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Annette could not understand what had gone wrong. She had photocopied Sebastian's journal, brought to school in the morning and convinced Cecile to hand out copies by telling her about what the journal had said about Kathryn trying to ruin her life. It should have worked like a charm. Kathryn should be ruined and on her way to a clinic or worse instead she was getting sympathy for dealing with a pathetic attempt at ruining the reputation of her and that of several other girls while dealing with her stepbrother being in a coma.

"The journal was obviously so fake even an idiot could see it. Especially the part about the cocaine in Kathryn's cross. I can't believe the Headmaster actually thought it might be true. It was obviously not" said Cecile, still informing of what had happened when she had handed out the journal. Annette had been the one to inform her father about it, telling him she had heard it from a reliable. Of course, he had believed her.

"Did you tell her anything before hand?" asked Annette, suddenly considering the possibility that Cecile might have said something to Kathryn that warned her of Annette's plans ahead of time.

"No, I just gave it to her like you said but things didn't happen like you said they would. That's good, right? Cuz' if the journal was a fake then Kathryn really did try to help me" said Cecile. Then as if receiving a sudden epiphany she said, "Oh god, I gave it to her. I don't want to get in trouble and Mr. Hargrove said…"

Quickly taking hold of her hand to help calm her down, Annette said "I'll make sure you don't get into trouble. If Kathryn asks, say you though it was a joke and you weren't the one who started it. You just saw it on the floor and decided to help share it. You'll be fine."

"You really think so?" asked Cecile, looking hopeful.

"Of course, I do. Do you still have a copy of the journal?" said Annette.

"No, everything was handed over to Mr. Hargrove" said Cecile.

"Thanks, I really have to go now" said Annette, quickly leaving the empty classroom she had pulled Cecile into after classes to find out from her what had happened. There was something wrong and Annette could feel it. If she didn't know better she would have sworn that Kathryn had used magic to circumvent her plans but that wasn't possible. At least, she hoped it wasn't so. She had to go see Sebastian to find answers to the questions she had. She hoped with all her heart that what she thought might have happened had not happened because even a witch as powerful as her was no match for the full powers of the Elduvia.

When Annette got to the hospital, she didn't bother going to the reception to ask for Sebastian's room as she knew that Kathryn had already barred her from seeing him. She thought about visiting the room he was in the last time she was here but the likelihood that he had been moved was very great. She picked up a copy of the hospital map and went to a restroom. Once inside, she locked herself inside one of the stalls. She sat on the toilet seat and brought two objects out of her bag. One was a light purple crystal attached to a string while the other was Sebastian's journal. She opened the hospital map and arranged it on her lap. Dangling the crystal from the hand that held Sebastian's journal, she began to gently move it in a circular motion over the map. The crystal suddenly dropped to a point on the map as if pulled there by a magnetic force. She noted the spot on the map the crystal had landed. And put everything into her bag. Annette closed her eyes as she reached to open the door to leave the restroom. When she opened her eyes and the door, time seemed to stop but Annette knew better. She had only slowed down time. She could extend five seconds to about five minutes before it began to exhaust. She moved as quickly as she could to the place pointed by the crystal without touching any person or thing. When she found Sebastian's room, she entered the room and released her magical hold on time so it resumed its regular flow.

Sebastian looked a lot better than he did the last time she saw him. In fact he looked like he was just taking a nap. There was no sign that he had ever been in an accident. To be honest, she had thought that he might already be dead or extremely close to death due to all the secrecy about his condition and the way he had looked when she last saw him. She moved closer to him and reached out to touch him. Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

Kathryn was in her room trying to rest from the stress of the day when she felt a strange sensation that made her feel like time had slowed down around her. Her instinct told her that the sensation was not natural so she decided to check on Sebastian to make sure he was okay. She blinked to his room at the hospital to find Annette standing far too close to Sebastian, reaching out as if to touch him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she said. Annette jumped away from him like she had been electrocuted.

"I came to see him. You had no right to keep him away from me" said Annette, looking like she had every right to be standing by Sebastian's bed.

"I have every right to do what I think is best for him, Dorothy. Now, get out before I have you thrown out" said Kathryn, completely unimpressed by Annette's stance.

"You can't do that" said Annette but she sounded slightly less confident.

