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Gripping the sides of her desktop Sam tried to keep herself from slipping into the dark void she was fast rushing into. Shaking her head from side to side she closed her eyes convincing herself she was seeing some kind of nightmare instead of reality and that when she would open her eyes the terrifying image before her would vanish. That he would be gone.

But when she opened her eyes again after several moments he was still standing there before her and the rest of the class not fading away or disappearing in any way whatsoever. Shocked and confused she kept looking at him with wide eyes and with her jaw stuck wide open. What on earth was Tim Scam doing in her class room? Better yet...what was he doing introducing himself as her teacher?

Lost and wanting answers she kept staring at him, waiting for him to break out into the evil chuckle he often let out when he had designed a new plan against her and her friends and was finally executing it. But he did nothing of the sort. He didn't chuckle, he didn't attack her. In fact...he didn't even look at her. Blinking her eyes, Sam wondered if he wasn't seeing her somehow which was pretty much impossible as she was in the seat right in front of him. Her eyes narrowing, another idea came to her. He wasn't...ignoring her was he?

"What's he hoping to achieve out of doing that?" Sam thought not understanding why he would try that. Unless he wanted to pretend he wasn't the man, the criminal she knew he was and was pretending to be someone else. But hadn't he eliminated any possibility of trying that when he had introduced himself as Tim Scam? So then if he wasn't ignoring her than what was he doing?

"What's he up to?" Sam thought, agitated and horrified. Why was he here? What did he want? Watching him pick up the brown attendance folder and start taking attendance Sam felt her curiosity at its peak. What was he doing acting like a normal teacher?

Her curiosity made way for anger and shock when he just started reading names and taking attendance. Wanting to rip out her hair, Sam felt the urge to just get up, march over to him and demand to know what the hell he was doing here and she was about to listen to that urge and do just that when she remembered she was surrounded by her classmates.

She couldn't get away with being the super spy she was now unless he started acting like the criminal he was and actually did something to harm her or the other students. Or else she'd reveal her identity and an entire chaotic mess would ensue right after that.

Frustrated at being able to do absolutely nothing just because he was in her classroom instead of facing her during a mission, Sam clenched her hands and squirmed in her chair just waiting for him to do something so she could spring into action. Her ears perked up suddenly when she heard him read out the name "Dennis Schaffer." He was nearing her name on the attendance sheet.

Sitting up straighter in her chair as if trying to make sure he'd see her for sure Sam waited for him to read out her name. She had a feeling the moment he realized she was here (if he didn't know that already, something she more than highly doubted) he'd drop his innocent -new teacher on the first day of school who was just doing his job- act and be himself.

But her jaw was left falling wide open when he just read out her name in an even tone, just like he had the others before hers. And he did nothing else. Nothing else. Heck forget about attacking her, he didn't even turn and give her one, brief glance.

Seething now, Sam felt her teeth clenching in her jaw as she stared at him so hard that she could feel her own eyes burning. But he didn't react in any way and just stood there holding the folder at chest level, his eyes only looking at the page as he read out her name again, this time in a slightly louder voice. Just like a teacher trying to make sure said student wasn't present before they marked off absent on the record and moved on and she couldn't figure out why he was putting on this act.

As she sat there dumbfounded and lost beyond words he suddenly moved his head up, his gaze drifting off the folder. And in the next second he was looking straight at her.

Feeling her throat dry up, Sam stared back at him. Her fists were bunched at the top of her desk, her fingers curled in from stress as she held her breath waiting for his reaction now that he had definitely seen her. But his reaction at seeing her only left her more agitated than ever as he gave her a small, annoyed look accompanied by the raising of his left eyebrow before he turned back to the folder and went on reading the rest of the names.

A gasp of outrage left her when he just turned away drawing many eyes to her including Mandy's but she could care less right now. How dare he just ignore her like that?

Looking at him with hateful eyes Sam knew he had seen her and recognized her yet he was still acting like nothing was wrong with this picture. With him being in her classroom as her teacher. Knowing there was everything wrong with what was going on here, Sam racked her brain for a course of action. What should she do? It was obvious by his actions so far that he was just pretending to be the new teacher. It didn't look like he was about to pull out a gun and hold them hostage any time soon.

Suddenly another troubling thought came to her leaving her stomach panging. Had he somehow been watching her during summer, realized she was going to take this class without her friends being here and then tracked down her real teacher and eliminated him to take his place and attempt to murder her in her classroom where she would not be able to reveal herself to her peers and call for back-up? That did sound like something Scam would do. After all he had taken great pains to come up with terrifyingly efficient plans to kill her in the past. He had a perfect track record there.

Face paling at that thought, Sam worried less for herself because she knew if it came down to it she would fight him in front of her classmates and more for the poor, innocent teacher who was supposed to be here right now heading the class. God only knew what Scam had done to him. Had he strangled him with his bare hands or locked him up somewhere to torture to death minute by minute for his sadistic enjoyment?

Desperately needing answers Sam kept her eyes on him, hoping he'd give her some. But all he did was neatly tuck the attendance sheet in its folder and put it on the teacher's desk before he looked around with a small smile on his lips and began talking about the course.

At the end of her patience now both because he had treating her like she was some kind of invisible ghost and because he really was trying to get away with pretending to be their teacher as he stood talking about the class, Sam finally decided enough was enough. She had to stop this nonsense now. And a second later she loudly cleared her throat to get his attention.

