice game of Candy Land, and then we kissed in my mind. Now we're bond-mates." Sam said this like it happened to any human girl. Everyone on alpha team's jaws dropped; they were bond-mates! They'd broken the betrothal bond; they'd done something thought impossible. Just . . . wow!

"Well," Uhura stepped forward, "all I can say is congratulations. Be a good bond-mate to him, or I'll come get you, Sam!" Uhura said this in a teasing voice, but Sam said teasingly and seriously:

"Of course I'll be a good bond-mate; I chose him, didn't I?" This, again, shocked everyone present. Jim turned to Spock, holding out his hands in a Vulcan gesture, saying:

"You've proven that you're more than capable of taking care of my sister. You were willing to risk your feelings for her safety. For that, I give this bond my blessing." Spock returned the Vulcan gesture, and nodded his thanks.


"Spock!" yelled Sam from the kitchen of their home on Vulcan, "do you have any idea where I put the good silverware? I want to put it out for Jim and his wife."

"I believe you placed it in the cupboard you call 'the crystal cabinet.' I do not see the logic behind having crystal . . ."

"What have I told you about your logic arguments with me?" Sam said with amusement, as she yelled to him. Little did she know her bond-mate of 20 years was right behind her, ready to pounce; once he did, she yelped, and then chuckled as he started to kiss her soundly on the lips, which she readily accepted.

"You've repeatedly told me that I shall fail in logic arguments with you; and you have been proven correct 99% of the time. The reason baffles me as you're only 1/16 Vulcan." Sam chuckled at this statement.

"I can't believe you haven't figured it out through all the mind-melds. I am 1/16 Vulcan, as is my brother, yet I show the genes more dominantly." Spock pondered this, and then commented:

"Even if you were pure human, I would have you anyway." Sam blushed, and playfully slapped his chest.