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"This is boring!" Clover wailed as she pushed away the course selection books in front of her and crossed her arms over her chest dismissingly. "I can't BELIEVE we're missing a half off sale at the mall for this!"

Sighing, Sam looked up from the course selection sheet she was filling out for the 2011-2012 school year and glanced at her upset-looking blonde friend before exchanging a knowing look with Alex. Although Clover was just complaining about having to bubble in classes, both her and Alex knew full well that a deeper issue was bothering their best friend.

It was August 13th, and Grade 12 started in just one month. Summer was coming to an end.

"Clover…" Sam started, chewing on her lower lip as she tried to find a way to say this without setting her best friend off. "You knew this was going to happen." Raising an eyebrow, Clover looked at Sam in confusion. "I knew WHAT was going to happen?" she asked, making quotations in the air.

Sighing heavily, Sam shook her head before deciding to just get this over with. It seemed Clover needed the "sadly it's the end-of-summer" talk. She had been in this supposedly clueless mood ever since August had begun and enough was enough. Looking at her in the eye Sam spoke in a firm voice. "Summer always comes to an end Clover."

As soon as the words left Sam's mouth, Clover's hands fell to her sides and a look of utter annoyance formed on her face. Had she really been that obvious?

Sighing, Clover spoke in a sad, quiet whisper. "Well it didn't have to end so soon," she mumbled, letting her friends know that, that had indeed been the reason she was so eager to not look at the course booklets.

Well that, and the fact that everything about school made her head hurt.

Letting out yet another small sigh, Sam gave her a pointed look before speaking. "Honestly Clover, you're making it sound like our summer was fast-forwarded by some villain and we didn't get any time off," Sam said making the blonde huff. "That IS more than possible," she muttered knowing despite it having been three months it felt as if she had just walked out of school at the end of grade 11 just yesterday. And unfortunately for her, the enemies she had were more than capable of turning time back and forth.

For some, even worse than that.

Now amused at Clover's self delusion at summer not having been spent Sam smirked. "Oh? Then I suppose the summer parties, going to the beach every day, hanging at the Groove, watching the big summer blockbuster and your birthday last week, where your parents gave you a brand new Ferrari never happened?" Sam's smirk widened. "Because if you're going to deny all that then maybe your father should take the Ferrari. He has said something about needing a new car," she quipped leaving Alex to erupt into a fit of giggles at the sour look that formed on Clover's face at the thought of her dad driving her brand new, sparkling, red Ferrari, the same one she intended to rub all over Mandy's face.

"Fine!" Clover huffed, now realizing her "a villain took away summer" theory was getting her no where because her friends were just laughing at her. Crossing her arms over her chest Clover frowned. "I know that summer happened, it's just that I'm not looking forward to school, okay?" she mumbled. "There I said it," she pouted.

Getting a hold on her laughter Alex smirked. "When do you EVER look forward to school Clover?" She asked, making reference to the blonde's reputation for bad grades unless it came to the "fun" classes and repetitive speeches of how school was just as much of an obstruction to her social life as being a spy was.

Rolling her eyes Clover glared, humiliated. "I didn't mean it that way!" she snapped before slapping her forehead at how clueless her friends were acting. They just didn't get it , did they? Once school started next month they would all be back in the rut. Sure summer still had them running around on missions for Jerry but at least when it was all over they could come home and just plan something random and exciting like a one-day vacation to an outdoor retreat, like going surfing, like having a movie watching mayhem-

A heavy sigh escaped her. Once school started they would never have time for any of that. It would just be missions and school, tests and stress and nothing else. 'Especially now that it's senior year," Clover thought sadly, knowing that meant harder exams than ever and more assignments and eventually college applications. To put it simply, Grade 12 was going to be a snooze fest, a total snooze fest and she wasn't looking forward to it at all.

"What did you mean then?" Sam asked, picking up on the conversation that had been interrupted by Clover's silence.

Rubbing her temples tiredly Clover decided she should just say it. It was obvious that Alex, being too hyper over another season of high school sports clubs and Sam, being the ultimate school fan-girl were not going to get this on their own. "Don't you get it, you guys?" she whined, looking at them pointedly. When they only greeted her with blank looks she sighed before speaking in a peeved tone. "Grade 12 is going to suck," she said bluntly.

Raising an eyebrow Sam spoke in a curious tone. "And what gives you that idea?" Rolling her eyes Clover shook her head having had known Sam was going to jump in to defend school. "Everything," she muttered shortly in response. Watching Sam about to protest, Clover huffed before placing her hands on her hips and speaking in a matter-of-fact tone. "Face it Sammie, when does ANYTHING exciting everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr happen in our high school?" She sighed in distress. "I'll answer that for you, the answer is never. In the last 3 years nothing fun or out-of-the box has ever happened in Beverly Hills High School. It's just the same routine every, single day and it's soooooo boring!"

