Meeting the Enemy


That was Seiga's first impression of her.

There was no way or word that he could describe about the girl he's seeing in front of him.

Coincidentally, that's what the whole imperial court is feeling right about now.

When word got out that another female has passed the official exam, Ten Rin became the hot topic among the palace. Crowds of people interested in seeing the new girl gathered at the initiation ceremony expecting to see someone strong willed and full of ideals; someone who would hold their head high no matter the circumstances.

To sum it up, someone like Kou shuurei.

Well, whatever they were expecting, this definitely wasn't it.

You'd think she'd at least show some excitement or any sort of response as befitted of a passing examinee. Yet here she was, kneeling in front of the king, her face fixed in a permanent frown.

"Ahem...Ten Rin. I congratulate you on passing the official exam."

Shi Ryuuki, the king of Saiunkoku paused as he waited for a response from Rin.

Rin on the other hand, don't seem to be paying him too much attention at the moment. The girl in front of him was boredly scanning the court, looking at the people around her with an unparallel amount of uninterest and sighed heavily when she was finished.

"Um...Ten Rin?"


Ryuuki flinched internally at the tone of annoyance in Rin's voice.

'Yeep. Scary.' Ryuuki gulped. " something wrong?"

"No. Nothing is WRONG. I'm DELIGHTED to be HERE thank you."

Ryuuki had the suddenly urge to cower behind his chair.

This girl is scarier than Shuurei on a whole different level.

Not that Rin cared.

She just wanted to go home.

Which turn out, much to her grievance, to be impossible as she's forced to live in the palace dorms as she interned.

Her only consolation was that, due to the wonderful first impression she had in court, they began treating her like diseased livestock, staying as far away from her as possible. Even official Ro couldn't manage to get her a trainee partner as everyone made a run for it as soon as her name tumbled out of the official's lip.

Rin was thus granted an unused workroom doubled as a sleeping quarter to herself and left alone to her own devise.

This suited Rin just fine. There was no one bothering her and the menial work they forced on her wasn't any different from the chores she normally performs at home.

And as long as Rin didn't come into contact with another human being outside her own gender, she was as content as a sheep.

Woefully, Rin was never such a lucky girl. It was on that fateful night, days before her training was over, Rin was busily trying to finish up her report for official Ro and had carelessly left the window open.

A strong gust of wind made half her report fly out into the garden. Heaving a sigh, Rin jumped out the window to retrieve her precious papers.

It wasn't until she nearly finished picking everything up when she noticed that she wasn't alone. Standing in moonlight by the garden pond was a young man with pale blue hair, almost silver in color, looking at her. In his hands, held the remaining piece of paper that Rin was looking for.

For a long few seconds, they merely stood there and eyed one another.

"That's mine." Rin said finally, breaking the silence.

The man spared a glance at the paper he was holding.


"I think you hear me well enough the first time. "Miyu said impatiently, disliking the guy more and more. "Please give it back."

Instead of being offended by her rudeness like most people, the man merely smirked.

"A lesson." he said, holding out the paper to his left.

" I would be very careful with important documents if I were you. You never know when they would end up in another's hands or..." he let go of the paper, dropping it straight into the pond. "Become hard to retrieve back."

2 nights later in Ryuuki's office:

"The post announcements are all ready for tomorrow." Li Kouyuu said, handing Ryuuki the scroll. "The last selection just came in."

"They finally made a decision where the put Ten Rin?"

"Yeah. She was especially hard to place. Just doing whatever comes her way, no special interest in any area, couldn't get along with anyone."

Shuuei chuckled.

"Well, I couldn't blame official Ro for having a hard time, considering what happened the other night."

Ryuuki looked up from the scroll.

"Wasn't it when I sent you to Ten Rin that night to ask if there was a department that she wanted to join?"

Kouyuu snorted.

"What were you thinking sending a womanizer to talk to a man hater?"

"It wasn't my fault." Ryuuki pouted. "Noone else wanted to do it and besides.." The King suddenly cleared his throat. "She scares me."

"You're saying that as if you're proud of it. Are you stupid?"

"Now now. Kouyuu." Shuuei said, trying to calm the young man. "Rin-chan's brother is a friend of mine, me and her actually get to exchange greetings quite often."

"Right." Kouyuu replied sarcastically. "In the red light district. So, did you find out what happened that night?"

"Well, according to Rin-chan, some jerk threw her report in the pond. So it was only natural that she...sent him in to fetch it back."

"You mean she threw him into the water?"

"See I told you she's scary."

"And? How'd she end up in the pond herself?"

"He pulled her in. They started an all out water war until some officials came running because of the noise. The guy was gone by the time I pulled her out of the water. She was screaming about murdering him the next time she sees him. By the way, your majesty, she told me she would be fine working in any department as long as it's not that jerk's."

"Well, it a good thing official Ro decided to put her in that department then." Kouyuu said, taking the announcement scroll from Ryuuki, scanning it over again. "They should have no problem over there handling her. Well? Did you find out which brave soul dare make her short temper even shorter?"

"Yes I did actually." Shuuei chuckled remembering the days when Shuurei also had trouble with the very same person. "It was Riku Seiga."

Kouyuu nearly dropped the scroll. He and Ryuuki both fell silent.

"What's wrong." Shuuei asked, as both his friends eyed him with dreaded looks.

"...I think you better take a look at Ten Rin's placement." Kouyuu said quietly, handing Shuuei the scroll."

"So." Kouyuu said quietly as Shuuei finished looking at the scroll. "Since you know her so well, what are the chances that she'll fulfill her promise about killing Seiga?"

"I'm more worried about whether she'll storm in my office tomorrow brandishing a knife." Ryuuki shuddered

"I don't think Rin will go that far..." Shuuei laughed weakly "I hope..."

"I sense dark days ahead of us."


All three of them sighed, wishing that tomorrow will never come.