Much to her annoyance he just ignored her like he constantly had been and went on speaking to the rest of them. Not willing to give up Sam did it again, even louder this time. And while she was sure the other students were wondering what the heck was up with her throat for her to be doing this Sam didn't stop. She had to get his attention and if she had to annoy him into giving it to her then that is what she would do.

She kept going, clearing her throat every five minutes then every two minutes all while he tried to speak. But after several moments had passed and her neck was starting to hurt she was about to stop and think of a new plan when suddenly he snapped his head up and looked at her with clearly irritated eyes.

Pleased that she had gotten him to stop thinking he could just ignore her Sam fixed him with a pointed look, one that was filled with all her contempt for him before she opened her mouth to ask him what the hell he was doing here. She had opened her mouth and was about to speak when she remembered she was being watched by every other classmate of hers. But she wasn't going to let him use that fact to get away with this.

Glaring at him harder she soon mouthed the words , "What are you doing here?" to him slowly so that he'd understand. She saw understanding flash in his eyes telling her he had gotten what she was trying to ask him but less than a moment later he had once again turned away from her and was attempting to ignore her by resuming his earlier beginning of class speech.

Not willing to let him do that anymore Sam cleared her throat again, louder than ever. And when a quick second later he looked at her again with his eyes clouded with aggravation she knew she was close to making him snap. Feeling triumphant she waited for him to finally drop his act knowing he knew she wasn't about to just sit here and take his place as her teacher. She watched him as he watched her with tired eyes and gave him a smirk when he looked just about ready to explode.

"Good," she thought knowing if he did that, if he exploded then he'd try to kill her and then she could fight back in the name of self defence. Her body tense with readiness she waited for him to do it, to lose control of his fading tolerance and lunge at her. But slowly the expression on his face changed from that of an annoyed man to that of a calm one and a moment later he was speaking to the class again in a soft, even tone.

"Know what guys? I think I'm going to give you the rest of the period off," he said, suddenly grabbing his coat and putting it on. With his left hand he quickly grabbed the attendance sheet and with the other he grabbed his bag before giving them a charming smile. "I don't really have a lesson planned for you and we can get through the basics tomorrow." A small chuckle left him. "I'm sure the rest of your teachers are going to bore you with introductory lectures, I'll just give you a break and we'll pick up tomorrow, okay?," he said leaving the class to break out cheering.

Ignoring them saying he was the best teacher already for doing this while they quickly moved to go Sam looked at him with confused eyes. Why was he letting them go? Wasn't he going to hold them hostage? Or kill someone? Or do something? Then why was he letting them leave when they had only been here for ten minutes and there were still an hour and five minutes left to go in the period?

But when she saw him quickly moving towards the door to leave her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing. He was trying to get away from her. He was trying to avoid letting her catch onto his newest evil scheme and that was why he had so generously dismissed them.

Onto him now, Sam quickly stood up to run after him. Grabbing her bag and shoving her books into it any which way they would fit Sam zipped it up before manoeuvring around the other students, muttering under her breath when they got in the way as she tried to keep her eyes on him before he got away. Bumping into to many of them and banging into no less than five desks and two chairs Sam finally managed to get out the classroom and into the hallway.

Eyes scanning the hall she looked left and right searching for him knowing he had to be somewhere nearby when she realized she had gotten here too late. Scam had used the other students to slow her down from following after him and had escaped right from under her nose.

"Dammit!" she hissed swinging her bag aggressively and stamping her foot. He had gotten way. Scam, TIM SCAM was lose in her school under the guise of a teacher and she had let him go. She hadn't even gotten to figure out what he was after yet and she had let him go.

Cursing at herself and him for playing her like that Sam took a deep breath to keep herself from screaming out loud. Taking another then another she tried to think logically. What was it that Scam was after that was in her school? What did he want from Beverly Hills High School? What was it?

Deep in thought Sam was left jumping when she was suddenly jabbed in the shoulder. "Ow!" she snarled before turning around to scream at whoever had done that especially when she was in such a bad mood.

Seeing Mandy standing there looking at her with pointed eyes Sam let out a loud sigh. She really didn't want to have to cope with Scam and Mandy at the same time. Wanting to get rid of her quickly Sam greeted her with annoyed eyes and spoke angrily.

"What was that for?" she snapped rubbing her shoulder.

Rolling her eyes Mandy crossed her arms over her chest and shot Sam a glare. "That was for your behaviour in Mr. Scam- Tim's class," she said making Sam glare at how she was using his first name only as if she was already best buddies with him. "And do you want to explain what your were doing mouthing things off to him and trying to get his attention on you soooo desperately?" Mandy asked nosily.

Rolling her eyes Sam didn't need to think twice to know that Mandy being the idiot that she was had most probably taken her trying to get Scam's attention as her flirting with him and was now interrogating her about it because that was just the kind of thing she did when it came to any and all men and boys that ever caught her eye. Sadly (and that was sadly for Tim Scam as she knew he wasn't going to be pleased if he found out Mandy was interested in making him her newest boy toy) Scam had caught her eye like a shiny object caught the eye of a flying crow.

