Kitsune to Succubus


Naruto x Kurumu


The Red Star has a story called Kitsune Vampire with an interesting side plot about Kitsune and Succubus and has given me permission to use that information from his story for this story. So please enjoy.


Story Start


"Aren't we just at the back of the school? Why would we have a club meeting here?" Tsukune asked.

"You need to relax. The others will be here soon." Gin said with his usual friendly smile plastered on his face. "By the way, Moka-san was pretty pissed off yesterday huh?" he kindly asked Tsukune.

"Yeah, she won't talk to me at all." He growled out as he glared at the president who didn't seem bothered by it at all.

"Sorry about that." He said but it was clear that he wasn't.

"Well now that we're here I need you to look at the window over there." Gin instructed as he pointed at the window he wanted them to see.

Meanwhile Naruto and Kurumu watched from above. "That's the girls changing room." Kurumu exclaimed.

"I knew he couldn't be trusted." Naruto growled, "…and he's trying to set up Tsukune."

"We have to stop him." Kurumu was about to transform when Naruto grabbed her wrist.

"If we interfere now Gin will just get away. I have a better idea." Naruto remarked as he partially transformed into his Kitusne form. Kurumu couldn't help but blush as she was almost overwhelm by the pheromones he was exhuming. Being a Succubus she was rather sensitive to the sexual auras of other creatures. Naruto rose up his hands as little ember flames flickered to life in his hand.

The little blue flames began to form into the air.

Down below Gin Continued to put his plan into action.

"They'll be here but we don't have to delay the meeting just for them. We can catch them up on things." He said as if it were no big deal. Watching him carefully Tsukune finally nodded and stood on a nearby crate so he could reach the window.

"You know what's weird? Moka-san is much better than what I heard. Who knows, I think I'm falling in love with her. Weird huh?" he said casually. "I swear that I will make them my women." He promised with a smug smile.

'Why is he telling me this?' Tsukune thought.

Tsukune was about to ask Gin what he meant when he heard a sound coming from the other side of the window. When he looked through his face grew bright red as he looked at a group of girls undressing.

"Gin-sempai…this is…" he tried to say as he turned his head and paled when he saw a camera in Gin's hand.

"Girl's changing room? I know." He said smirking as he showed him the picture he took of Tsukune looking through the window.

"Hey look a pervert!"

As far as they knew Tsukune was frozen in place and Gin had managed to run away. There was a reason why a Kitsune's illusions were so feared. The most powerful illusions could only be seen through by other creatures that could cast illusions. There was also the fact that extremely arrogant races like most vampires and werewolves looked down on illusions as mere parlor tricks. Seeing as illusions were highly underestimated by those who weren't deemed as intelligence types, it was a kitsune's go to tool, especially against more powerful but offer dumber monsters.

When the illusion dropped Tsukune was far away from the door and Gin was crouching only a few feet away from the window. He looked up and paled when he saw a group of angry girls glaring at him.

"Now ladies…this is actually a pretty funny story." He tried to explain but it fell on deaf ears and he was forced to feel the wrath of angry females.

From above Naruto watched with a smirk as Gin's screams of pain filled the air.

"Thank you Naruto." Tsukune said as he was being held by Kurumu who was flying above.

"No problem. Though you really need to start being cautious. We're not always going to be around to save you." Naruto remarked.

Some time had passed and the skies were darkened by night as the clouds slowly parted to reveal the inkling of the moon.

A bruised and beaten Gin stomped through the school grounds. His eyes scanned through the crowd of students until he found who he was looking for. "Hey there Gin-sempai you look worse for wear." Naruto remarked with a cheeky grin.

"You would know about that, wouldn't you fox?" despite Gin's accusation Naruto retained a cheeky grin. Gin did a little digging into the male members of the club and Naruto was the only one who was rumored to have shown his monster form. Said descriptions matched up with Kitsune quite well.

"I have no idea what you're talking about sempai."

"I'm going to be a nice guy and forget what happened to day. I have no beef, with you. I mean, you're with that Kurono girl right? So how about it? Stay out my way while I go for Akashiya, what'd you say?"

"I won't stand by and allow someone to hurt my friends."

Meanwhile with the others. Kurumu and Tsukune was explaining at Gin's attempt to frame Tsukune.

"I'm sorry for not listening Tsukune!" Moka said with shame. Tsukune was her first real friend and she wouldn't even listen as he tried to explain himself. It seems like she could be as stubborn as her sister.

"A-Ah it's okay Moka-san!" Tsukune replied flustered. 'E-Even with that look she's too cute!' he thought. "I'm just glad we're friends again."

"What are we going to do about the club president?" Kurumu interrupted. "I doubt he's going to let it go so easily. He's just like all the other guys, taken in by Moka." In another time and place, Kurumu would still hate Moka. That jealousy she once had now involved into being sorry for her friend. She couldn't imagine having boys constantly pester as she tried to deal with her destined one."

"Do you think Gin-san will try to attack Naruto-san in revenge?" Tsukune wondered aloud.

Kurumu was suddenly alarmed at this prospect. "If that pervert lays one finer on my destined one I'll slice him to pieces." Kurumu hissed as she suddenly transform and shot out of the window of dorm they were in.

