Fox and Succubus
Naruto x Kurumu
The Red Star has a story called Kitsune Vampire with an interesting side plot about Kitsune and Succubus and has given me permission to use that information from his story for this story. So please enjoy.
Story Start
Laying across the seat of the bus was a young man. He was sleeping peacefully with only the humming of the engine and vibration of the moving metal vehicle causing his ears to twitch. He was a young male with spiked blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. He was wearing a green shirt and on his stretched out legs were the bland light grey-brown uniform pants. The bus soon came to a stop and he stirred, stretching his arms and yawning. He took an Ipod out of his bag and put it on, playing the first song on his play list and taking notice to the fact that there was another student on the bus.

A skinny looking brown haired boy that looked remarkably unassuming. Naruto wondered what sort of monster the other boy was? Though that didn't last long as he made his way off the bus. He silently trailed down the road as he took in the sights. Naruto arrived, weaving through the endless amount of freshman students. The academy looked even spookier then it did in the pictures and looked more of a decor of a mansion then a school.

After orientation Naruto was directed to his home room."Hello everyone, welcome to Youkai Academy, I'm your home room teacher, Nekonome Shizuka," said a very attractive women, she had a pair of cat ears on her head, though you'd have to look closely to tell. Ears that seemed to be the same color of her blondish-yellowish-orangish hair.

Shizuka continued, "I'm sure everyone here already knows, but Youkai Academy is a school for monsters." as the teacher went on about noticing fidgeting as the teacher continued on with her introduction. The same brown hair boy from the bus seemed to be sweating and shifting nervously.'What's wrong with him? Looks like he's about to shoot a dook?' he couldn't help but think. The more the boy sweated the more the stench stung Naruto's nose. Because of the training he received by his mother he was able to discern several scents, picking up the boy's scent out of the overwhelming about of tuna, floor wax, and other stenches.

As Naruto wrinkled his nose he exhaled and the scent hit him again as his eyes widened. 'No that guy human? No wonder he is acting like a nervous wreck, but that shouldn't be possible. How the hell did a human receive an invite to the academy?''

"As you know, the world is ruled my humans, so, this school was built to teach monsters like us to co-exist with humans."Shizuka walked, more like skipped, over to the words on the board and pointed at them with her pointer.''In order for us monsters to continue to survive, we have no choice but to continue to peacefully coexist with the humans. The Earth has already come under the control of the humans! At this academy, you will be studying 'How to coexist with humans! So for that reason, as a school rule you will all live your lives at this academy in human form! Do you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistence. You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form' understand!'' she said as most of the class nodded, which included Naruto but couldn't help but wonder how long that was going to last.

''Hey Teacher, would it not be better for us to eat those puny humans and in the case of beautiful girls, better to molest them.'' Some scruffy looking guy with lips piercing asked.

''Oh! Incidentally, here at Youkai Academy, the teachers and students are all monsters, there are no genuine humans here! Since this academy is within a secret sacred world! To those humans who come to know our existence, we will bring death or something.''

''Scuse me!'' A voice said from the hallway. ''Sorry I'm lateā€¦''

''Oh that's fine just take a seat,'' Nekonome said. 'Well, what a cute one.'

''Okay!'' the pink haired girl said was she walked into the class.

Of course when she entered the class the guys starting drooling like idiots and commented on her beauty.

"That girl is hot..."

"She's totally cute..."

"I agree..."

'Akashiya Moka.' Naruto thought, surprised for a moment before remembering that she was indeed going to Gakuen this year. It had been a few years since he last seen the girl and it was a formal party his parents had dragged him to. And it was where he met her as well. Anyway she seemed to be quite friendly with the nervous brown haired boy. "Tsukune-san, we're in the same class, oh I'm so happy."

Naruto couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor bastard as the rest of the male populous in the class looked like they were going to murder him. 'They really don't have that much control? Such a lack of pride!'

After home room the students were allowed to do what they wanted for the rest of the day. Getting used to the campus and finding their dorm rooms. So with that the young kitsune began exploring the grounds. A territory that a kitsune wasn't familiar with was dangerous territory. It held especially true for the tricky spirits as their powers of deception, illusion, and bending spirits depending on their target's will power and perception. It was only because his family line focused more on physical techniques then evasion and retreat that he didn't worry about it as much as any youngling in his position, that unfortunately meant he wasn't as well versed in as many defensive techniques.

Hopping up into one of the trees planted alongside the outer wall of the school the blond began looking around. His hand firmly placed against the bark of the old tree that was two stories tall. It was then he caught sight of Moka and the weird brown haired boy. 'Things have been so dull so far.' he thought as his canine peeked out from under his top lip and an impish smiling formed on his face. 'Time to go make my own entertainment.' he said as he dropped down from the tree and decided to go say 'hi.'