Aten shone his majestic rays through the window. The glow and brightness of heaven's eye woke the sleeping prince up. Ramses opened his eyes and stared out of his window through which the beautiful panaroma of his future seat of power, Thebes graced his view. Oddly, in his view the city appeared to be more beautiful than it ever was . It is strange because he has been waking up in the same bed every morning, and the view is what he sees each morning. He decided not to dwell on it. And he closed his eyes for a moment, and recollected last night's scene. Little did he know that he was smilling lika an idiot and he was unaware of his spectator. Moses had a questioning look on his face. Mosses voice broke Ramses away from his chain of day progressed as usual for the two princes. They had yet another race with Shariff and the prize was something pleasant, a new concubine. Ramses was the least interested amongst the three which resulted in his faiilure. Surprisingly, that did not leave a bruise to his larger than life the race , the two headed to the royal palace.

Moses : U seem lost and disturbed….are you alright brother?

R: Yes I am….what could possibly be wrong with the future king of Egypt..?...he answered smugly.

M: Haha…I thought you may be having some personal issues with Iset.

Ramses got a reality check upon the mention of Iset's name.

R: No..there isn't anything like that

M: that's good…Ramses I find Nefertari to be very attractive like I previously mentioned…I would like to be friends with her.

Ramses kept mum but yet he could feel a mini eruption of an active volcano within him.

After a brief meeting with the Pharoah, the two princes locomoted through the hallway heading towards their respective chambers.

As for Nefertari, her second day in Thebes flew in a blink of an eye. She started her day by meeting the Queen in her chambers and they had some long catching up to do. But yet there was a strange feeling in her and there was one particular person who occupied her mind. She realised she could not resist his request and she herself was eager to meet him tonight. Iset was no where to be seen throughout the day.

Both awaited for Ra to board the Mesektet , the evening boat.