The Phantom of the Opera

It's the night of the opening show. Sora has fully healed. She sits in her dressing room getting into character. Alright Sora. This is what you have been preparing for. Boss is counting on you. Just get a tight grip on those hold emotions. Sora looks at her first mask. You put this on, and you are the Phantom. Sora closes her eyes and puts on the mask. She stands from her chair and faces the mirror. She opens her eyes. There is no Sora right now. I am Riku and the Phantom. Together we will create a perfect show with Layla. Riku walks out of the room, his cape flying behind him as he approaches the stage.

Others in the hall clear the way for Riku has he passes. His face is stern and his eyes cold. Kalos sees him walk by.

"Oh…Well done Sora. Well done", Kalos says to himself.

Fool floats by the stage and watches Sora climb up to the trapeze. "Let the show begin."

The show begins. Layla is spectacular, capturing the hearts of the audience. The music and scenery gets dark, as the crew prepares for the first scene with the Phantom. Layla stands on a trapeze near the middle of the stage. Suddenly a rope drops along with a person. Their head is down and their body is covered by a cape. The audience gasps at the sudden appearance.

The stage is silent as the Phantom lowers his cape and raises his head. Layla also can't help but gasp. There is a new air around Sora. On her face is a mysterious, cocky grin. Her eyes are dark and cold, hiding true desire and compassion. Sora? No, this is truly the Phantom. The Phantom extends his hand to Layla and stares her right in the eye. Layla can't help but be mesmerized. A shaky hand reaches for his. Once the Phantom has her hand, the music begins. Pulling Layla to him, he releases the rope and begins to drop, but hooks his legs onto the bar just below him. They perform their piece and fade to a black out.

After the Phantom performed, everyone drew off of his energy. The whole stage was intense, giving every emotion they could. Anna performed a hilarious comic relief, earning a good laugh from the audience. Layla and Yuri's parts were filled with such love. It seemed real. The Phantom's jealousy equaled that. When it was time for the Phantom and Yuri's confrontation, Yuri honestly feared for his life.

"Wow…", Mia breathes from the directing room.

"I know. Riku is outstanding. Everyone is drawing from his energy", Cathy comments.

"It feels so real." Cathy nods in agreement.

The climax has finally come. The Phantom and Layla stand on the tightrope, facing each other. The audience, crew, and several performers not on stage watch them, holding their breath. The Phantom takes his step forward and Layla takes her step back, missing the rope as planned. The Phantom grabs her wrist and pulls her close to his body. He wraps his other arm around her waist and releases her wrist, placing his hand upon her face, making her look up at him. Layla stares into his eyes full of love only for her, a longing just for her. He dives in for the kiss. Everyone's jaws drop. Several girls start fanning themselves, feeling the building just got way too hot. The Phantom reaches up his hand and grabs on a rope that dropped down, while the audience was too caught up in the kiss. It pulls them up, but they don't separate from the kiss. They reach the rafters. The Phantom lets a bit of Sora back in before the kiss goes too far. He helps Layla up on the rafters then he follows. Once they're up, he quickly gets away from Layla. Almost lost it there. These feelings are so intense. Layla watches him go then goes her own way.

It's the finale. Yuri, Layla, and the Phantom peform their best. When the Phantom finally let's Layla go, his emotions cause everyone to bring a tear to their eye. The true sadness and loneliness in his eyes are heartbreaking, as tears fall down his face, yet a smile small is on his lips, accepting the couple's true love. He's swings off and lands in the box perfectly, leaving the audience wondering whatever happened to him as the stage fades to black, ending the show with Layla in Yuri's arms.

The crowd goes wild. This show was one like no other, filled with passion and raw emotion. The performers come down for curtain call. The minor roles are already preset. Yuri walks and takes his bow then steps back. Layla gracefully walks out and curtsies. Everyone awaits the Phantom's appearance. He drops from above. He holds onto a bungee cord until it begins to retract back up and lands. He is wearing his mask again. He takes a deep bow and the audience gives a roar of applause and praise. Everyone takes one last bow and the lights go out again and come back on revealing an empty stage.

