Author's Notes: Hello possible readers!

Okay, this idea just came to me out of nowhere, but I really like the concept of it. It was inspired by the movie The Proposal, which is one of the most hilarious and cute romantic movies I have seen to date. It will be slightly different, because I don't want to just copy off the movie because that would be horrible.

Information: I have no background in anything business, so I just guessed as I wrote the first chapter. It won't be centered on the business aspect of the story, so I wasn't quite worried about it. If there are any mistakes, which I know there are, please ignore them and just go with the flow. ;)

Just so you know: This probably isn't going to be a very long story at all. I thought of the idea and just went with it. This is also my go-to story as of right now, meaning that if I am stuck on one of my other stories this is the story I shall update. I don't know how often I will update, but if I get a good amount of readers, then I will be writing more quickly. I have a ton of stories right now that I am working on, so be patient as best you can with me.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, nada, zip, zilch; not the SVM/TB characters or anything to do with the movie The Proposal. I am just using tid-bits of each, creating my own plot around the ideas that inspired me.

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Sookie Stackhouse is an intern at Trestler & Co., working under a very mean and snarky man named Eric Northman that she does every little thing for to get a good permanent job within the company. But what happens when her boss intentionally drags her into his problems by a way of proposing to keep himself from deportation?

Chapter One-Monday sucks

The blaring alarm clock woke me from my good slumber that I was happily enjoying. I groaned; rolling over. I peeked my left eye open to see the clock; six-forty-five in the morning, my usual time to wake up. I sighed, stretching my arms and legs wide, hearing a bone or two pop and that just proved that I wasn't raring to go. Regardless, I let my feet hit the floor and shuffled over to the bathroom, as I did so I checked my voicemails from yesterday on my home phone

"Honey, its Gran, call me back when you get a moment. I've been missing you lately and I'm so glad that you are coming home in just a few days! Can't wait to see you, dear!"

The message clicked off and went into the next.

"Sookie, John said he needs the graphs by tomorrow morning, and blah, blah, blah." I giggled at Amelia's deadpanned tone. "Anyway, we are still on for lunch too tomorrow and this time you cannot cancel on me!"

Oh, only if she knew how much I truly needed a friend's lunch instead of sitting at my little cubical and waiting hand and foot to my boss's every command. Yes, today was definitely my day…it had to be.

I had just finished college about a year ago and I had worked my way up to getting an internship to one of the biggest companies New York City had ever seen. I was ecstatic when I opened my letter to see that I was accepted. If I played my cards right-and hopefully that would work-I would be getting a full time job there in less than six months. I was so proud of myself. I had actually done it when people didn't believe that a backwaters girl –like myself- could actually get a good job, instead of just working at the one bar in my hometown for the rest of my days.

The machine clicked over once more and I dreaded the voice that came out of the little speaker.

"I really hate calling you on your home phone. You need a cellphone." The voice grounded out. "I need you to fax the numbers to Kenneth right when you get in the office tomorrow. I do not mean ten hours later, I mean; Right. When. You. Get. There."

Ah, my boss-the one I slave over. I do every little thing that he wants and needs and it gets rather annoying because half of the stuff I do, isn't even in the job description, but if I wanted to go places in this company then he was the one to work under. So, I would slave to his every need and do as he always says, even though he gives me a throbbing headache in the process. Half of the time, I just want to bang my head off of my keyboard and semi-hope that a bus runs me over as I go to work, but…that never happens. I always show up, on time and somehow I still do wrong.

Not today though. Today was a new day. Monday….

"God, I hate Mondays." I groaned, putting shampoo in my hair before rinsing.

Okay, so maybe today wasn't my day and that was clear since I walked out of my apartment building only to see that it was raining and I forgot my damn umbrella. Great, awesome…fabulous. Well, it wasn't like I had time to go back and get it so I just continued down the road, flagging over a taxi in the process.

It was quite hard to maneuver the graphs and papers in my hands, juggling them as I tried to fit into the small vehicle, but again, I managed and the car began to move at an incredibly slow pace.

