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Chapter 1

The storms have never been so beautiful. Even when I was little there was no denying its greatness in strength. This planet and these people mean everything to me. They are my responsibility for now until the end of days. Still, I look at them not as peasants but as citizens. My father taught me to rule with an iron fist and a gentle smile. I won't ever forget that; I can't ever forget that. Today is the day that I leave the title of Princess behind and take on the role given to me by fate. My armor shines in the heat of the storm. What a fitting day for my coronation.

"Princess Makoto, are you ready?"

I glance over my shoulder and see my trusted Lieutenant, Shinozaki, staring at my back. "It's time isn't it?"

He nods and motions towards the door. Ever since we were children we looked out for one another. He's the only one that saw me cry on the day my parents died. I trust him with my life. We're both nineteen now and nothing has changed. We've been through so much together. I wouldn't have anyone else stand by me on this day. He leads me to the door and we step out into the crowded hall. My eyes are cold but filled with so much emotion.

The trumpets play and the drummers march. These people look up to me for leadership and I'll give them just that. Their eyes follow me with each step I take out into the rain. Nothing feels as perfect as this moment. I walk to the alter across the court and kneel before the high Lord of the Jovian Kingdom, my father's brother.

"Princess, do you swear to uphold all responsibilities pertaining to this kingdom and to the Silver Alliance?"


"On your honour as a Jovian soldier, do you swear to fight and fulfill all duties in the name of your ancestors, the descendants of Jove?"


He then takes my hand. The thunder roars overhead. "Makoto, these are yours now."

In his hands are two short swords bearing the symbols of Jove in all their glory. I take them with humility as the people watch behind me. "Thank you uncle."

He bows along with every other Jovian in attendance. "With the power of eternal thunder and with the permission of the gods, I proclaim long life to Makoto, Queen of Jupiter."

The cheers bellow louder than thunder over our heads. I smile and attach the swords to the back of my armor. My uncle turns and hands me the ceremonial dagger. The blade is said to be the sharpest in the galaxy. It is the only one worthy of drawing royal blood. I take it in my hand and slide the blade across my palm. It stings for a moment but the pain is nothing. My blood mixes with the rain as I summon the lightning in the sky. I know that this will be the most memorable moment in my life. On this day I become a Queen and a true role model. Lightning flashes over and over with the crowd mimicking the sounds of thunder.

This planet, my home, is one of the only things that matter to me. I'm the last of the current bloodline, everything falls on my shoulders now. Shino watches as I bow to my uncle and turn back towards the palace. The festivities commence, but I don't feel like celebrating. This was a day I was supposed to spend with my parents. They were supposed to be the ones to give the throne to me. On this day I learn the values of my father. Destiny has its own way of determining the future. My hands are far from tied and yet I feel bound by everything I am expected to do.

Jupiter is my home, but it is duty that splits my heart. One of the soldiers offers me a drink, but I graciously decline. The celebration is misplaced and as such I don't feel like attending the party.

"Mako, are you alright?"

Shino stands behind me at the door. I look out at the landscape of Jupiter and smile. "I'm just fine."

He sighs. "When do you return to the moon?"

"Tomorrow, I still have duties to Serenity and her daughter."

"I understand."

I turn to Shinozaki. "Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. My uncle and I have already spoken. He'll act as a caretaker to the planet while I perform my duties."

"We should come with you."

I shake my head. "No, the royal guard stays here until I need them. I've asked Queen Serenity to keep my coronation a secret. I don't want a new title unnerving the others."

"Whether Princess or Queen you're still the same Makoto."

I nod. "Maybe so, but being a Queen among Princesses… I don't want that just yet."

He steps towards me and bows. "Just be careful your majesty."

I laugh. "I can take care of myself Shino."

"I know that, but once in a while getting a little help isn't so bad."

"Oh stop it. Come on you can help me pack."

He bows. "As you wish."

It's a strange feeling, teleportation. Ami tells me that all the machine does is rearrange your molecules into solid atoms to facilitate travel through energy. I don't like it. I'd much rather walk or take a long ride on a transport vessel, but I guess that would be too primitive. We haven't had the need for ships in almost four generations.

"Jupiter, welcome back."

I swing my bag over my shoulder and nod towards the guard. "I'm surprised that there's no one else here to greet me. Where are the others?"

The guard shuts down the machine and turns towards the hall. "Queen Serenity has the other guardians looking after the Princess while she works on her studies."

"That shouldn't take three people."

He nods. "Well you know how easily distracted the Princess can be. However, it doesn't matter, the Queen wishes to speak with you after you have gotten settled."

I shrug. "There's no need for me to get settled. If you could put this in my room then I'll see her right away."

He takes the bag. "I'll see that it gets there."

