Kitsune to Succubus


Naruto x Kurumu


The Red Star has a story called Kitsune Vampire with an interesting side plot about Kitsune and Succubus and has given me permission to use that information from his story for this story. So please enjoy.


Story Start


The group of four found themselves at the pool. While it wasn't vocalized or decided, they had found themselves with the swim club. Naruto and Kurumu were in the water, simply swimming and enjoying each other's company but things with the other half of the quarter weren't so simple.

Tsukune's choice for choosing this club was a mixture of innocent crush and teenage boy lust. He wanted to swim together with Moka to strengthen their relationship, and it wouldn't hurt to see her in a swimsuit either. Though, six simple words had crushed his hopes.

"Tsukune…I don't really like swimming…"

While must boys would have shaken it off, Tsukune took the statement as spirit crushing and sat off to the side. Moka took the seat across from him, clasping her fingers together on top of the table as she vigilantly watched the chlorinated water.

Tsukune found himself suddenly yanked bodily out of his seat and systematically stripped of his clothing, before being tossed into the pool cloaked one of the club's swim trunks and dragged away. The intruder was none other than the Turquoise hair captain of the club.

The boy soon found himself dragged in deeper into the pool as the captain turned her attention to Moka. A smug smiled formed on her face." Oh, so you must be the fabled Akashiya Moka right?" she haughtily asked. "Rumors have been saying that you're a vampire. If that's the case this isn't a place for you. It's a swim club, if you're too frightened to get in, you might want to find something more your level." She said as she moved away with a sway after her dismissal.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pool Naruto and Kurumu were enjoying themselves. The yellow clad Succubus was currently glomping the blond, riding him piggyback. The two of them were more or less enjoying each other's company. Though any time one of the female club members attempted to catch Naruto's attention Kurumu chased them off.

"This would be perfect if it wasn't for the smell of fish." Naruto noted as Kurumu nuzzled against his hair.

"You're telling me. I can't believe all these silly boys can't tell an obvious trap." The two of them were suddenly interrupted from their own little world by the sound of something slamming against the table top. Their attention drew to the angry vampire, something that surprised them as the bubbly girl seemed too nice to wear the expression of fury she was wearing.

"That's enough! I see how it is Tsukune! You only wanted to join so you could fool around with the girls! I understand, if a girl is pretty enough then you'll drop the old one like old news, but I won't stand for it! That's it, I'm leaving!"

"No, wait! Moka-san it's all a misunderstanding! I-I just wanted to swim with you!"

She paused, "No, Tsukune! You're the one who doesn't understand! The truth is, I-" She was cut off, yelping when a splash of water doused her exposed arm.

Tamao smirked, treading water as she blinked innocently up at the two. "Please don't fight, it's such a terrible thing to do. It's so childish…the most important thing to do between a man and woman is to find out whether you've stolen each other's hearts."

Moka cried out again, rushing away with her hands clutched to her chest. Tsukune yelled after her but by then she was already gone.

"I feel like such an ass." Naruto remarked as a sullen look formed on his face. "We…we didn't even consider how us joining would have effected Moka."

Kurumu looked just as equally guilty. She was so concerned about nabbing all of Naruto's affections she didn't even considered Moka's feelings and how left out she must have been. "I'll go talk with Moka. You stay here and make sure nothing happens to Tsukune."

"Right." Naruto nodded in understanding.

Moka could barely stand straight, leaning against the wall of the building she had blindly ran towards. Her youki levels kept dipping and fluctuating and it was causing her pain, like someone kept shocking different body parts with a live wire.

'YOU FOOL! What possessed you to stand so close to something like a swimming pool! You know that water is resistant to supernatural energy and drains us of our power, rendering us vampires paralyzed! Do not let our body be weakened just so you can spend time with the human!'

'But I'm sick of this body! Why can't I be like everyone else? I…I just want to swim with Tsukune too…just like how Naruto and Kurumu are. Why do I have to be weird?'