Not having the time or patience to deal with her right now, knowing that Scam could be setting a time bomb in her school at this precise moment while she stood here, Sam quickly screamed at her.

"That's none of your business!" she spat before quickly moving away to go after Scam all the while ignoring Mandy who was now screaming in her typical nasally voice that she wasn't going to allow her to have the new hot teacher.

She kept moving not bothering to stop to answer Mandy as she ran into the hall she had a feeling Scam may have gone into. But a moment later she was left screaming when one of the lockers opened up and sucked her inside.

Realizing she was being WOOHPED, Sam calmed down and let herself be pulled down the familiar tunnel knowing that if anyone knew what was going on and why Scam was masquerading around her school as a new teacher it would have to be Jerry.

Landing on the couch with a thud Sam sat up quickly. Seeing her friends Clover and Alex next to her she realized that Jerry had once again called them for a mission which could very well mean that Jerry in fact didn't know about Scam. "He needs to know right now!" she thought knowing the longer Scam was in her school the more dangerous it would be. Seeing Jerry about to talk Sam seized her chance and spoke first before he could talk about the mission.

"Jerry, did you notice that Scam isn't in his cell?" she asked, a note of anger in her voice because WOOHP security despite being top notch was never able to keep that man in and while that had always been the case he was now parading around in her own school, something she simply could not stand.

Before Jerry had a chance to respond her friends were groaning and screaming in disbelief. "What? Again?" Alex and Clover said together before exchanging pained looks and letting out heavy sighs knowing that was probably what their mission was going to be. Track down Scam. Again. And put him in his jail. Again. Only to have him break out. Again.

Suddenly they froze on the spot realizing something strange. How come Sam knew Scam wasn't in his cell when none of them did? Seeing the puzzled looks on her friends' faces

Sam knew exactly what they were thinking. They were wondering how she knew about Scam being out of jail and where she had seen him. Boy where they in for a nasty surprise.

Crossing her arms over her chest Sam tried to keep control of the rage she was feeling right now as she calmly said what she had to tell them all. "I saw Scam in our school this morning, he was there as one of my teachers."

"WHAT?!" Came both Alex and Clover's response just as she had expected. And soon both of them looked just as angry and intruded as she had felt when she had found him in her school.

"He was in OUR school?" Clover screamed at the top of her lungs gripping her hair and looking as if she was going to tear it out, out of exasperation. "I don't believe this! This time he's gone wayyyy too far!"

Standing next to her, Alex nodded her head rigorously knowing that school was a part of their "normal" life and Scam was part of their "crazy secret spy" life and the two were not supposed to mix. He already gave them enough trouble as is, they did not need him running around and destroying their school too.

"So what was he doing?" Clover asked, her voice filled with horror. "Was he trying to plant a bomb in our school? Take people hostage? Murder someone?" she asked exasperated and counting rapidly off her fingers a long list of things a man like Scam could easily do.

But while Alex and Clover were asking her questions about what he had been up to in their school and if she had stopped him in time, Sam realized that oddly Jerry wasn't saying anything. In fact…he hadn't said a word since he brought them here.

"What the hell?" Sam thought knowing this was beyond strange. She had just informed him that Scam, one of their worst if not their worst enemy, the man who was the most cruel and hazardous that they knew was in her school. After hearing that Jerry should be going pale and screaming in shock and jumping up in down in panic! Why wasn't he jumping?

Turning around to face him Sam's baffled state escalated as she saw Jerry just sitting there looking completely calm. The only expression on his face was that of understanding and nothing more. He didn't even look surprised at the news. And she was about to ask him what was wrong with him when he suddenly spoke in a calm voice.

"So…that's where he went," he said calmly leaving all their eyebrows to shoot up. What on earth was Jerry doing being so chill about Scam being in their school?

Frustrated Sam walked right up to him and looked him in the eye. "Wanna explain what exactly is going on here Jerry?" she said, glancing at her friends who looked equally puzzled at Jerry's lack of reaction to what she had told him. Turning back to him she frowned. "Seems you have some idea on why Tim Scam is in our high school."

Nodding his head Jerry confirmed that he did have an idea on what this was about. Sitting up in his chair he watched them with careful eyes as if trying to figure out how they would take what he had to say leaving them more nervous than ever. Just what had happened? Their curiosity quickly reaching over it's tipping edge, they were all about to scream at him for some answers when he said something that simply left them speechless.

"Scam is a free man."

"WHAT?" they all screamed immediately looking at him with wide, shocked eyes. What did he mean Scam was a free man? How was that even possible? How would even EVER be possible?

Letting out a deep sigh Jerry nodded his head. He might as well explain this from the beginning so they could see exactly how this had happened.

"It began a month ago…" he started slowly. "You girls may have noticed that you haven't had to fight Scam in the last while." Blinking their eyes the girls stayed silent. Now that Jerry mentioned it that was true. It had been some time since they'd seen him. But what did that have to do with anything?

"But what does that have to do with him being free?" Sam asked for all of them as they didn't see the link between those two things. Taking in a deep breath Jerry continued knowing they would be surprised to hear this. "In the last month that you didn't see him…he was serving his time."

"Serving his time?" Alex said softly, the confusion in her voice and on the others' faces making it obvious they didn't quite see what exactly he meant. Nodding his head he continued again. "He was serving the last month he needed before he could be released."

