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Hueco Mundo: After Shinigami Departure

Within the shattered remains of Las Noches, an eerie calm had settled over the once magnificent citadel with the departure of the shinigami. The fortress that had represented Aizen's army was almost empty, great gouges torn through it, signs of the battles of the fouth and zero espada. In the distance one could see the former remains of Yammy, being feasted on by multitudes of hollows. Truly the sight was one that reflected the war perfectly, the toll taken by the hollow's seeming to have almost been carved into the world.

It was not what lay around Las Noches that matters, but rather what lies within, for while the fort was abandoned, it was not yet empty. Something began to stir under the foundations, as if awakening from a terrible dream. As it checked it's surroundings the fortress began crumbling inward, being pulled into the void of which even light would not penetrate. With the opening of one eye a single thought was projected through the air, Harribel, where are you?.

Miles from Los Noches, a small band of arrancar were heading towards the citadel, seeking the one place they might be safe. Near the back fo the group a cart was being pulled, currently serving as a make shift gurney for the Sixth espada, Grimmjow Jaggerjaquez. On his chest was a grinning former espada, one childlike Neliel Tu Odershvank, who at the moment was alternating between puking on his wounds to heal him, to jump up and yelling "Yay Eternal Tag" whenever he tried to hit her. To say that he was pissed at the moment was an understatment. Being beaten by his orange haired rival, being nearly bifurcated by a spoon wearing freak and then having to owe your life to that empathetic bastard was beyond humiliating. Being puked on by a green midget didn't just add to his humiliation, it was a sign he truly had hit rock bottom.

"You little shit, if you even think of doing that again I'll finish what that pervert Nnoitra started" Grimmjow yelled at the chibi arrancar.

"But pussy-chan, if didn't fondle my voice box, you would have been dead you baka, you big meanie!" with that Nel began jumping up and down on his chest, causing him to cough up blood.

"Now now Nel-chan, if you continue to jump on the barbarian, he won't last till we get to Las Noches, why dont yo go play with your brothers and leave "pussy-chan" to us" Stated the fraccion Apacci who was pulling one side of the cart with a slight grin. About as slight as the grand canyon.

"Yeah Nel, listen to the flat chested harpy and go play, if you go play we'll make you some food when we get to Los Noches okay?" Mila-Rose reasoned with the child from the other side of the cart, ignoring Apacci who stuttered out " wh-who are you calling a harpy you ugly gorilla!" "Ok Mila, Pesche, Dondochakka lets pway!" With that nel and the wonder idiots ran off.

"Amazing, the two monkeys actually succeded in something other than a bitching fit, good to know your not completley incompetent" Sun-Sun mocked from the back side of the wagon. "Shut up you green haired hag" the two irate women yelled.

As the three fell into their usual fighting Tia Harribel wlked in front of the group, trying to ease an ever increasing headache, Uh, what was I thinking, dealing with my girls is hard enough on a daily basis, why did i have to bring the aqua psycho and the drooling menace as well. I must have a soft spot for morons, oh well, better stop them before they pull out the zanpakuto. I better not curse my luck, I almost lost the people I held close to me. As she turned to, once again, calm down the misfit group a wave of reiatsu blanketed the area. The fraccion and the three desert brothers were knocked out, slumping to the ground while Harribel struggled to remain standing. What is this, I feel like theres an ocean of reiatsu pushing down on me, even Aizen didn't feel this oppressing. The only creature I've met like this was... no, no he couldn't be back, not this soon. As Harribel began to steady herself, a presence began to worm it's way inside her mind Ah Harribel, finally found you although, you seem a little different. Come to me at once if you will. Alone. We have much to discuss. With that the presence receded from her mind and with it the reiatsu vanished, as if it had never been there.

For a moment silence had fallen over the desert, even the roar of the hollows had been silenced. Naturally Grimmjow decided to break the peace "Harribel, what the hell was that pressure, was it a shinigami, a new vasto lorde? I know you know something Tia, I can see it in your eyes. Hey, where are you going? Come back here you dumb bitch!" Harribel did't answer at first, she seemed to walk slowly as if she didn't want to answer him. When she did turn around, Grimmjow got to be one of the first people to see Harribel scare shitless. "Grimmjow, please protect the others while I'm gone. If I dont come back in a few hours, turn around and head back to the menos forest. Whatever you do, dont follow me." With those words Harribel left a stunned Grimmjow in a burst of Sonido.

The remains of Aizen's thrown room burst into view, the majority of it having been pulled into the hole. Harribel walked in slowly, being careful not to make any sudden moves. As she walked to the edge of the hole old she peered into the darkness, and with a grimace dropped in.

