"I refuse."

Ki Kouki looked at his subordinate unsympathetically.

"I do not remember giving you the option to say no. This is your job, so stop being useless and do it."

"At least do something about him." She said through gritted teeth. "I refuse to work with Riku Seiga."

"I do not want to repeat myself."

The tone in Kouki voice told her that the decision was final and proceeded to his own work, ignoring her. Rin growled under her breath and treaded out the room, wanting to strangle something. She found that very something that she wanted to strangle leaning outside the door, smirking at her. Silently, she glowered at Seiga, the man she hates above all others.

Never in her 18 years of life has she regretted anything more than her stupidly taking the imperial exam and passing it. If working in a place full of men wasn't enough, she gets placed into a department with an uncaring icicle of a boss and the most hateful coworker than can be found walking on earth. It was enough having to see Seiga's face and hear his snide comments every so often, but now, this bad luck of hers is hitting a new low. Rin glared at the assignment. A case asking her and her partner to portray as newlyweds and investigate the mysterious disappearances of people in the border of Shi province.

"Ready to go, dear wife?"

Rin really wanted to say something but was afraid that whatever that will come out of her mouth would get her into trouble. Having him in her presence even for one second really fouls her mood, she can't even wonder how she'll survive seeing him day and night for the next month or so, however long this job will take. Helplessly, she can only glare at her partner for this job hoping he will suddenly self-combust in front of her.