"Of course I can. I'm Kathryn fucking Merteuil, I can do whatever I want. Now leave before I make your life a living hell" said Kathryn, moving closer to Sebastian's bed in a way that forced Annette to move slightly away from it.

"You can't touch me. I know everything there is to know about you. I know all your secrets. I know about the drugs, the eating disorder and the games. I know everything" said Annette, trying to stand her ground and threaten Kathryn with the knowledge she had of her.

"You already tried to ruin my reputation, you failed" Kathryn said, smiling at the flash of surprise that passed over Annette's face at the discovery that Kathryn knew what she had done. "No matter how many times you attempt to ruin my reputation, you will always fail. And if you ever try to come after me again, I'll do more than return the favor. I'll destroy the lives of everyone you've ever cared about."

Annette moved away from her, towards the door but stopped at the door and said, "You might be able to keep him away from him now but once he wakes, he won't want you anywhere near him."

Kathryn had to restrain herself from throwing a bolt of lightning at the door Annette had closed behind her in rage. Sebastian moved beside her like someone about to come out of a deep sleep. Her rage was disturbing his sleep. She controlled the rage and pushed it down. She would get back at little Miss Kansas later. She placed the tip of her fingers on his right temple and tried to project the feeling of calm to him, surrounding him with the illusion that everything in the world was alright. This made him drift back into deep sleep he had been in. Once Kathryn was certain that Sebastian would not be waking up yet she blinked back to her room.

Kathryn was in the middle of a beautiful, softly lit room in which the source of the light seemed to be walls of the room. She was seated at what seemed to be a table for two, wearing a pure silk halter gown and teardrop diamond earrings. Her hair was loosely help up by an antique diamond studded comb. Despite the vivid nature of the dream, Kathryn knew that she was dreaming. Any doubt that she might have had that she was dreaming faded when Sebastian walked in the room despite the fact she knew he was still asleep in the hospital.

"Kathryn," he said as he sat in front of her.

"Sebastian, should you be dreamwalking when you're supposed to be under?" said Kathryn.

"And shouldn't you be under?" Sebastian responded, waving a hand to conjure a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. A few more gentle hand gestures and the bottle of wine opened itself, poured into the two wine glasses and set itself back on the table.

"I would be but I suspect your ex-virgin girlfriend is plotting my downfall" said Kathryn, picking up a glass of wine. After taking a sip, she said "Not bad. If only your taste in lovers was as good"

"Annette isn't like that. You're just being paranoid and I suggest you get over it" said Sebastian with a smile that made Kathryn certain that she wouldn't like where this conversation was heading.

"Why?" asked Kathryn, narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

"Because I plan on dating her" said Sebastian, taking a sip from his wine.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" said Kathryn.

"I love her, Kathryn and nothing you do is going to change that. So I suggest you get used to it because if you so much as try to hurt her I'll destroy you myself" said Sebastian.

"You're threatening me because of your stupid little ex-virgin" said Kathryn, her anger strong enough to be felt as a suffocating presence in the room. "Get out of my fucking head"

"Make me. Oh, that's right you can't. You're not powerful enough because you didn't go under" said Sebastian with a malicious smirk which vanished when he suddenly found himself drenched in water that seemed to be pouring out of his skin. However, the drowning sensation that accompanied it made it clear what Kathryn had done to him.

Kathryn hadn't bothered with replying his taunt instead she had conjured a steady stream of water to pour over his physical body at the hospital. He was right that she wasn't powerful enough to kick him out of her head but she knew that he couldn't keep himself in her mind while defending himself from drowning by her attack. He vanished from her dream as soon as he realized what she was doing.

Kathryn woke up feeling more tired than she had when she went to sleep. She picked up the crucifix and snorted a little of the cocaine in it. She realized as she did so that she was going to b dependent on it for a lot longer than she had originally intended.

At the exact moment that Kathryn awoke, another pair of eyes opened as well. Unlike Kathryn, the person woke up feeling more powerful the person woke up feeling more powerful than he had ever felt before.

AN: Telekinesis is the ability to move things you can see with your mind which is different from psychokinesis which allows you to move things you can't see with your mind. Dream walking is the power to enter into another person's dreams. Sebastian can enter a person's dream and either observe or take over it. Hydrokinesis is the power to control water and allows use water based attacks. Conjuring allows a person who has this power to create things from his mind be thought but it can be limited. For example, some demons who had this power could only conjure knives.