After those words left his mouth the room went dead silent before all three of the spies starting asking him questions left, right and centre in panicked voices.

"Isn't Scam supposed to be in jail for life?"

"Since when is a murderer of like a hundred people allowed to go free after serving a month of jail time?"

"Release Scam? Out in society? Are you crazy?"

Holding up a hand Jerry silenced them and waited till they composed themselves before he continued. "No I am not crazy and the decision to let him free was hardly of my own making."

"Then WHOSE was it Jerry?" Clover snarled looking at him with wide eyes. Who had more authority on the matter of keeping criminals in jail than Jerry?

Sighing Jerry faced them with defeated eyes. "Scam's lawyer."

"Scam has a lawyer?" They asked altogether and Jerry nodded his head. "Not just a lawyer, a very brilliant lawyer who is at the top of his game." Rubbing his temples tiredly Jerry sighed. "I'm not sure when Scam thought to cook this idea up but he showed up here some days ago telling me he wanted his freedom."

Sighing again he went on. "Naturally when he asked me to let him free I reminded him of all the crimes he had committed-"

"You mean the murders, theft, fraud, demolition, torture, failure to stay in jail and so on?" Sam said easily remembering things he had been charged for having seen his file before. And the crimes she had listed weren't even all of them. Looking at Jerry with expectant eyes Sam spoke firmly. "Aren't those crimes too serious to ever let the person who commits them out of jail? No matter how much time they serve?"

"Ordinarily yes," Jerry started. "If someone had done all those crimes then they would be serving life in prison just like Scam was set to for life." A small frown formed on his lips. "But that was until Scam's lawyer walked in and pointed out how it wasn't possible to punish him for all those things."

"Why not?" Clover cried perturbed. "Everyone knows he did them!"

Sighing heavily for what seemed like the hundredth time Jerry answered her. "But there is no proof to support all those charges." Seeing the open shock on his spies' faces Jerry went on explaining just how Scam's lawyer had worked him into letting Scam go.

"Girls, while it's true we all believe Tim Scam carried out hundreds of murders of various WOOHP personnel and many others…there is no way to link them back to him. It's not like he massacred guards to get out of his cell and we caught it on tape. Every murder that he was charged for, every murder that I thought was clearly done by him…when his lawyer went back and looked at the evidence for them there was always some problem with it. Apparently walking in an catching a criminal in a room full of dead agents isn't enough to prove they are the killer. Scam's DNA wasn't really found on any of the victims."

"You mean he's innocent?" Clover, Sam and Alex screamed not willing to believe that even if they were told that under heavy hypnosis.

"No, it doesn't mean that," Jerry said shaking his head. "But it does mean that Scam is a lot sneakier and clever than we even knew. Somewhere in that head of his he must have noted that every time he was charged for a murder WOOHP officials never did any tests to confirm that he did them." Jerry bit his lip gravely. "He must have realized that his reputation for violence was what automatically declared him the killer in our minds and later used that technicality of incorrect procedure to help make his case about not being a killer."

"But what about him boasting about killing so many of our people?" Clover asked knowing Scam liked to make a big fuss about how evil he was. She had personally heard him saying he had killed people with her own two ears.

Biting his lip harder out stress Jerry spoke quietly. "That doesn't constitute a charge Clover. All it does is form suspicion. Say a classmate of yours told you he killed someone…" Jerry said trying to explain how the legal system worked. "All that would lead to is an investigation. If further evidence is then found linking him to the death of a person such as DNA or a witness or something solid then and only then would he be charged. Or else no. And also…" he said letting out a heavy breath. "If any of us claimed to have heard him admitting to killing people it would most likely be taken as a biased account as it's well known just how much we dislike him and would like to see him in jail forever."

Clover's eyes widened as she started to see what Jerry meant. While they all knew and believed Scam had hurt people there was no evidence to put forward. And without evidence and valid evidence he couldn't be charged.

"But what about everything else he's done?" Alex said knowing Scam's list had more than just murder on it.

Jerry sighed knowing they were going to ask this only to get a disappointing answer back. "You see girls…murder was the heaviest charge we had against him. It was the one charge that got him the life sentence. Everything else such as extortion, fraud, false identity…all those are sentences that don't add up to even three years jail time."

Jerry bit his cheek knowing he'd be delivering the worst news now. "…And if we count the last month Scam stayed put in jail…he has served a total of just over three years time."

A loud snort left Clover's nose at that. "Served his time? Puh-lease Jer, for as long as I can remember he has never stayed put in jail for even one full week!" she said flailing her arms madly. "You expect us to believe he has served three years time?

"Come on Jerry, you can totally use that against him!" Sam said and soon Alex too was chipping in. "Yea tell his lawyer that it doesn't count since there is noooo way he fully completed his time!"

Another sigh left Jerry telling them more bad news was to come, a intuition that got confirmed the moment he opened his mouth. "Girls, I did already try that…and it isn't going to work."

"Why not?" he heard them ask angrily and he answered them in a sad voice knowing it was at this part that Scam had got him good. "When I brought up how Scam had most likely not served his time due to his habit of escaping every second day his lawyer told me that if we are going to be so technical about everything then technically Scam has grounds to directly sue WOOHP for extensive use of his intellectual property without his permission."

