Written for 31 Days on Livejournal. Just finished the game, and I'm predictably gushing about it. So far, I've even gotten two family members to play it as well. Logically for me, angsty fic soon followed.

Title: A Fresh Start
Day/Theme: September 25 - Face the future and forget about the past.
Series: Ghost Trick
Characters: Yomiel
Pairings: Yomiel/Other!Sissel
Warnings: Major character and plot spoilers for Ghost Trick
Rating: G

It's been a long decade in prison.

Ten years have passed since his not-death, five years since his first murder never happened, and today dates the second chance that erased it all.

The world has been changed, and his life with it, all thanks to that old friend of his. From now on, Yomiel is a free man, his future a blank slate.

His torture, that endless fall into madness and despair, is behind him forever. The meteorite can only fall once, and he never intends to set foot in Temsik Park again, let alone die there. He's safe from the radiation; safe and completely human. There is a life waiting for him outside of these bars, an existence to spend with the woman he has never stopped loving through the repeated years.

Even though he can never completely pay for his crimes, Yomiel can't help but feel at peace. The old story ended with this day, and what happens next is completely up to him. This time, he won't mess it up.