In her dressing room, Sora removes the mask and costume, putting on more comfortable clothing. She takes a deep breath. The first show is over. That was such a wonderfully feeling, becoming one with the role. There is a knock at the door. Sora answers the door to see Layla. She grabs Layla by the arm and pulls her in, shutting the door and pushing Layla against the door. Layla is shocked.

"I really should talk to Cathy-san and Mia about extending the kiss. That is not nearly enough time to satisfy the Phantom's needs." Layla shudders under Sora's breath on her skin. Sora gives Layla a searing kiss. She pulls back.

"Is the Phantom still here?", Layla asks.

"A little. He was about to leave, but then I saw you. You're very irresistible." Layla smiles.

"Am I?" Sora nods in response. "How about we have dinner at my home to celebrate the show?"

"I would really like that." Sora grabs her bag and follows Layla out. On the way to the car, many people congratulate them on an amazing show.

At Layla's home, Layla suggests that she and Sora take showers while Macquarie the food is prepared, since there are still slightly sweaty from the late night premier. During their meal, they spend their time eating and sending heated gazes upon one another. Throughout the meal, Layla flirtingly brushes her foot against Sora's leg, causing Sora to moan and shudder. Sora returns the favor by rubbing her free hand up and down Layla's thigh. They torture each other through the meal. After they finish eating, Layla calmly stands and thanks Macquarie for the food. She grabs Sora's hand and guides her to stand up. Without a word, she leads Sora upstairs and into a room.

They stand in the room, just gazing upon one another in the dark. Neither turned on a light. They glowed in the beauty of the moonlight.

Sora swallows a lump in her throat. "Would you like to help me remove my bandage again?" Sora smiles seducingly. Layla returns the smile and walks towards her. What was once a simple act or release became the starting point of passion. In the night, the story of the Phantom of the Opera changed. The Phantom did receive his love. Bodies intertwined in bed, expressing true, lasting love.

A figure floated outside. It seems Leo and Sagittarius has finally become one. I'll leave them alone this time. He smiles. Love found on stage is a truly magical phenomenon.


"Ehhhhh!", multiple people shout.

Rosetta points. "You mean Riku was Sora the whole time!" Sora gives an apologetic smile.

"No way", says Mia. "Wow…Your acting was amazing. I didn't have a clue." Everyone just hearing the announcement nods, mouths agape.

Cathy slaps Sora on the back. "Way to go Sora! I knew something was different with Layla, especially when she found that love for the Phantom. It was missing before then suddenly appeared. No wonder." Cathy laughs as Sora blushes and Layla glares at Cathy.

"Love!", everyone shouts again. Sora turns redder than before. She lets out a small giggle.

"What's the meaning of this Sora!", May yells.

"Well…you…see…" Sora inches towards Layla. "Layla and I…" Sora grabs Layla's hand then books it out of the room, Layla in tow.

"Sora! Don't you run away from me!" May shouts. Anna puts a hand on May's shoulder.

"We'll catch her later."

"Sora's fan group is going to be bigger than ever once everyone finds out that the sexy Phantom was actually the angel", Mia says. Everyone nods again in agreement.

"That Sora will never cease to amaze me", Cathy says. "I might stay here permanently just to see those two perform time and time again."

Sora and Layla stand on the beach out of breath. "Sorry about that. I didn't really know what to say with all of them there."

"It's okay. You tell them when you feel comfortable." Layla walks to Sora and runs her fingers through Sora's hair. "Your hair has already grown back quite a bit." Layla smiles softly. "Hey Sora."


"Will you come live with me?" Sora smiles and hugs Layla.

"Wherever you are, is where I want to be." The two stand there on the beach, holding each other.

"Hey don't I get any love?", Fool asks.

Sora and Layla easily tell Fool, "NO!"

Well that's the end of this story. This was a hard onr to right. I wrote this story just as I went along. I hope everyone has liked it. I'm going to start writing another story for Maria-sama ga Miteru. YumixSachiko of course. While writing this, an old idea popped and my head and I can't wait to start it. I pulled an all nighter watching this. Now I'm going to get breakfast. Thank you again for reading and thanks for all the reviews.