Sun-Sun was the first of the group to return to a concious state, groaning as she slowly stood up. Fuck, i haven't had a headache like this since the time i spiked Appaci's drink, dealing with her bitchy's one thing, but giggling one second and crying the next, no thanks. Looking around she saw the others were still knocked out, besides Grimmjow. With a gasp however, she saw Harribel was missing. Turning to Grimmjow, she drew her sai "Alright Grimmjow, where's Harribel-sama, what happened after we passed out?

"I wish i could say Hebi, you passed out due to a huge wave of reiatsu, after it went away, Harribel told me not to follow her then headed to Los Noches, thats all i know." With that Grimmjow started to turn away, only to be struck by a green blur, "Damn it nel will you knock it off!" Sun-Sun sighed and proceeded to go wake up her comerades, she wanted to go after Harribel, but she knew better than to ignore orders. Now, if i can only convince my moronic sisters not go rushing off."

Harribel proceeded to fall, unsure of how far she had descended, for minutes or hours she honestly couldn't say. In the darkness of the hole, things like time and distance seemed inconsequential, the walls seeming to twist and morph around her. This was not the first time she had experienced this sensation, but that didn't make it any easier a second time.

Just as she began to wonder when it would end,a black tentacle whipped out and wrapped around her waist. Ignoring both her battle instincts and revulsion, she stared ahead as hollow masks, seemingly endless amounts, began to pull into view and merge together in front of her. The mask took no definite shape, always seeming to shift into a new shape, the only sign of a sentient mind being those eye's, those unchanging black pits for eyes. The tentacle brought her closer to the mask, while a strange appendiged moved from the darkness and wrapped around her arm. Once it did this a shudder went through her body, and a psychic connection was made.

Ah Harribel, my little minnow in a sea of sharks, how has the last millenia treated ya? The voice may have spoken politley, the way a father might speak to his child, but under that kindness was a hard edge like granite rubbing on stone. "L-Lord Bone Ripper, I, well I uh..." Shahahahaha relax Harribel, just because I've been sleeping for the past 1000 years doesn't mean I haven't been keeping track of events here, nice little group you've gathered around yourself by the way. They're spiritual reiatsu was quite a tasty treat. But enough about the past, the shinigamis recent foray into Hueco Mundo has shown me something interesting. Or rather someone. The darkness around the mask began writhing, and a familiar shape emerged from it, Harribel gasped "Zommari" Well, not quite, you see he is quite dead as is the other espada not accompanying you, but he happened to die near an area one of my tentacles was at the time. I absorbed a small piece of him and with it his memories for the last few weeks or so. As for what happened to him or the others i cannot say, they'll either go to Soul Society or be sent to Hell. Hope I didn't dissapoint ya.

Harribel's eyes fell for a second, missing her fellow espada despite the issues she may have had with them. But she swallowed her sadness and looked up again, just one more tragic part of her existence. Sorry to dredge up such harsh memories, but what or rather who he saw was someone of great interest to me. Zommari's image faded away as another came into view. This time a soul reaper. with the looks of barely a boy. His black hair fell over his tired eye, his body slumped as if he was constantly deprived of sleep. Over his Shihakusho was a green strap connected to a white medical bag. Otherwise he did not look like anything special. The image switched to the reaper being cut down by one of his own allies, which made Harribel wonder why he had been in Hueco Mundo in the first place or why Bone Ripper was interested in him. As she contemplated these questions, she felt Bone push into her thoughts, causing her to instinctually try to push him out, to no avail. Suddenly the pushing stopped and withdrew to a more comfortable degree.

I apoligize for intruding into your mind, It was not right of me to go where you dont want me to, it wont happen again. I also can i can understand why you might misjudge this boy. Many others have done so in the past, but understand he is important to my goals. I want you to go to him and bring him to me, unharmed. Harribel looked at the mask with an absurd expression, than exploded due to the events of the past couple weeks "We just lost a war with Soul Society, had numerous numbers of our forces killed, and to top it all off me and my subordinates actually died. If it wasn't for that human girl Orihime we wouldn't have been able to come back to Hueco Mundo. And now you want me to go back and grab this boy, with all of the Soul Society between me and him, and expect me to succeed?" After that Harribel breathed heavily, before the potential implications of her words just reached her. Out of the darkness a hand the size of her body materialized moving towards her. She quickly closed her eye's, waiting to feel retribution.

The blow never came, instead of a smack as she had least expected the hand patted her head, as if to comfort her. I understand your frustration Harribel, for the past few days things have been harder than usual. You need time to recover and rest,as will the rest of your group. I did not intend to take him now, as he has returned to soul society and is under the eye's of his captain again. We'll need to grab him when he next goes to the human world. Harribel "How will we monitor him, with Szayel dead our spy network has collapsed, they'll be no way to predict his movements." Harribel, i will keep track of his movements and inform you when the time is neccesary. I would get him myself, but as you know I can't leave this damned dimension, not without sending off warning bells in to Soul Society. Do this for me, and after I get the boy to play his part I will uphold my end of the agreement. I'll even give your comrades the same thing, if you desire.