Sam, who had secretly gone back to filling in her course selection sheet while she waited for Clover to finish her rant about bashing their high school, looked up at the blonde again and spoke in a pointed way. "And what would be your definition of excitement, Clover?" Sam retorted with heavy amounts of irritation in her tone. "A vicious criminal hijacking our school and holding a class-load of students hostage?"(*)

Her eyes widening, Clover held up her hands dramatically. "Whoa!" she said, making it clear that, that was not the definition she had in mind at all. Rolling her eyes she pouted. "Way to take it to extremes Sammie!" she mumbled before suddenly casting Sam with an accusing look. "And what is up with your obsession with criminals?"

Not seeing where that statement had come from, Sam fixed Clover with a small frown. "And what is THAT supposed to mean?" Clover, who could tell she was getting on Sam's nerves only smirked, liking to be on the taunting end for once and having Sam on the defensive. After all, while Alex had been laughing at her unwillingness to be hyper for school, it was mostly Sam who had been playing her mother with her pro-school lectures. "You know what I mean," she said in a sneaky way. Crossing her arms over her chest defensively, Sam frowned harder. "If I knew, I wouldn't ask."

Letting out a dramatic sigh, Clover turned her full attention on Sam and leaned down so that her elbows were resting on the surface of the low table Sam was sitting at while looking at the registration papers and she was practically right in her face. "Aren't you the one who is willingly surrounding yourself with more stuff about criminals than we already deal with as spies for WOOHP?"

Raising an eyebrow, Sam looked at Clover in confusion, having no idea what this was about. "How am I surrounding myself with-"

Cutting her off with a giggle, Clover shook her head and muttered something under her breath along the lines of how innocent Sam could be at times before she earned a jab from Alex in the shoulder making her stop and answer Sam's question.

"Seriously Sam, you don't know?" she said, and her voice made it clear that she thought that Sam should already know the answer to her own question. But when Sam just gave her a blank stare, Clover finally said what was on her mind. "Aren't you taking that new criminal psych class that you've been obsessing about ever since it was announced?"

Her jaw dropping open, Sam's eyes widened before she moved fast and covered the course selection sheet so that Clover couldn't see. Glaring, Sam didn't need to think twice to know Clover was just trying to change the subject from her sadness over school ending onto mocking her so that she'd be the laughing stalk. She wasn't going to have it. Yes, she was taking that criminal psychology class but Clover didn't need to know about it just yet.

After saying a defiant "no" to Clover, Sam quickly filled in the circle next to EVIL101 from under her palm before closing the course booklet quickly. Flashing Clover a smile, Sam effectively shifted the conversation onto the half off sale this conversation had begun with, easily catching Clover's interest while mentally thinking to herself, "She can find out I took the class in September."

A small smirk formed on her lips at that because she knew at that point it would be too late for Clover to annoy her into changing it as classes would have begun. And that way, she'd get to take what could perhaps be, the best class she'd ever taken.

"Come on! Come on!" Sam thought in panic as she pushed through the hallway as quickly as she could. Her eyes narrowed as she looked down the hall she had now entered at the very last room.

Room 313.

The room her first class for the day was in, and the class that she just happened to be really close to being late for.

"Way to go Sam!" she mumbled to herself, running a hand through her long crimson hair in an effort to fix it while her other hand smoothened out her white, knee-length, floral dress as she ran through the hall making sure not to bump into other students who were trying to get into their classes on time.

As she kept running, her throat going dry, the muscles of her legs now on fire because of the lactic acid building up, she couldn't help but mentally curse herself for causing this. "Why? Why did I have to spend ten minutes arguing with Clover over this class?" she asked herself in agony. Maybe it would have just been better to have told Clover the truth that day when she had selected this course.

But no, she had to try and sneak something past Clover and that was why she had made a big deal out of it the moment she had found out at 8:50 am this morning when they were glancing at each others' timetables to see if they had any classes together. In fact she could still hear her, "Aha! I knew you were taking this class! You liar!" and her own defences' of how this class was going to be an "easy A" and "good for her spy career", still ringing in her ears even now.

She kept berating herself as she kept running now almost there. She kept pushing herself despite her feet aching in her white, gladiator sandals because she did not want to be late for her first day of classes. Especially not for what could be her favourite class of her final year.

She smiled while running.

Criminal psychology always interested her. Even in the ten minutes she had, had, Sam had firmly made her case to her friends that this class was going to be really worthwhile for a spy career, at which Clover had snickered and Alex had said nothing, which led to her current situation of knowing she was going to be in this class alone as none of them seemed willing to drop a "fun" class and take this one alongside her.

