Lie To Me. Cal & Hermione

He opened the door to the pouring rain and an old friend. "Get in here before you catch a cold." He stated pulling her into the house. "Emily is at her Mum's. Go take a shower, I'll let you use my clothes while yours' dry." He showed her where his bathroom was, leaving her to take a hot shower.

He was in the kitchen making her some tea and a sandwich. He looked up to see her there in his t-shirt and sweatpants. She sat down on the chair at the island as he handed her a cup of tea. "I have something stronger if you like." He stated, seeing her sad stare. "You can stay here as long as you like."

She nodded, taking a sip of her tea as she warmed up. "You used to want to sleep with me."

"Don't kid yourself Love, I never stopped wanting to sleep with you. Out of all my students, no one turn me on like you did and all you had to do was open your bossy little mouth." He chuckled, remembering his old classes in England. "How's your husband now and days, Roger?"

"Ronald...Ron. I left him." She stated, running a hand through her wet hair. "I couldn't do it anymore. He expected me to live at home and take care of the house and children, children we don't even have yet." She rolled her eyes, finishing her tea. "Why didn't I sleep with you?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Don't get me wrong Love." Cal started. "The offer never had an expiration date, I'm good when you are. But you just ended a seven year relationship with your husband."

"He's gay, did I ever tell you." She snorted. "He tries to hide it because he wants kids for his mother to dote on, but I see the way he looks at Harry, the way Harry looks at him when Ginny isn't looking."

He pulled out a bottle of scotch from a cabinet and poured two glasses. "To terrible lives and terrible lovers." He handed her a glass. He sipped his to savor it, watching as she knocked it back and set the glass down.

"Want to have sex?" She asked him.

He smiled, scooting closer. "Miss Granger." He stopped, he never knew the last name of the man she married, he never care. "You shouldn't do something you'll regret."

"I regret marrying a man who is stuck with old traditions, I regret that I didn't leave him sooner." She scooted closer to him. "I regret that I didn't have sex with you in college."

"I was your teacher." He interrupted her. "That's against the rules."

"That's if we got caught." She replied. "And you know what I regret most?" He raised an eyebrow, inches from her face. "That I didn't come to you sooner."

"You're here now." He pulled her into a kiss as he helped her from her seat and led her back to his bedroom.