Dean smirked seductively up at his little brother, his hands going to the buckle of his belt. Sam moaned excitedly, reaching to-

"What the fuck? Oh god...Becky's weird stories..." Sam eyed them distastefully, setting them aside before another line caught his eye.

Kneeling before Sammy, Dean nuzzled his groin with his face, purring like a cat, over the boxers. "Oh fuck, Dean...Please just suck me already."

Sam pulled the story back to him, reading the next line.

Dean smirked and pulled down the black boxers, moaning as Sam's heavy cock sprang out, just begging to be licked.

Fuck...Was that his cock just twitching? He had to read more.

The blond licked once across the head before wrapping his perfect sinful lips around the hard leaking cock before him.

Yes, that'd be his cock jumping around in his pants, but fuck! Dean's lips? They really are beautiful. Why hadn't he noticed?

Sam watched, his eyes darkened with lust as Dean showed off his lips, lips that looked best wrapped tight around Sam's length.

Damn...They really wouldlook beautiful around him. He found himself cupping his hard cock through his jeans as he continued to read.

Dean sank his lips around the younger's cock, eager to please him in every way he could. A total cock slut for his brother.

Oh god...Dean. Cock slut for him. Why couldn't this be true? Before he knew it, his boxers were around his ankles, his cock in hand.

The sight of his own cock disappearing into Dean's mouth and his wide eyes framed by the longest eyelashes, made Sam buck into the wet heat, desperate for more.

This just wasn't fair. He moaned as he thrusted up into his hand, imagining Dean sucking him off.

Dean sucked harder, taking every thrust Sam gave him, letting his cock slip down his throat, moaning.

He continued to fuck into his hand, panting and moaning Dean's name into the quiet stillness of the empty motel room.

Gripping at Dean's short spikes, Sam groaned loudly, already feeling close. "F-fuck Dean...H-how'd you-" He pants, his cock twitching inside his brother's mouth.

Sam was close, his cock twitching as he gasped, reading more.

Dean groaned around him, his hands playing with Sam's balls, urging him to come. Sam does with a great cry, forcing his gagging lover to swallow it down.

He came screaming, coming harder than he'd ever come before. He was so going to hell, wanting his brother's mouth around him. The young hunter drifted to sleep, not noticing that the paper had been splattered with his come.