"Where you headed?" The taxi driver called over his shoulder.

"Trestler & Co." I told him. "But first I need to stop at the coffee shop just around the corner, if that is alright."

"It's your money, lady." He snorted, pulling over to the side by the coffee place.

Yeah, I always love comebacks like that too. I rolled my eyes. "Don't go anywhere, please. I really have to make it to work on time today."

"Sure." He nodded.

But of course, there was a line in the shop. Quite a long line by the looks of it and I really didn't have time to just stand here and wait. Oh, my boss is going to kill me! I thought desperately, hoping that they opened the other line. Never happened though and I waited a good fifteen minutes before I was able to order.

After that, I flew out of there, nearly breaking my neck as I did so, but did that matter? No, I needed to get to work or my boss was going to have my head! Jumping into the car, I hit the back of the seat telling the driver to move it or lose it. He didn't like that very much, but complied which I was thankful for.

I made it, just in time to get ready, but what sucked was when I was in the elevator a lady that worked on the second floor bumped into me, effectively spilling my coffee down my blouse. Dear God in heaven, not today! I might have third degree burns-wasn't quite sure since I didn't check it-but I stumbled from the elevator only to bump into Amelia who stood on the other side. She caught the graphs easily, before she steadied me on my feet.

"Hold your horses, Blondie." Amelia laughed. She was my most dear friend here in New York, the nearly only one that I had made since I moved here.

I tried to smile, but it just wouldn't surface. "Can't. Gotta fax the papers to Kenneth."

"Who's Kenneth?" She followed me as I walked through the cubicles to the fax machine.

"I have no fucking idea." I said in horror as I stood over the machine, totally forgetting the number that I needed to fax it to. "Please tell me it's on the paper. I should have written it down last night." I scrambled my hands, finding said paper and thankfully, the number was written there in black ink. I smiled, putting in the information and starting the machine up.

"Hard morning, I guess?" Amelia grinned as I shot her a narrowed eyed glance. She pointed at my shirt, which had the biggest coffee stain that ever was, all down my white blouse.

"Give me your shirt." I begged, pushing my hands into hers. "You are seriously my only hope of not getting chewed out that I don't look presentable."

"I have a spare, don't worry." She promised, heading to her own cubicle that was located halfway across the floor from mine.

I followed close behind and grabbed the shirt that she had extended in her hand after pulling it out of her drawer. I had no idea why she had a spare, but I was not even going to ask because I was grateful for it.

I didn't have time to go change, so I just threw it over my soiled shirt and promised myself that I would change later. Carefully I stepped back over to my own cubicle, starting the computer up and waited for the doom. It happened about ten minutes later, the elevator dinged and I opened instant messaging to Amelia.

'The Devil has entered the building.' I wrote quickly and I could have sworn I heard a giggle from the other side of the room. I shook my head, taking a deep breath and letting it out. Forcing on a fake smile, I stood and grabbed the coffee, heading over to him.

He was a tall man, very handsome if I wanted to say something about looks, but he had the worst attitude that you could possibly imagine that totally turned his sexiness into ugliness. His blond hair was slicked back, his suit was freshly dry cleaned-thanks to me of course-and he had a Bluetooth headset on, but of course I didn't realize that at first.

"Good morning." He said brightly.

"Good morning to you too, Eric." I smiled and he shot me a confused look.

"Yes, those come with the deal, sir. The stocks for that are in the high right now, yes…" He continued his obvious conversation as he moved passed me, grabbing the coffee from my stunned hands.

He wasn't talking to me and I should have realized that. I picked myself up mentally, embarrassed beyond belief as I shuffled behind him quietly. I was a walking shame machine at the moment, with hurt pride and all, but again, I smiled as if nothing ever happened.

"Sookie, why is my coffee so sweet as if there are a million sugar packets in it?" Eric asked as he stepped into his office, putting the cup down on the desk with a look of distaste etched into his features.

Great. I didn't spill my own coffee, I spilled Eric's. Not good.