Feeling drained Jerry kept talking silently still remembering how shocked and caught off guard he had been when this had been sprung on him. "It's been years since Scam stopped working for WOOHP yet his weapon designs, plans and everything else he created as an agent has constantly been in use. Seeing that after he left his creations should not have been used without his permission WOOHP did commit a crime. A crime that Scam had full grounds to sue for but chose not to deciding to strike a deal and take his freedom instead."

"That stupid lawyer!" Clover screamed agitated at how well he had made a mess of everything and allowed Scam to get out of jail.

Wincing tightly Jerry bit his cheek. "Actually…that bit was something Scam came up with himself," he said leaving them to let out a group sigh. That was something they should have known. Amongst Scam's many dastardly abilities was also the ability to manipulate like the devil himself, something he had brought into play to force Jerry to give him his freedom.

"But Jerry…" Sam said after a few moments. "Seriously how many weapons of his have you used that you can't just pay him back?" she said and Clover and Alex looked at him with renewed hope.

And he knew they were thinking he had the kind of money, that WOOHP had the kinds of funds to pay Scam for illegal use of his property which just proved that they were underestimating just how much of Scam's knowledge had been used at WOOHP for years upon years.

Apart from actual gadgets a lot of the base designs for new gadgets they made were Scam's. Even if they had been modified in the final product, the blueprints were his and so technically he owned them as well.

That, and he had also played a big part in designing the security mainframe that currently protected the company, one that they had installed after his arrest so that too fell into the category of things that did not belong to them. And all his work was used not just here but at the many different branches of WOOHP around the world to this day. From the weapons' initial structure layouts used during production to the guidelines for new inventions right down to the training robot in his office - everything had been designed more than ninety percent by Tim Scam himself which simply made paying him back impossible.

No they weren't talking a couple of hundred grand or even a few million, it was seriously billions of dollars upon billions of dollars that Scam could legally claim for himself. And after paying that, if they did manage to collect that impossible sum there was no way WOOHP would be able to support itself. Even if it somehow did how was it going to function with no security system and a radically depleted weapon resource? There was no way WOOHP would survive. The agents would be sitting sucks with no gadgets and WOOHP would be destroyed in days too little to speak of. Tim Scam had really, really though this through.

When he finished telling them all of that they immediately shut up and looked just as trapped and defeated as he had felt upon having to let Scam go. And he knew they understood just why Tim Scam was now a free man that was allowed into the normal world.

"But what's he doing…being a criminal psychology teacher?" Alex said quietly some time later leaving Jerry to look at her. "He did mention he wanted to make use of his past experiences and do something else with his life other than being a criminal. Teaching criminal psychology makes perfect sense."

Sam rolled her eyes and spoke a moment later. "Perfect sense? Jer, Scam is a criminal! He can't be a teacher! How did he get into a teaching job at our school, at ANY school anyway?" She looked at him pointedly. "Did he make you delete his record? Did you do that Jerry?"

Jerry shook his head no. "Actually I didn't do that at all." Resting his arms on his desk he leaned his chin on his right hand in thought. "My guess is seeing his qualifications," he paused and looked at them with nothing but seriousness in his eyes. "And I mean this when I say Tim Scam is really I overqualified for nearly any line of work," he said. "Your school staff must have gotten so impressed they hired him on the spot."

"But what about his criminal record?" Sam asked confused because any person who wanted to work as a teacher had to undergo a mandatory background check. It was the law. She was left surprised again when Jerry shrugged.

"I'm guessing they didn't check that," he said leaving her to narrow her eyes in confusion.

"How is that possible?" Sam asked knowing it really wasn't. No one was above the law and it didn't make sense that for whatever reason Scam had been omitted from having to have a criminal record check. "Anyone who wants to be a teacher has to go through that process!"

Jerry smiled tiredly knowing all too well the frustration she was feeling right now. But sadly the law as it should be followed and how it was actually followed in real life were two different things.

"Sam, I know it's policy to do a check but have you never heard on the news that a certain teacher that worked at a school was caught doing something illegal and was arrested and it was later discovered he or she already had a criminal record? Sighing, he said, "As much as an outrage such mistakes and misgivings are, they do happen. I suppose your principal didn't feel the need to check."

"But why?" Clover said, the words coming out in a frustrated whiney voice that mirrored just what all of them were feeling right now. Bamboozled was one word to describe it. Dumbstruck was another.

Jerry exhaled a long breath, thinking for a moment before speaking again. "Well…for one, the qualifications and two…" His eyes grew annoyed. "Scam can really carry himself as a normal man when he wants to and let's be honest," he said looking at them as if this part was obvious. "He doesn't exactly look like a deadly, evil, hardcore criminal."

Lowering their heads, Sam, Clover and Alex knew Scam had a deceptively innocent face that didn't outright brand him as someone one should suspect or be afraid of. Collectively, they all mentally cursed his genes.

"And to be quite honest…" Jerry said going on. "He also has a way with people that if he wants something bad enough, he can get almost anyone to agree."

Holding up her hand, Sam looked at Jerry in dismay. "So what you're saying then is he…" She paused and her face screwed itself up to look as if she had just swallowed a sliced lemon. "He…charmed our principal into giving him the job?"

