Miyu teleported herself to the area where she sensed larva was in danger; she entered the courtyard of a particular temple which was reeking with the strong scent of stray shinma. Her long plaited hair danced in the wind as she peered to her surroundings, larva was certainly around here; her blood was pulsating ominously; the same blood that flowed within larva; he was surely around here. Larva was calling.

She strides across the courtyard and entered the main room, a large statue of a god sat at the centre; its bronze eyes watching her every move. Miyu shook her head slightly; she had distaste for temples where the gods rest; and they do not tolerate presence such as an undead girl or creatures of darkness; fallen from god's grace. It gave her unpleasant chilling feelings down her spine and body, Miyu walked away from the statue and headed outside.

All of sudden, the moment where to stepped out; Miyu felt a strange force pulling her, and the source was her chest. She gripped the area which was located above her heart, whirling sounds emitted from her around her. Miyu recognized the trap; and her flames were not working, the vampire looked around quickly and found a pair of dark red eyes staring in her direction, its tails bright blue in color.

She was forced into a black whirlwind, her body paralyzed; the nine tales approached her side followed with another shinma next to her. Miyu's eyes widened considerably when she realized who it was even though she had not seen that form for such a long time.

"Shinna…" she said finally, the black whirlwind consumed her and her chest area tightened; as though someone had put her head under water; not allowing her to take another breath.

Her ears popped and she could finally breathe once again, Miyu had her eyes closed but she could tell she was not in that temple or probably not anywhere near modern day Japan. The ground she was lying on was rough, a dirt road, and the scent around her were strangely 'old smelling'. The vampire girl sat up slowly; coughing furiously due to the lack of oxygen just a few seconds ago. Miyu peered around her, she was in a forest; the trees were extremely tall and even the smallest bushes were a head above hers.

Hesitantly; she stood up and leaned against a nearby tree. Her fingers touched the bark of the tree, it felt real and everything looks very familiar as though she had been here before. She sniffed loudly as she gazed to a path through a pair of tall trees, a strong overwhelming feeling pulling her towards it.

Yes; she was here once a long time ago; the few days where she had become the new guardian; fulfilling her own duty to put stray shinma back into the darkness. Miyu strides up the path quickly, the trees were growing thinner and she was coming to an open space. A strong scent of shinma, even stronger than the nine tales she had confronted months ago and it was emitting from this particular area. The vampire girl took a left turn and walked around the edge of the open space. She was waiting for its appearance, the oldest and probably the strongest shinma living in the Shinto region. It was her own duty to put stray shinma into the darkness, even though it had done nothing to hurt her. Everything has its own destinies. And sure enough, the earth opened up in front of her; a big black muscular creature appeared and also another much smaller creature was riding on its back. They seemed to be talking, and the small one was tugging on the ears of the large creature playfully. Miyu saw that the creature had nine tales; she had no idea the other shinma she returned to the darkness had a child; and now the child had inherited her mother's legacy. Miyu made her appearance to both of the creature, sitting in a tree nearby; she set her flames in their direction. The larger creature jumped away upon contact. And the vampire girl jumps into the open space facing her opponent.

Presently, Miyu was standing at the edge of the open space; drowned in her own memories of this place. And what she had done in the past, fighting the shinmas of Shinto. There was nothing in the wide open space in front of her, the dark creature and nine tales were not there, it was a figment of her own memories.

As though her surroundings could hear her thoughts, a shadow form had formed within the open space; it was Miyu! And the larger shinma, it had collapsed onto the ground. The fight between the guardian and her prey had ended resulting in the lost of the oldest shinma. Miyu watched closely as her past self approaches the fallen creature; Miyu crouched down before the creature, her hands placed over the creatures head.

"…I will not kill you… but in exchange, you shall be reborn with my flames and accompany me as I fulfill my destiny…"

The creature whispers something else to Miyu, "Will you promise to leave the cub alone…?"

Miyu's past self nodded her head firmly, and so did the creature. Miyu set the creature with her flames and cast her own spell with it, its body crumbled to ashes and slowly; the flames died away leaving a lump of carbon and coal.

She approached the ashes; the area where the creatures heart was located and brought back out a small pink color bunny which was asleep. Miyu cradled it in her arms and pushed away the ear that covered an eye of the little creature; the eye was wide open; staring at her with its rotting flesh. Miyu sighs; she will be carrying the mark of a shinma forever…

Miyu's past self cradled the little creature, a little while later larva appeared; he stood behind her.

I think I should have a name for her. Niflhel shinma of the Shinto region, from now on…your name will be,


"Shinna…" The present Miyu whispered as she watched her past self naming the bunny that would be her companion for the rest of her life together with her protector; Larva…

A hissing sound that was coming from her right; startled Miyu. She turned sharply only to have a shadow like form knocking her down sideways.

"NOW, do you remember?" Shouted the shadow, its tales began to glow blue and her eyes became shiny red.

The mountains and forest disappeared; they were back in the abandoned temple again. Miyu jumps away from the nine tales second attack; she landed smoothly on the roof nearby.

"You took my friend away from me…Guardian! You will perish today!"

"Where is shinna and larva?" Miyu demanded. Her flames whirled around her fingers and shot towards the nine tales.

The nine tales looked rather serious; a crease appeared on her forehead; she growled angrily, "She lost control, what on earth did you do to her? Why won't she listen to me…?"