"Sorry, sir, when I came in today, Mrs. Jeffery bumped into me and I spilled the coffee. I'm sorry. I know you don't like it sugar in yours."

"It's fine." He told me, but it sure as hell didn't sound fine in the least.

"Is there anything else you need from me at the moment, sir?" I asked lightly, pushing his papers on the desk for him to look over.

"That will be all for now, Sookie." Eric said, not meeting my gaze as he began to type on the computer, totally forgetting about the coffee.

I mentally sighed heavily before I turned on my heel and began to walk out. Just then a lady peeked her head in the door and looked at Eric.

"Sir, Mr. Trestler wants to see you in his office."

I blinked, turning slightly to look at Eric who seemed shocked by this. I wondered what was going on, but I really didn't give a crap regardless and went back to my post. My phone was ringing already and it was just the beginning of the morning. My feet and hands hurt already.

I watched as Eric made his way up to the elevator before I turned to the side, hanging up the phone to talk to Amelia. She had a smirk on her face.

"Wonder what that is all about, huh?" She nodded to the closed elevator.

"Sure do." I nodded in agreement.

"Maybe he is in trouble, do you think?"

"Eric?" I laughed. "Everyone thinks he is so perfect at his job, little do they know that I do most of it."

"Well, whatever it is, he still seemed surprised by it."

"You snoop too much into other people's business." I shook my head, rolling my eyes at her.

She changed the subject to something more light after sticking her tongue out at me. "You're headed home, right? In just a few days?" Amelia asked, perching herself up top my desk as she leaned over and began to pull my sticky notes apart.

I grabbed them. "I hate when you do that." I sighed, placing them in the right position again. "And yes, I'm very excited. It's my first time off in quite a while."

"You never take off." She argued.

"If I did, the devil would probably have a hissy fit, but this is my week. I have made it clear to myself that I would not let anything get me down." I said, puffing my chest out slightly, nodding to myself.

"…And how's that going for you?"

My chest deflated and I groaned, putting my head in my hands. "Not well, Amelia…not well."

"Thought so."

Just then my phone started to ring once more and I picked it up, shushing Amelia before she could begin to talk. "Trestler & Co. Sookie speaking, how may I help you?"

"This is Terry from the thirteenth floor. Eric was to have a meeting with us on the design project."

"Oh…" Crap. I finished in my head. I forgot about the meeting. "Yes, I will go talk to him right now, sir. He should be up in just a bit. It doesn't start for another hour, correct?"

"Yes, but we were to speak beforehand." Terry mumbled.

"Yes, I understand." I hung up the phone and slapped my own forehead. "Forgot about that damn meeting! Why is this week being the total opposite of what I had planned?"

"Maybe you are just an unlucky person, Sook." Amelia said, hopping off of the desk.

"I have to be cursed." I sighed, getting up quickly. "I have to go talk to him, explain that I had forgotten."

And that is what I did. I went to the top floor and made my way down the halls, being pointed out where Eric was having a talk with the president of the company. I scurried to the door, catching something that probably was not intended for me to hear.

"Your work visa has expired, Eric. You need to be heading back to Sweden. We are very sorry and will be sad to see you go."

"Sir, I am quite sure there is another way to go about this." Eric argued hotly.

My mouth fell open, my jaw hit the floor. Was it possible that Eric would be heading back to his own country? Maybe my week had just gotten a little brighter! I smirked as I opened the door, acting stupid as if I didn't hear anything. All the heads of the higher ups turned to look at me; some smiled and nodded while others just sat there.

"I'm sorry for the interruption, but Terry needs to see Eric about the meeting they are scheduled for today." I spoke gently, smiling at Eric who looked upset.

But his upset gaze turned into something else, something I couldn't quite understand as a smile played across his lips. "Sookie, can you come in here please?"

"Uh, alright?" I stepped carefully over the threshold, walking awkwardly to Eric who held out his arm. What was weirder was the fact that he wrapped his arm around my waist, my eyes widened as I looked up at him, wondering just what the hell he was doing.

