AN: It's been a while since I've written a fanfic but I've wanted to do a magical Cruel Intentions fanfic for a long time. I hope I'm able to pull this off as it has been quite some time since I've watched the movie and I'm not willing to watch it again because the ending always makes me feel depressed for days. I'm going to be adding the magical qualities of 'Charmed' to the movie but there won't be any real crossover in this fanfic.

Blaine sensed her presence as soon as she arrived. He turned around to face a dark skinned woman draped in red.

"Seer," he said, wondering what she was doing here and how she had found him in the first place. "Please, take a sit. Would you like something to drink?"

"Your charges are in grave danger" said the Seer, completely ignoring Blaine. Blaine was wondering if she knew where his charges were as they were supposed to be hidden even from clairvoyants as powerful as her. He decided she didn't as if she did she would have gone to them instead of him.

"They will be fine. If they lose, they will be reborn stronger and it will become even more difficult for them to lose. They can never truly be vanquished," said Blaine.

"They will lose and this time they will not be reborn. The witch has found a way separate and destroy their essence," said the Seer.

"Is that what your visions tell you?" asked Blaine, careful not to offend her with his tone despite the fact that he didn't trust her.

"Do you doubt my visions?" said the Seer. The Seer's visions were very powerful and accurate. It would be foolishness to doubt the authenticity of her visions but people like didn't help others without wanting something in return.

"Of course not but what's in it for you?" asked Blaine.

"Perhaps I do not wish to see the underworld's finest creations destroyed," she replied and glimmered out.

Blaine sat down at the table where he had been working on a very special batch of cocaine. He could choose to ignore the Seer and lose his charges forever or he could heed the warning and face the wrath of his charges as well as attract more danger towards them. After thinking about it for almost an hour, he took the special batch of cocaine he had been working on and flushed it down the toilet. There was no time to waste he had to start working on the new one. He could only hope that it was used in time.

AN: The Seer is a 'Charmed' character that appears in season 4. She has the power of precognition and can glimmer which is a type of teleportation in which the user's eyes light up and her body is outlined by light as she disappears. This can be seen in the charmed wiki powers video on YouTube.