Shaking her head, she kept smiling knowing it didn't matter. Because with or without her friends she wanted to learn what was being taught here. While Clover thought it was insane for her to surround herself with more talk about criminals than they already faced, Sam knew she had always wanted to know what made criminals tick.

Why did they do what they did despite the obvious risk of getting caught? Despite the condition of becoming ostracized by society? Alienated by their friends, families, people who would resent them after learning what they'd done? What made their convictions so strong? What made them so ruthless and cruel?

Guiltily enough, it had always seemed to fascinate her and since she had seen no lack of criminals during her spy career so far, having met the lousiest kind of criminal to the best kind of villain, she wanted to at least get some understanding of them.

Because she had always felt clueless in a world of revenge-driven, greed-driven people that surrounded her from day to day. And she wanted to be in the know, simply because she hated not knowing things. Nerd or whatever Clover et al called her for that, that was who she was and she wasn't about to change.

Sam grimaced while running as she glanced at a clock mounted on the hallway's wall, it's longer hand clearly pointing at just past 9:00 am telling her she was already late for the class she had fought against Clover to be a part of.

"Perfect," she muttered under her breath. "What a great way to make a good impression on a new teacher, and at start the year", she thought angrily, mad at herself for being late for the first time in her life especially on day one.

A few moments later she finally took a deep breath when she reached the entrance of the classroom. She was about to step in, happy that she was only a few moments late and thinking maybe it wasn't that bad, when she bounced back a step, having bumped into another body.

"Ow!" She screamed rubbing her upper arm where the collision had happened. Grinding her teeth she looked up to see which clumsy moron she had bumped into, to find Mandy Luxe glaring at her.

Sam's eyes widened in surprise and her mouth formed a little "o" because Mandy, Mandy the most fashion-obsessed, lazy, partying type was the last person she'd expect heading into a psychology class.

"What is Mandy doing here?" she thought, her curiosity too much to bear as she kept watching the annoying girl her age glaring intently at her. "Watch where you're going!" she screamed shrilly before running a hand through her hair to set it right and straightening out her cougar-print, mid-thigh length dress before moving to march into the classroom before Sam, but Sam stopped her by putting her foot in the way.

"Do you want to explain what YOU are doing here?" Sam asked, watching Mandy with heavy amounts of scrutiny. Was one of Mandy's boyfriends taking this class? "But then again…" Sam thought. "This class will require brains, and guys with brains don't date Mandy." Knowing that was the way it was Sam could only feel her curiosity grow even more. Why then, was Mandy here?

After her glare died down at having been questioned, Sam watched Mandy sneer and cross her arms over her chest. "What do you think I'm doing?" she asked in her characteristically, nasally tone. "I'm going into my class!"

Sam's eyes widened almost threatening to pop at her words. Did she seriously mean that? Holding up a hand as if asking Mandy to slow down because she was making zero sense, Sam looked at her with her eyes still as wide as saucers.

"…Wait a minute…" she said slowly. "You're actually taking this class?" she asked making no effort to mask the shock in her voice. Why would Mandy take a course on criminal psychology?

Rolling her eyes Mandy let out a small laugh. "You know, this class isn't exactly nerds exclusive only," she snorted. Hearing her response Sam was reminded why she talked to this girl as little as possible. She was a pain, and the little of her around, the better.

"That's not what I meant," Sam hissed with an acidic glare. "Why are you suddenly into criminal psychology?" Fixing her with a knowing look she continued. "You can't be serious about learning what criminals think!"

Laughing harder this time, Mandy shook her head airily before speaking. "Unlike you…" she started, looking at Sam demeaningly. "I have other good reasons to take a class besides being a learning freak."

Seeing Sam raise an eyebrow in uncured curiosity, Mandy's lips curled into a smirk knowing Sam was interested in finding out about her specific reason for taking the class. Well, she might as well enlighten her.

Looking around to see if anyone else was she listening, and seeing that they were literally the only two people in the hall by this point as everyone had gone to class, she soon let out a long, dreamy sigh leaving Sam's eyebrow to raise even more at her continual odd behaviour.

After another moment, Mandy finally spoke with a star-struck, lovesick puppy expression on her face. "I heard…" she said, looking more and more excited as she spoke. "That the new teacher is a totallllllllll hottie!" she finished with a smirk and Sam closed her eyes in agony now seeing why Mandy taking this class made perfect sense.

Suddenly she was shoved out of the way when Mandy pushed her aside with a snicker. "Out of my way!" she screamed before running ahead and Sam sighed having no choice but to walk in, even later than before, behind Mandy.

Several students glanced up at them when they came in late, most of them looking at Sam in shock because she was arriving late which was unusual for her but not for Mandy. Looking around at the empty desks, Sam was surprised to find very few, most them filled up already.