"Gentlemen, I believe I can stay here and work for you, continuing on doing as I was before."

"How so, Eric? I mean that would be wonderful, but we already explained to you that your visa has expired."

"I am quite aware of that fact, but I won't be needing a visa any longer since I am getting married."

"Oh?" The president of the company said in shock.

"Yes, we wanted to keep it a secret," Eric looked down at me, a very weird smile playing on his lips. My eyes twitched as his gaze burned into mine. I knew what he was saying now and I knew he wanted me to play along. "Since we are working together, we thought that might be a problem if we were to tell others, but I think now is a good time than ever to finally tell the world. Right, Sookie?"

I gulped. "Uh…yes?" I mean, come on, what could I have said? No, he is a crazy lunatic? Yeah, I guess I could have and should have said that.

Eric's smirk only widened. "We are madly in love, Sookie and I." He announced.

"Really?" The president of the company turned to stare at me.

I felt a pinch on my right side and I held in the urge to punch Eric in his grinning mouth. "Uh-huh." I murmured, not a very defined answer. It was in between a yes and a what-the-fuck-am-I-getting-myself-into.

"Well, that is wonderful news then! But of course, you would need to have a wedding, get it verified."

"Yes, we planned on having a spring wedding, but with the visa problem, we cannot wait that long. I realize that now."

"Disregard anything I have said then!" The president laughed, waving his hands in front of him. "Congratulations, the both of you!"

"Thank you, sir." Eric smiled.

"Yeah…thanks." I grumbled as we turned to leave.

So, I may have tricked myself into believing that I would have a good week when I knew it wouldn't have been good at all, but I never thought it would be this bad. I walked numbly, not blinking once as we got on the elevator.

"What the hell was that?" I shouted, heading toward hysteria.

"Language, Sookie." Eric said lightly. "I thought it was rather obvious what I was doing."

"Only you could be so calm after what you did!" I growled, holding in the urge to just kick him in his balls now. "And how is it obvious? I clearly still don't know what is going on."

"I am calm, because if I act like there is something wrong-like you are doing-then people will start to suspect what is happening."

"And what is happening?"

"You clearly are a blond, then." Eric leaned against the elevator, pressing the button to head down. "I just used you for my own person gain. I need a way to stay in the country and you were my ticket."

"They will never believe this!" I shook my head fast.

"The president did, but he is not very smart. No, I am sure we will have to go through a bunch of test by an ISN agent to check to see if we are getting married out of love or just to keep me in the United States. Therefore, I need you to play along better than you did upstairs."

"Why the hell should I do this for you?" I huffed, narrowing my gaze on him.

"One simple thing," He smirked, finally meeting my deadly gaze. He was completely unfazed. I'm not that intimidating regardless. "I will help you get a permanent job here in the company."

"I am getting that within six months." I told him harshly.

"Yeah, but do you really want to wait that long? Besides, I can also give you a promotion. You are a hard worker after all. It wouldn't be that hard."

Damn him, damn him all to hell and back. I needed more money. This internship paid, but not nearly enough for me to keep living the way I did. A one bedroom apartment in New York City was very costly and I simply needed this job more than I could ever say.

I had a moment where I saw my life flash before my eyes, as if I was headed down a road that would likely get me killed, which I totally haven't ruled out. I heard that the INS are pretty good at figuring out fraud and therefore, if this ended badly, I could be looking at jail time…a lot of jail time and quite honestly, I didn't want to sit my ass in the big house anytime soon.

"I swear to God, this ends badly and I will kill you myself." I promised.

Eric laughed as the elevator doors opened. He spoke loud enough for everyone on that floor to hear. "I love you too, honey!"

I shuttered. What did I just get myself into?

Well, I just said yes to the worst proposal in the history of the world to my boss. Why did it feel like I just sold my soul? Oh, yeah, that's right…because I basically did, to the Devil himself in human form.

"Getting hitched to my devil boss…" I spoke to myself. "I think it's pretty safe to say that Monday officially sucks the big one."