"Possibly," he said, shrugging and Sam felt nothing but annoyance course through her veins. She never did like new female principal that their school had gotten. Brushing that thought off she looked at Jerry again. "Okay but doesn't that mean all we have to do to get him out of his job is to tell them to do a check?"

Her eyes lit up with hope. "We could give an anonymous tip saying we know he's a criminal and then they'd have to check for the security of students and then he'd lose his job!" Sam said feeling triumphant only to see Jerry looking no where near impressed. And just as she was about to ask him why he wasn't dancing in glee at her plan he answered her.

"Why provoke him on purpose though?"

Eyes wide, Sam took a step closer to him and spoke in an angry, shocked growl. "Jerry what the hell are you talking about?" she asked not getting why Jerry was suddenly so afraid of Scam. What could he do to them?

Meeting her eyes Jerry sucked in a breath before speaking knowing she wasn't going to like what he had to say. "I don't think it's a good idea to provoke him. I mean he did make a deal and let WOOHP off the hook for using his property. If we make him lose his job and he finds out, which he will," he said knowing Scam wasn't a man who could be kept in the dark for long. "Do you think he's going to just be nice and let us use his intellectually property? Do you think he's going to keep from going right ahead and suing and then effectively destroying WOOHP?"

Hearing Jerry, Sam felt as if she had been slapped in the face. Like they all had. Were they, his spies, the girls he claimed were as close to him to be his daughters not more important than money?

Disenchanted and disgusted Sam dropped her shoulders in a defeated way. "So that's it then?" she said icily. "He's going to be in our school and kill people or form an evil army of mindless teenagers to do his dirty work or whatever the hell else he has in his twisted mind and we can't do ANYTHING?" she shrieked in disbelief.

"Calm down Sam," Jerry said giving her a small, reassuring look. "He can't do just anything."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Sam said, hopelessness clear in her tone.

Jerry smiled a small smile. "Well despite this deal working out largely in Scam's favour I was able to get one thing in that gives us the advantage."

"And what is that?" Clover asked, sounding tired and worn out. She didn't think there was anything that could give them the advantage at this point. And to think she used to think school was awful before. Now Scam was going to be there as well. What a year this was going to be.

Ignoring their sour faces Jerry continued still smiling. "If Scam does anything wrong, commits ANY crime no matter how minor, he will be put back in jail and the deal will be off."

Blinking in surprise Sam spoke still in disbelief. "And Scam agreed to this?" she asked with heavy amounts of doubt and suspicion in her tone.

"Actually…he did," Jerry said leaving all of them to gasp. Seeing their reaction he was further convinced that what he was thinking was correct and without further ado he let out the conclusion he had come to over why Scam was doing all this. "It's shocking, I know but that's why I really think that he's really just trying to turn his life around."

The moment he said the words Sam burst out laughing and was soon in a state of complete and utter hysteria. "Are you kidding me?" she screamed. "Seriously Jerry!" she hissed watching him with disbelieving eyes. "He says okay to you putting him in jail if he does something wrong and you think that's undisputable evidence that he's turned good?"

She let out a long huff. "Please Jerry, we all know Scam is more than capable of getting away with committing crimes. That infamous name he has at WOOHP as the best criminal didn't get formed by him getting caught every, single time!"

Sighing, Jerry nodded his head. "I know that…" he said a note of irritation in his voice because he hadn't been suggesting Scam was innocent in any way. He had a lot to prove to ever get associated with the word "innocent" in any way whatsoever. "And that's why I think it's good that he's at your school and teaching your class."

Just about ready to snap completely and turn into a madwoman, Sam found herself screaming again. "What the hell Jerry? What do you mean? How is it good that my worst enemy is my teacher?" she snarled, outraged at what he'd just said.

Looking at her with dead seriousness on his face Jerry spoke firmly. "Because that way we can keep an eye on him." He let out a small sigh before trying to reason with her. "Think about it Sam, if he had gone elsewhere would we have this opportunity? With you being in the class, Sam you're more than capable of keeping tabs on him and reporting to me if he does anything."

Glancing at each other Clover and Alex realized that that did in fact make a lot of sense. Seeing understanding dawn their faces Jerry smiled thinking the matter was finally settled and they could move on with their lives. "So it's settled then. Sam will keep an eye on Scam and you girls can watch him from afar and we can all just calm down and-

"Are you out of your mind?" Sam's angry voice suddenly cut him off and they all glanced at the redhead to see how angry she looked. She was actually so angry that she was slightly shaking from rage as she stood there clenching her fists at her sides.

Concerned, Jerry called out to her only to hear her blow up on him. "I am not, NOT going to do this!"

Confused as to why Sam was so unwilling to cooperate Jerry looked at her puzzled. "..Why not?"

Hearing his question Sam wanted to explode like a fuming volcano right on the spot. Why was it that Jerry wasn't seeing what this meant? What it would be like, what her life would be like if she had to baby-sit Scam at her school too? And soon she was screaming out everything that was on her mind.

"Why not? Why NOT?" she shouted. "As if running after him for the last three years of my life hasn't been bad enough now I have to spy on him during school too? So while other spies get some down time when they are off missions I never get to let my guard down?" Crossing her arms over her chest she rigorously shook her head. "No way Jerry. I am not going to set myself up to be stressed out and miserable twenty-four seven! And besides…" she said raising her nose up. "School is wayyyy too important to me to let Tim Scam distract me from it. This is my last year and I need to focus."