The two males soon found themselves on the rooftop. "I don't have to be your enemy sempai. Though you're not giving me any choice but to fight."

Gin just ignored him and chose to stare at the moon instead. "You know, the moon really is beautiful. Whenever I see it I usually get a little wild…especially when it's full like now." Gin said with a smirk revealing a sharp canine like tooth.

'A werewolf under the power of a full moon. This is going to be a challenging fight. I won't be able to beat him with pure brute force between the werewolves healing factor and his speed. I'll have to rely on skill and have to drag this out. The moment the moon's light isn't on him will be my time to strike.'

"Once I take care of you, I'll finish off Tsukune and then Moka will be mine! Now tremble in fear!" He roared as his body began to transform. His body was soon covered in fur, his face took the shape similar to a dog's and his hands became razor sharp claws. Once he was done he released a howl into the air before smirking at the blonde who was silent.

A nervous sweat dripped down Naruto's brow. Naruto moved into a defensive style as he waited for the werewolf to make his first movement. In an instant the werewolf had appeared before Naruto. His claws nearly slashed Naruto throat as the blond jumped back.

"Quick!" Naruto remarked transforming into his half transformed state. He brought his arms up, blocking another strike causing the blond's teeth to grit as pain coursed through his arms.

"At this rate you'll be nothing but a mobile punching bag." Gin taunted from behind before kicking the blonde. Naruto skidded across the ground before collecting himself. Naruto rubbed his three tails together and generated lightning and caused it to channel through the ground to which Gin easily avoided by jumping into the air. Naruto really wished there was some metal or something he could use as a conductor up there. Though at least he was able to force Gin in the air.

Naruto launched himself in the air. Gin reacted by doing a round house kick in the air, something only a creature of great strength could do, but Naruto twisted out of the way at the last second as he launched a solid kick into Gin's ribs.

Despite the attack it didn't slow the monster down, as he swung his leg up his leg as his sharp nails tore his shirt. The two of them dropped down to the ground as Naruto was once more forced on the defensive. Gin's speed with the moon was supersonic and even hard pressed he was below supersonic in speed.

Thankfully Gin's strength and power was just a little above Superhuman while his was far above that. As they continued trading blows and Naruto went for any small opening he could go for his endurance wouldn't last for that long at this rate. So Naruto decided to bait the werewolf and let his guard down to bait the blond. Thankfully the werewolf took the bait and Naruto took the opportunity channel wind chakra into his claw. He then took the opportunity to swipe at Gin who was utterly cut off guard by the fact that a Kitsune of all monsters used a wind based moved. Capitalizing on the werewolf being stunned he followed up with a punch sending him flying across the roof.


Naruto looked up to see Kurumu from above carrying Tsukune. Seconds later Moka, the Unsealed Moka landed on the roof next to him.

"Why am I not surprised? If it isn't the human, its you getting into troublesome Uzumaki." Moka remarked.

"Are you okay?" Kurumu asked as she fussed over Naruto's visible bruise.

"I'm fine guys. Look I'm going to finish this fight. As much as I appreciate your concern I don't plan on losing to someone like him." Naruto remarked as he kept a careful watch on Gin who was staring at the vampire with a look of lust.

"So the rumors are true. You really are a vampire. But it's pointless. When it comes to speed we werewolves are unbeatable! All the power in the world is useless if you can't hit your opponent!" Gin shouted as he became a blur, circling the three of them.

'So this is the speed of a werewolf. I must admit it is impressive.' Ura thought as she had trouble following his movements.

"What's the matter? Have you all realized you've stood no chance!"

Naruto quickly began doing a series of hand seals. After studying some other clans he began to realize the usefulness of channeling his power in different ways. He then performed the shadow clone technique. Out of explosions of smoke several copies of Naruto appeared.

"Roast him now!" Naruto gave the order as all his copies began lighting the roof to blaze. It didn't matter how fast Gin was if nearly the entire roof was on fire.

"You're mine!"

"Piss off you bastard!" Naruto remarked as he threw his arm up, a hiss escaped his mouth as Gin's claws slashed Naruto's arm rather nasty but he held strong as the werewolf was where he wanted him.

Three Naruto clones slid out from the fire. With three powerful kicks he was launched in the air. 'Come on…come on.' Naruto silently prayed as he glanced at the moon. Sure enough the moon was covered by the clouds. He had to finish this now and brought his leg up. And swung it down, connected with the werewolf's cranium sending him crashing through the roof of the building. Naruto landed on the roof with a visible pant, visibly exhausted. That was the first time he fought someone on a more or less even playing field that was exceeded him speed. 'I got lucky. If that pervert was a smarter fighter that battle wouldn't have gone down like that. I shouldn't have needed to use any techniques to win. I need to become stronger!'

"Yahoo!" Kurumu glomped the blond missing the surge of pain that coursed through the blond. "That's my destined one! You showed him whose boss." Suddenly the blond collapsed over taking Kurumu went him.

The following day came about and it was all over the school. Papers depicting Gin's lecherous behavior was revealed and apparently this was only new to the freshman students. But all and all another situation was solved.