To say Harribel was stunned failed to cover the emotions flowing through her at the moment. For the past 1200 years she had been indebted to this, this monster, all on it's word that when the time came she would get what she wanted. To have it so close, to have it be teased in front of her was so tempting, yet hesitation had her wavering. Serving under Aizen had taught her to beware people offering salvation, as the reward often turned out to be damnation. Still, she thought if his promise is true and the girls could also gain it... "I'll do as you command."

That's the spirit my little minnow, now I know you may be tired, but I happen to sense some of your arrancar bretheren are still alive around Las Noches, although barely. I'm sure you can sense them if you try. Harribel turned her head and focused her reiatsu, sending out a pesquisa wave. Ignoring the nameless arrancar, she targeted on three specific signals and honed in on them. Seems Menoly is wedged in the walls of the second throne room, she seems to be the least hurt of the three. Loly is severley injured and, apparently stuck halfway down the tower? That'll be an odd sight to see. Rubodon's the last one I can sense, he seems to be severely injured near the base of the tower, probably Yammy's or the intruders handiwork. Deactivating her pesquisa she turned too look back at Bone Ripper. "I'm assuming you want me to save them?" Thats entirely up to you, for now i want you to rest and retrain your remaining forces. Dont worry about finding replacements for the espada, I'll make sure you have the muscle when you need it. Now go and prepare. When I next call you it'll be for the mission. With that said the tentacle rose back up the hole and deposited her on the remains of the throne room. Then with a burst of Sonido, she vanished to inform the others.

Waiting until he sensed her speed away, the mask dissolved away, leaving only the image of Hanataro in the room. As the scene of Zommari's battle replayed, the creatures attention was focused completley on the soul reaper. Focusing his energy a small eye was forced out of the hole and through a garganta.

Soul Society: Night time

With the Winter War having drawn to a close, a calm had fallen over the Seiretei, one that had been missing since the Ryoka Invasion. For months the inhabitants of the city had been in a frenzy, trying to prepare itself for what was feared to be a long term war. When it was found the fighting had only lasted for a couple of days and no one had been killed, the tension did not so much as drop as collapse. The majority of the divisions had thrown a party to celebrate the end of the Winter War, with much sake and good cheer to be had by all. As it stood only two groups of people had chosen to abstain from the party. The first group was composed of Mayuri Kurostuchi and his top researchers (minus nemu, who was wisked away by the SWA), who was to excited to go over the research and specimens obtained in Hueco Mundo. When it came to matters of new research and data, what was the need for a party filled with drunken louts.

The other group hadn't chosen so much as was forced to abstain from the party, were the members of the fourth division. While no soul reaper had fell to the enemy at the time, the physical and mental tolls taken by the combatants were heavy. The partying had also put a number of reapers in the hospital as well, causing the hospital staff to be nearly overwhelmed. Thankfully both Captain Unohana and suprisingly Captain Kuchiki walked around to make sure order was kept amongst the ranks. Work for the beleagured division never seemed to end.

One member of the division was not present at the moment, having been ordered to take the week off for his actions in the winter war. Personally Hanataro couldn't understand what was so special about his actions, yes he had went into enemy territory and had helped heal the combatants, but so had Isane, why not give her the day off? His arguments were cut short froma look by the Kuchiki noble, as he informed him it wasn't proper to argue with one's superior. as he turned to leave his Captain had also chosen to inform him when he returned to work he would be doing so as the divisions 4th seat, the previous officer having retired with the end of the war. Suffice to say Hanataro's mind was preoccupied, preventing him from noticing the garganta opening near him.

They eye observed the young soul reaper, sending the images back to it's creator. As the eye began to follow Hanataro, it camouflaged, blending in with the surroundings. On the other end of the vision, Bone Ripper watched as the boy proceeded to fall several times while somehow sneaking around drunken 11th division members. Bone Ripper began chuckling Shahaha 2500 years since we last met, and he's the same as ever. It is reassuring to know that some things survive even death and rebirth. It's also interesting that he would be reborn close to a perilous time. Wonder if that old fool is even aware of who you once were. Well, it matters not Hanataro Yamada, you may not know it now, but soon your life will be changing dramatically, and the repercussions will shake Soul society to the core. For the first time in a millenia the laughter of a million devoured souls laughed as one, and for reasons Hanataro could not understand, a shiver proceeded to shake him to the core.

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