"The trees are quiet today." The mysterious said with a calm voice; she sat on the roof with her legs hanging at the edge and looked into the distance with those bright yellow eyes of hers. A little pink bunny jumped to her lap and instinctively Miyu began to pat its head.

"What are you thinking about? Miyu." The little bunny asked; scratching the back of her ears enthusiastically. Shinna hopefulness however trailed away; as usual her mistress is ignoring her questions again. Shinna sighed; she can never understand how Miyu thinks even though she had been her pet companion for centuries. Ever since Miyu released the seal on her; it was shinna's duty to be at her side forever and help with whatever she could in order her mistress could get what she wants. In this case; Shinma, demons that had slipped through to the human world causing mayhem; several times before shinna felt as though she was a heroine due to all the successful banishment. But now, she is just a magical pet. Noticing that her mistress was still looking to the distance, Shinna smiled to herself; Shinna is okay to be just a pet, as long her mistress was still Miyu-sama.

Somewhere in the city; a shadow lurked in the dark ally. It looked similar to an animal or some sort, it sniffed the air. The smell of the guardian is strong. The animal creature bristled its fur and stalked off into the darkness.

"Miyu! I just sensed a Shinma at the western side of the city!" Shinna said with urgency. The hand that was patting her head stopped, "Can you pin point the exact location?" Miyu asked shinna calmly; the little bunny hopped up to her mistress shoulder; "Hold on" the ear that was covering one of her eyes flipped away, under it the true eye glowed red. Shinna scanned the western side of the city and sure enough she saw the shadow slipping into a nearby building. "It just went into a building, a pet store to be exact." Shinna peered at her mistress; her golden yellow eyes were gleaming, Miyu rubbed the head of the little bunny who surprisingly gave a cute purr. "Thank you, Shinna."

"Larva!" she called; and almost immediately the protector appeared behind her. A mask covering his face and a long deadly scythe held in his hand. The previously stray western Shinma would always come to her side whenever she calls for him, a bond with blood. Shinna disappeared over her shoulders; as Miyu's companion she too will only be in form when she needs her assistance.

The silent trees began to sway as the wind from the north approaches the city. Miyu stood up with profound grace; her school uniform became a white kimono adorned with a large purple Ribbon. Her hair danced with the wind; she gave a small smile and looked over the city.

"Time to hunt for shinma." She whispers, she took a step over the edge and vanished.