"We didn't mean to make you feel hurt or left out." Moka sniffed, looking up at the still damp Kurumu clad in a towel. "I'm sure Tsukune wasn't trying to abandon you. I'm sure if he actually knew about your problem he wouldn't have tried to get you to swim if he knew it would hurt you or it could have just slipped his mind that you can't swim in water because you're a vampire. You know how dense and forgetful boys can be." Kurumu said with a smile.

Moka wiped her eyes, a smile forming on her face. "No, I'm sorry Kurumu. I took away you away from your time with Naruto because I didn't have the courage to speak up to Tsukune about how I felt."

"Well there's still time you know. Come on," Kurumu said, grasping Moka's wrist and dragging her back to the pool.

When they arrived the pool area was virtually empty. There was no sight of the pool members of either sex. The pool itself had numerous herbs littered the surface. Naruto was sitting to the side with Tsukune who was lying down.

"What happened?" Kurumu asked as Moka cried out and rushed to Tsukune's side.

"The mermaids made their move. They didn't expect someone who could fight back." Naruto replied with a cheeky grin. "So I figured that I would use my doppelganger skill to clear everyone out. I also happened to find some herbs in the shed nearby and I remembered that herb water was safe for Vampires so I threw it in. Probably for safety procedure or whatever for monsters who need sanitized water. So if you girls want to get in the water is fine."

A grin formed on Kurumu's face as she floated over to Moka. "This is perfect. We need to get you a swim suit and that'll really knock'em out. "

"B-But Tsukune." Moka tried to speak as she was dragged away.

"He'll be fine." Kurumu said as she dragged away her protesting friend.

After an undisclosed amount of time Tsukune finally gained conscious. The last thing he remembered was screaming and being attacked by the swim club captain. He slowly got up, feeling rather woozy.

"Welcome back to the world of living!" he heard Naruto exclaim, but couldn't find the blond.

"T-Tsukune! I'm sorry, let's not fight." Moka pleaded.

Tsukune eyes finally settled on Moka who was clothed in a robe for some reason.

"M-Moka-san, I'm the one who should be apologizing. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or do something you didn't want to do. I just wanted to swim with you."

A faint blush formed on Moka's face. "Well, thanks to Naruto finding herbs the water should be safe for me. W-We can swim now." With that she pull open to the robe to reveal the Bikini Kurumu picked for her. It was a two-piece red bikini that clung to her goods.

"M-M-Moaah…" the stimulation was simply too much for Tsukune's brain to handle so soon and he began falling backwards into the pool.

"Tsukune!" Moka cried out as she dashed towards the boy. Leaping, she grabbed him but used too much strength, sending them both careening into the pull. Naruto and Kurumu found themselves splashed by the water. The two shared a look and merely just laughed at their friend's antics.

Despite the enjoyable evening the quartet found themselves in a rather gloom mood. They hadn't been able to find a club that suited all four of them.

"Ah, there you all are! Just the people I wanted to see." It was none other than their energetic homeroom teacher Nekonome. "None of you have decided on a club right?"

"No we haven't." Naruto remarked with a depressed sigh. "Nothing seems right for us. Either one of us are uncomfortable with it or the club members have ulterior motives."

"Excellent!" she happily remarked with her usual chipper enthusiasm. "Then you can all join the newspaper club. If no one joins it'll get shut down." By the time she had finished her usual exuberance slowly died down.

"Well?" Naruto asked, turning to the others. "I mean, the club will mostly be compromised of us and we all get along rather well."

"As long as you're there Naruto-kun I'd be happy to join." Kurumu happily nuzzled against him.

"I…I have no objections." Tsukune spoke up. The newspaper club, not only did that sound nice and normal, it sounded safe. And Tsukune loved safe.

"I'll join as well!"

"Congratulations, all! And welcome to the Newspaper Club! Meet at room 7 down the hall, there'll be a sign labeling the correct room as ours. Until then, see you tomorrow!" The cat ayashi nearly floated away in joy, her tail once again exposed and wagging like it was attached to a motor. Well, at least that was another problem solved for the quarter.