Who knew criminal psychology was so popular?

The teacher cleared his throat suddenly, clearly irritated with them being late. They both looked up at him, their attention caught as he stood busy writing something on the chalk board, his back facing them not letting any of them see his face.

"Would you get in your seats quickly?" he said sounding beyond annoyed and Sam watched Mandy literally swoon at his smooth, rich voice. Sam blinked herself, slightly confused because she had a strange feeling like she had heard that voice somewhere before. But where? She couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Sensing that none of them had moved, the teacher sighed heavily. Raising a hand and pointing to Mandy without turning his head, he motioned for her to take the seat in the very back. "You, take the back seat," he said curtly then pointed at Sam. "You, in the front."

As she moved to go, Mandy glared at Sam because she had been hoping to take that front seat seeing that it was the closest one to the teacher's desk. Sam smirked at Mandy, sensing her anger and enjoying it as she walked all the way to the back sitting next to another faceless student, while she moved to sit in her assigned chair.

Setting her backpack down, Sam's eyes glanced around the classroom looking for friendly faces as Clover and Alex were not here and she smiled when she saw David sitting a few rows down.

He smiled giving her a small wave back in return letting her know he was happy to have her here as well. "Good," Sam thought already feeling comfortable here as she waved back. At least there was one familiar face in this classroom.

Her eyes snapped up to rest on the new teacher when he cleared his throat again, signalling that he was ready to begin. He was still not facing her and she waited for him to turn around, curious to see his face, guiltily thanks to Mandy's comment. "But then again, Mandy likes any guy with height and a pair of decent biceps," Sam thought.

Looking at the man before her who was towering over the front of the classroom, Sam couldn't help but notice that he looked pretty buff from where she sat. Unconsciously she found herself taking in his form from behind.

Whoever he was, he was certainty tall. He looked well over 6 feet, and his form seemed strong as she could see from the dark pants that were clad on his long, tough-looking legs as well as that long-sleeved, close-cut, dark black shirt that was stuck to what could only be called a broad back, and powerful-looking shoulder-blades.

Her eyes still roaming his figure, she noted his right hand where it sat against the edge of the chalk board. It was a large, muscular-looking hand, with big knuckles and steady fingers as they moved, rhythmically tapping the ledge in a near-hypnotic movement.

Her eyes travelled up and landed on his hair. It was dark. Dark, chestnut, brown, almost like strands of dark chocolate weaved together, stopping just above a patch of coppery tanned skin at the back of his neck, left open from the collar of his shirt that evenly matched the colour of skin of the hand still sitting on the chalkboard.

Suddenly Sam blinked, feeling an odd sense of familiarity rush over her. Was her brain just playing tricks on her…or did something about this new teacher seem…familiar?

Too familiar?

He spoke suddenly breaking the silence in the classroom with his voice. "Welcome to EVIL101..." he said with his back still facing them and Sam found herself furrowing her eyebrows again in confusion at his voice. She still felt like this wasn't the first time she had heard it. No, it seemed like she had head this exact voice several times before.

"Where have I heard it before?" She thought biting her lip in pent up curiosity because she was sure she didn't know her teacher yet his voice…it was just so similar to her. She heard he was new to the school so he couldn't have taught her before. No, it was well-rumoured he was brand new but she still had a nagging feeling that she was sure she had heard this soothing voice before. But she couldn't figure out where, and Sam had to kick herself hard when she realized she had just called his voice "smooth," for sounding just like a "Mandy".

"I'll be your teacher this year…" he said finally turning around and letting them see his face and a several small, feminine gasps of excitement could be heard, Mandy's squeal loudest amongst them all.

Sam rolled her eyes, having dropped her curiosity over her teacher's voice to turn to give Mandy a glare. Had she no sense of self-control? Her drool could practically be seen dripping down the side of her mouth.

Shaking her head in disgust, Sam turned her head around to see what was so great about the new teacher's looks, only to have her eyes widen in dead shock.

She froze on the spot, her body going rigid and then her jaw dropped open in disbelief. Her eyebrows shot to the roof and soon her throat had gone as dry as desert sand at the sight of his face.

"No…no…this can't be right!" Sam thought, her heart pounding in her eardrums and sweat beading at her forehead in panic as she kept trying to ignore his familiar features.

Trying like mad to ignore the rare colour of his eyes, the strength of his high cheekbones, and the damning familiarity of his devilish smirk…

One she had seen, one too many times to forget.

"My name is Tim Scam…" he said his smirk widening even more and his sea-foam eyes lighting up almost predatorily. "But feel free to just call me Tim."

Right after that, Sam was sure she had fainted in shock.

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