She looked at him through narrowed eyes filled with rage. "Needless to say I won't be able to do that if his face is always in front of me giving me nightmares!"

Looking at Jerry, Clover frowned. "You know Jerry, Sam is right. It's not really fair to her to make her deal with Scam everyday."

Sighing Jerry nodded slowly. "Well I can't force you to take the class Sam so if you want you can drop it. All I ask is you keep an eye on him from afar. Would that be okay?" He said looking up at her.

And when Sam saw that he was practically giving her puppy dog eyes which looked very weird on Jerry's face she gave in. She wanted to say no but she couldn't do that to Jerry. Clearly he needed her to do this.

"Fine," she mumbled a moment later making his face light up. "But I am not staying in his class!" she said just to make sure Jerry understood that once and for all.

Smiling at her Jerry nodded. "That's perfectly fine. Thank you so much Sam," he said before letting out the breath he had seemed to have been holding all this time. "Okay girls, I'll let you get back to class now," he said prompting Clover to throw him a puzzled look.

"You mean there is no mission?" When Jerry shook his head no they understood he had just called them here to let them know about the Scam situation. Which meant that they were all free to go home and get their homework done before school again tomorrow.

Sighing as she followed her friends out of Jerry's office Clover spoke with her lower lip stuck between her teeth nervously. "You know knowing Scam is in our school…suddenly being far away on death threatening missions with villains who want to kill us doesn't sound so bad." Her face grew grim. "I mean, no one is worse than Tim Scam."

Sam sighed heavily and nodded her head in agreement. Clover had taken the words right out of her mouth.

Turning the corner Sam walked into the hall classroom number 313 was located in with her course adjustment sheet held tightly in hand. Pausing when she reached the door Sam looked in through the small glass window at the top and was able to see Scam in there.

He was sitting with his back turned to his desk. She could see how he was leaned back in the large, leather chair with one leg crossed over the other. Just like he had been sitting the first time she had laid eyes on him three years ago.

Frowning, Sam didn't need to think hard at all to remember all the unpleasant, irritating encounters that occurred after that precise moment of meeting the snake known as Tim Scam.

God knew she didn't want any more of him. School was the one place that was free of creeps like him and she wasn't going to let him contaminate her life anymore than he and his kind already did. She knew she loathed him out of all the criminals she knew the most. He was the most ruthless and evil and uncaring.

The thought of him teaching at this school, just the thought of him moulding minds with his fake charisma and charm it scared the hell out of her. What he could do, how far he could go...and even though she didn't want to she got exactly why Jerry wanted him in her school so he could at least be kept a watch on. But still, she wasn't going to let him ruin her year by being there before her every single day.

Wanting to get this over with right now Sam didn't bother knocking as she realized the door was unlocked. Snatching up the knob she quickly let herself inside. Soon she stormed right up to where he was sitting and spoke in a demanding growl. "Scam, turn around!"

She wondered if he'd try to ignore her again like he had this morning but he turned around almost immediately after she yelled at him. Seeing him clearly now Sam threw him a glare as she saw how comfortable he looked in a place where he didn't belong.

He was sitting there with his black sleeves now bunched up to his elbows, the ends neatly folded at the same length on both arms showing his tanned, strong forearms. Showing his arms and hands, those hands he caused so much sheer destruction with.

Moving her eyes up his form she noted with irritation how he had also unbuttoned some of the buttons at his collar so much that she could see a bit of his toned chest. A deep frown formed on her lips as she cast him a look of disgust. How inappropriate was he? Seriously, didn't he know high school teachers were not supposed to go around looking like male super models? This was just more proof of how he didn't fit in here at all.

"Samantha Simpson…" he suddenly said breaking the silence and drawing her eyes to his face. "I was expecting you… he drawled, a small smirk forming on his lips as he looked her up and down where she stood tense before him and leaned back in his chair. "Especially after the way you were behaving earlier today," he said making her roll her eyes. How had he expected her to behave at seeing him?

"By the way…" he said catching her attention again. And when she looked back at him she saw that his smirk had widened considerably. "Throat lozenges might be something you may want to familiarize yourself with," he said looking at her pointedly. "Your throat sure sounded like it could use some this morning."

A loud huff left Sam's mouth. She hated how he was acting like he didn't know why she had been clearing her throat like that all morning. She hated how he was playing innocent.

"I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!" Sam thought angrily feeling urges to just kick him or pull his hair to release some of her frustration. Knowing she probably couldn't get away with doing any of that Sam decided she might as well make this visit brief. Obviously he was trying to tick her off on purpose.

Moving she slammed the paper she had brought with her smack on the centre of his desk. Looking at him expectantly she hissed. "Sign it."

His left eyebrow shooting up in interest Scam slowly glanced at the sheet. "What's this?" he said moving to read it over.

Crossing her arms over her chest Sam smirked victoriously. "You may have wormed your way into my school," she spat. "But you can't make me take your class," she said fixing him with another glare. "I'll keep an eye on you and your antics from afar but I am not going to put up with seeing you each and every day for 75 whole minutes!"

Ignoring the girl ranting in front of him Scam calmly picked up the sheet and pointed to it now that he had skimmed it. "You're dropping my class?" he said looking at her.

