Well, this will be the second story I've ever written. My previous story is from Maria-sama Ga Miteru. Anyway, this is kind of mixture of two previous stories people have started but never finished, except a different of course. I hope everyone enjoys. There aren't too many LaylaxSora stories, so here's another.


A blond sits in a chair, her once short hair, grown back to its original length. She was wearing one of her usual business suits, examining a contract.

"It's like you never left."

"I see", she says, still reading over the documents. "And about partners…"

"Leon will be traveling. After performing with Sora, he wants to go out on his own and please an audience. How is your shoulder by the way Layla?"

She places the documents down on the table and looks at Kalos with a determined look. "Perfectly fine now. Since I haven't had many strenuous activities over the past year, Kate says it has healed quite nicely."

"I'm glad. So, will you be joinging Kaleido Stage again?", Kalos asks, holding out a pen.

She grabs the pen and begins writing, "You would be a fool if you think I wouldn't."

"Hmmm…", he grins.

Handing Kalos the papers, "So what is next performance?"

"Walk with me." Kalos stands and heads for the door. Layla stands and casually catches up. They walk through the hallway, all the while discussing the new performance. "Our next performance is 'The Phantom of the Opera'." This has piqued Layla's interest. "Mia suggested it. She said it would be the boldest and dangerous performance yet."

" 'The Phantom of the Opera' is a strong story. I can't wait to see what Sora and I can make of it."

"Ah…Sora is on vacation. The Angel's Act and Golden Phoenix were too incredible feats after another, so I decided she needed a break." Layla just looks at him. A hint of disappointment is hidden behind her eyes. "However, Mia had another idea since the two stars are missing in action, bringing back the old says. Yuri will also be joining you in the performance."

"If I recall, there are three main parts."

"Yes." Kalos doesn't look at her.

"Who will be playing the third?" They both stop in front of the rehearsal room.

"Christine, I present to you your Raoul", Kalos nods towards Yuri, who looks to be preoccupied watching someone, "and your Phantom." He looks up at someone hanging from a bar. Layla follows his gaze.

Hanging upside down by their feet from a bar is a young man with short dark, blue, midnight hair. He's wearing a short sleeve black shirt, but his muscles are still visibly seen, straining. He is gripping onto another person's arms. His eyes are closed and a white mask is covering the top portion of his face, but sweat is constantly dripping down his face. He is obviously struggling from the amount of shaking coming from his arms.

"If you drop her, there will be another 100 push-ups", Yuri threatens. The grip on the girl's arms increases. Layla walks towards Yuri.

"How long has he been up there?"

"A little over an hour. This is his third rep today", Yuri says not looking over at Layla. "I'm glad to see you've joined the show." He smiles.

"I just needed time. I never wanted to leave, but I'm back now." Yuri nods.

"That's enough. Pull her up and you're through", Yuri shouts to the boy. The boy opens his eyes and the purest hazel eyes look into their partners. He pulls with all might and gets them halfway up. "That's not enough. I want them sitting on that bar in three minutes or push-ups." The boy continues to struggle, refusing to give up. He gets his partner three quarters of the way up before his arms give out and his partner slips through his hands.

"No!", the boy shouts. The girl lands in the safety net, giving the boy a pitying look. He sags his head and also drops from the bar, landing in the net. He rolls off and stretches his arms, never looking at Yuri or Layla. He performs a handstand and begins his push-ups, while also perfecting his balance.

"This isn't game. Once you're out on stage without a net, there's no such thing as tired. It's life or death", Yuri scolds. "You're going to be performing and partnering. This is nothing compared to the actual performance. Do you want your partner to die?"

"I would never drop Layla-san!", The boy shouts. Layla looks at him perplexed. Why is he so adamant about not dropping me? The boys form begins to waver.

"No stopping, ten more!", Yuri instructs. The boy catches himself and finished off the last push-up, screaming out his last effort. He stands quickly, not wanting to collapse on the ground, knowing he wouldn't be able to get up.

He walks towards Yuri and Layla and stops right in front of Layla. "Riku Takahashi", he bows.


"Hai!" He stands up straight again. "I am looking forward to working with you Layla-san." He extends his hand and Layla shakes. Layla looks into his eyes. Those eyes are so familiar. The way he says my name reminds me of Sora.

"Your voice is higher pitch than I expected", she states bluntly. Yuri chuckles, and the poor guy sweatdrops.

Yuri composes himself. "Well you're done for today. Rest up. I want you to be able to pull her up tomorrow. We still a little more conditioning before actual rehearsals. Eat more greens or meat or something. You're so small." The guy runs his hand through his sweaty hair and nods.

"Thank you, Yuri-san." He starts walking towards the door.


As Riku is about to exit the room, Sarah comes barreling around the corner and smashes into him.

"Ahhhh!" Yuri and Layla close their eyes once they see the two hit. They open them to see Sarah laying on top of a sprawled out Riku.

"I'm sorry Riku. Are you okay? I didn't break anything did I? You're so fragile, you know?" Sarah giggles at the last comment.

"Can't breathe Sarah-san", Riku states, his face turning redder than it already was.

"Right, sorry." Sarah starts getting up. Riku grabs her arm and pulls her close.

"No…I can't breathe. The bandages are too tight after working all day. I need help", Riku whispers. Sarah's eyes widen in recognition. Layla and Yuri watch the odd exchange.

Sarah quickly stands up. "Well let's go Riku. I'm here to escort you to your room." Riku doesn't move. Sarah smacks his chest and he coughs badly. "What's the hold up?"

"I…can't…move….", Riku breathes out.

"Yuri worked you that hard, did he? Ooooohhhh…..I've always wanted to try this." Sarah gets close to Riku and bends down. She puts her arms under his legs and around his shoulders and picks him up. She looks towards Yuri and Layla. "The princess cradle!" They both look at her like she's crazy and shake their heads.

"Sarah-san, this is embarrassing." Riku starts to wiggle.

"Stop complaining. You can't move anyway." Riku sighs in defeat. "Plus you're light as feather. Are you sure you're a guy?" Riku's eyes widen. Sarah just laughs out loud. "I'm just kidding. Well we'll see you two later." Sarah leaves the rehearsal room, carrying poor Riku.

"She never changes does she?", Layla inquires.

"Nope. How does Kalos deal with her?" They left wondering how the calm boss can deal with such an eccentric woman.

In a dorm room…

"Feel better?"

"Hai", a person says rubbing their rib cage. "Why do I have to wear the bandages anyway?"

"Didn't you? Women in the olden days in Japan used to do it. I thought it was a good plan", Sarah laughs. She glances over and notices the person just sitting and staring off into space. "You're not pushing yourself too hard are you?"

They snap back out of their daze. "What? Oh…. no. I didn't think it would be this hard, but I want to be better at what I do. This is something that will help, but Yuri-san really is torture, and I thought Leon-san was bad."

"That's because you're a 'guy'."

"Not for long with all your innuendos." Sarah laughs.

"I'm just having good fun." There's another deep, long sigh. "Well you better go rest up. This is going to be your hardest performance yet and take off the mask already."

"Hai." The person stands up. "Sorry. I forgot it was on. I want to get used to the visual disadvantage", they say finally removing the mask, showing off the rest of their face. Sarah nods. "Goodnight Sarah-san."

"Goodnight Sora or should I say Riku?." Sora shakes her head and leaves the room, hearing Sarah's laugh the whole journey back to her room.

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