"Thank you."

My footsteps echo against the cool stone. This palace is truly one of royalty. As a guardian of Princess Serenity it is my duty to ensure her safety at all times. Minako is officially our leader, as a Princess from Venus her skills of persuasion are second to none. I've come to the realization that there is very little difference between her and the Princess. Sometimes she can be just as naïve, a fact that I have no fear in pointing out.

Ami is the smart one. Sometimes I think that she relies far too much on facts and logic, though I must admit that I'm not sure if there's a problem in the entire universe that she can't solve. She maintains the security equipment that protects the palace. In my mind she's the best there is when it comes to technology. If only she would learn to see things outside of a screen.

Still, when it comes to intuition Rei has no equal. It is said that the planet of Mars was once holy ground for the ancient gods of this galaxy. She can see things before they happen. I can only imagine what it feels like to know the outcome before the act. I understand that it can be both a gift and a curse. Nevertheless she's never failed us.

I laugh now because in reality we're all different. I'm the soldier, always have been and always will be. I heal faster than the others. There's no one on the moon that has fought in more wars than I. It is because of my knowledge of the battlefield that Jupiter's last civil war came to an end. My father called it a mastery of strategy, I call it common sense.

"Your highness, you wished to see me."

Queen Serenity smiles as she stands from her throne. Beside her are her trusted advisors Luna and Artemis. "Yes, come in Makoto." I kneel before her and bow my head in respect. "You don't have to do that."

I close my eyes. "It feels more comfortable."

She nods. "Very well."

I stand. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Actually, that was what I was going to ask you."

"No, I'm fine your majesty."

She sighs. "No child is fine after burying their parents."

"I assure you that my emotions will not get in the way of my duty."

The Queen smiles. "I only ask as a courtesy. I'm well aware of the theories behind the death of your parents."

"With all due respect, I would rather you didn't pursue the subject."

She nods in agreement. "I just want to make sure you're alright. Your mother and I were close."

"She was one of your guardians."

She shakes her head. "No, she was one of my friends. I just want you to know that as far as I'm concerned, we're both equals."

"If that is what you wish."

"I hope someday you feel the same."

I look away. "Have I missed much in my absence?"

The Queen motions to Artemis. "I will let my advisors fill you in. I must oversee the arrangements for Serenity's sixteenth birthday." I watch as she stands and exits the room with two guards following her.

Luna sighs. "The Queen is under great stress."

"Might I ask why?"

Artemis nods. "The King of Earth wishes to join the Silver Alliance."

I step forward. "Is this forbidden?"

Luna shrugs. "By law they are not technologically advanced enough to join the alliance."

"Then I see no problem. They are not eligible for the alliance."

"It is not that simple."

I sigh. "Then explain it to-"

"Jupiter!" I look over my shoulder and see Princess Serenity walking towards me with Mercury and Mars behind her. "Did you have a good trip?"

I smile. "As good as expected."

Venus leans against the door. "Princess, you must finish your studies."

Princess Serenity pouts. "But Mako is back, I want to hear stories from Jupiter."

"No, Venus is right. Finish your studies, we can talk later."

She looks to me. "Since when do you take Minako's side?"

I sigh. "Please Princess, don't force me to drag you back to the library."

Fear fills her eyes. "Alright."

The Princess steps back and returns through the door with all but Venus following her. My leader steps towards me and sighs. "She's been a handful."

I nod. "When is she not?"

"The Queen needs my help in preparation for the council meeting tomorrow. I know you just got back but I would be grateful if you could take my rounds tonight."

We're not friends, we never have been. Venus and I have bumped heads on many occasion, but like professionals we hold great respect for each other. In the end we're just guardians for the Princess. Serenity might see us as friends but we're far from it. Venus knows as well as I do that what she's asking will lead to a favor down the road.


She doesn't say anything else, nor does she need to. I turn back to both Artemis and Luna who still stand patiently beside the throne. Venus disappears into the hallway after the others.

"I apologize for that."

Luna shrugs. "The Princess is fond of you. She moped around for days after hearing you were staying an extra week."

"It was necessary."

Artemis nods. "Nevertheless, I'm sure we'll continue this conversation at a later time. We'll see you in morning court."

The three of us bow and bid each other goodnight. The moon is very different from Jupiter. The nights are far too clear to be peaceful. Lightning dances around my fingers, it reminds me of the storm I left behind back home. I understand that duty comes before my personal desires so I shove the distraction from my mind. The stars may shine brightly tonight, but Jupiter can't be seen from here.

It's a shame. My uncle would have lit up the planet for me if it meant I could see it from here. I let out a deep sigh and begin my long trek to the gardens. It's going to be a long night and I have much ground to cover.