Nodding her head to give him the confirmation he seemed to be looking for Sam gave him yet another hateful glare. "Yes, sign it!" she said demandingly. "If you don't sign it, I will go down to the principal and make her make you sign it!" Sam warned but Scam only gave her a smirk and looked at her with big, innocent eyes. And soon he was speaking in a taunting voice.

"You mean… the same female principal who hired me?" he said and Sam felt her face turn red at how he had said that. He was clearly reminding her that it was unlikely Mrs. Larson would make him do anything since it was her he had charmed into getting his job in the first place. Something he really seemed to be proud of as if was openly rubbing it in her face like salt on a blistering wound.

"Damn him!" Sam thought before wiping her look of defeat off her face and speaking with dignity.

"This school happens to have another principal too Scam! I'll take this matter up with Mr. Berman. So are you signing or what?" She snapped, enraged but Scam only rolled his eyes and nodded his head.

"Never said I wasn't going to," he said before picking up a pen and moving to sign the paper.

Watching him in shock Sam couldn't bring herself to believe that he was actually signing it. Wasn't it part of his motive to be here to make her miserable every day? A moment later she decided that as shocking as it was at least he knew better than to think he could force her to stay in this class against her will.

Pleased, although only just a little bit Sam waited for him to finish signing and soon he did and held it out to her with a indifferent look on his face.

"Happy?" he said. Rolling her eyes Sam didn't answer him as she simply snatched up the paper in her hand and moved to go. She had a lot of homework from other classes and seeing that she'd have to start watching Scam like a hawk tomorrow as soon as she got to school she needed all the rest she could get.

With that thought in mind, moving quickly she had almost made it out of the room when she suddenly heard Scam mumble something under his breath. Something that she knew that although he was saying it quietly, was directed at her. Something that made her stop in her tracks.

"Have fun taking all easy A classes…"

And before she could stop herself she had spun around to face him with an outraged look on her face. "Excuse me?" she almost screamed sounding no less infuriated than if she had been slapped in the face.

But Scam didn't seem to notice her state of pure rage nor that he had humiliated her. Either he didn't notice or he just didn't care as he just calmly shrugged his broad shoulders in response. "I said have fun taking all easy A classes," he repeated coolly not even attempting to take what he'd said back.

Feeling her nostrils flaring Sam marched over to him in heavy steps. Stopping right in front of the desk he was seated at she watched him with venomous eyes wanting to reach over, grab his collar and scream in his face for what he had just insinuated.

"How dare you…" she hissed out breathing heavily and giving him a look of revulsion. But again that did nothing to him and he just once again shrugged his shoulders. "What?" he asked actually having the gall to sound innocent.

Placing her hands on her hips Sam shot him another glare. Sometimes she really couldn't put into words how much she hated the man that was sitting before her. "You just said have fun taking…" Her hands moved up and made quotations in the air. "Easy A classes," she said putting emphasis on the words. "What the hell do you mean by that, hmm?" she spat.

Cocking an eyebrow as he looked at her pointedly Scam spoke in an ever calm voice. "It means what sounds like it means Sam," he said, leaning forward in his chair as if to look at her more closely. "I'm not shocked you're choosing to drop my class."

Not getting what her sensible decision to drop his class had to do with his saying she was taking easy A classes Sam opened her mouth to ask him only to stop at his next words. "I mean it's not like…" he said softly, his eyes teasing, his mouth set in a small, disappointed frown as he moved in his seat and crossed his left leg over the right one sitting like he had when she'd walked in and looking as comfy as a king on his throne in it while he looked at her.

"It's not like you could actually take my class and actually get an A," he said making her gasp as she finally saw what he was saying to her. He let out a deep sigh and nodded his head. "Seeing that you'd fail miserably and tank your average and screw up your last year…" his eyes lifted up to hers again and looked at her with pure, open mocking. "It only makes sense you'd quit."

A loud, infuriated gasp left Sam as she heard his words for what they were. He was saying, he was daring to suggest that if she took his stupid class then she would not do well.

He was saying that she, Samantha Simpson, the girl with the best grades overall in every class for the last three years was going to fail a course just because he was teaching it. And it was because of that he was saying that she was "quitting" his class. To keep from having to work hard and to take all easy courses. Courses he deemed easy just because he wasn't teaching them, regardless of what they might be and how difficult of a reputation they had in students' minds.

That was the wrongful, rude accusation he was laying on her. That no matter what she did, no matter how hard she worked, she simply would not succeed in a class he taught just because it was him who was teaching it. Shaking with rage as her pride and ego had been bruised by her worst enemy Sam gripped the Add/Drop course paper in her hand tightly.

And before she knew it she had raised her hands and shredded the form he had signed into pieces right in front of him before she let out an angry huff and walked away from his classroom in furious, fast steps.

He didn't think she could finish his class with an A? Well they'd just see about that wouldn't they?

"Who they hell does he think he is? I'll show him! I'll take his class and do well and not just get an A I'll get an A+!" Sam thought, gritting her teeth as she left the room with her nostrils flaring and the vein on her forehead pulsating with pure, unhampered rage.

When the door slammed shut and she had fully exited his premises Scam kept his eyes on the doorway for a moment just staring at it before a tiny smirk of victory formed on his lips and he let out a small amused chuckle before turning back to his desk and continuing on with his day.

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