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Orbital Mining Station, C-14, Cybertronian Orbit [Pre-War]

Pain was a living thing inside of him, defining everything that he was, everything he would ever be. Sparks of scorching heat radiated from every joint and muscle cable, overheating systems straining to cool themselves before circuitry failed from the physical stress his frame was under. He was nothing. He had not even been given a name, the nameless, faceless miner was only referred to by the supervisors by the tunnel he had been assigned to. D-16.

The heavy pick axe swung back down, the tip burying itself deep into the solid layers of stone, the second blow sending a long crack splintering to either side of the small hole that he had made. Even that much effort left him shuddering with the exertion, every movement drained more strength from his half broken frame. His cooling systems barely able to cope with the sweltering heat that invaded every inch of the maze of tunnels that sat beneath mining platform C-14.

There was a whisper of sound, a flicker of movement out of the corner of his optic, his head twisting as he paused for only a moment, seeing the dark shadow blend back into the unilluminated tunnel behind him. His gaze dropping to the small cube of low grade energon that sat half hidden to one side of the tunnel, his golden optics widening slightly in surprise at the sight of it. Turning away, he continued digging until the sounds of the level supervisor's ambling footsteps moved away from the entrance to his tunnel.


A cool servo suddenly brushed against D-16's forehead, long fingers carefully caressing against his cheekplate and something was being held to his lips. Cold liquid slipped between his lips and down his parched throat tubing, almost making him choke, but his hand immediately reached out and curled around the smaller one that continued to hold the cube steady as he downed the low grade. It soothed his overtaxed systems, giving him a few moments relief from the unrelenting heat.


"Yes." His voice was rough and dangerously husky when it slipped out from between his lips, his golden optics gazing down into the half shadowed face of the mech before him, shocked by what he found. Dark golden optics swept over the face of the engineer, wishing he could put a name to the dark mech who had offered him the first bit of kindness he had ever experienced.

"Good." Lips twisted upwards, laughter lighting crimson optics before the engineer vanished in a soft pop of displaced air, leaving D-16 alone once more.

Yet, part of the miner refused to ignore what had just happened, refused to ignore the fact that someone had seen him as more than nothing. And a whisper started in the back of his mind, a voice that nothing would ever silence again, telling him that this was not all that was out there for him. This was not all his destiny would ever give to him, there could be something better, something more.

The Spark Chamber of Unicron, Core of the Earth

The form was monstrous, a poisonous cloud of deep indigo, swirling and coalescing into a single enormous face, its eyes staring down at Optimus Prime with a thousand cruelties displayed in vivid detail for the Prime to see. And look he did into the void, into the blackness that had eaten away at all he had thought lay within Megatron, the clawing hands that had attempted to wrap itself around his own spark.

Yet, the light that throbbed and burned within the Prime's very spark would not yield to that hungry blackness. It surged and rippled like a living thing, stretching its wings and shrieking loudly to be free, to sear away the poison that was polluting this world. Every circuit the Prime possessed screamed in protest as he slowly began to fight against the blanketing weight of Unicron's evil, he would claw his way through the thick evil that whirled around him, tugging at his limbs, his spark, infiltrating the edges of his mind.

A shadow fell across him, the presence behind him like a seething wall of two twisting coils of darkness. Megatron howling in rage as he fought against the swarming will of the Chaos Bringer, his pedes sounding hard against the floor plating. The slide of metal against metal signalling that Megatron's blade had retracted into its forearm sheath.

"Megatron is commanded by no one!" The Decepticon Leader's words reverberated loudly in the massive spark chamber of Unicron, a defiant voice facing off against the evil that had slowly eaten away at him, slowly stolen what had once made him a visionary and had twisted him into a monster.

Optimus almost swore he could hear another voice, one whispering along the edges of his mind, one horrified and wracked with such a savage clawing guilt that he couldn't believe it was real.

'I will not kill, not again! Never again! Brother... BROTHER!'

Shock flickered for a moment in the Prime's blue optics, recognising the voice for what it was, that of Megatronus the mech who had once truly been like a brother to Orion Pax before silence had fallen between them. He heard Megatron fall, body being released from the Decepticon Leader's grip and cast into unconsciousness.

"Stand up."

The Prime's head twisted slightly, his vision swimming with the waves of dark energy that surged and washed over him in pounding waves keeping him on his knees, attempting to drive him to the floor as Megatron had been. The faint outline of someone stood before him, a silhouette that left his spark raw from the anguish the image evoked. Ironhide stood there, one massive servo stretched out towards him, an image dredged up from the depths of his spark.

"Stand up, Orion Pax, nothing has the power to keep you there if you don't want it to. So stand up."

And he reached out for that large servo, fingers moving right through the faint image, sending a sorrow-filled jolt of pain to his spark, but a determined drive to the rest of his body. His head lifted, azure optics meeting the sickly bright indigo of Unicron's, defiant to the core in face of such unadulterated evil.

"Matrix of Leadership, I call upon you."

Optimus Prime stood in defiance of Unicron's might, the Matrix humming loudly in his audios, the sound growing steadily within his processors. It had heard him and it was determined to answer.

"You cannot defeat me, Disciple of Primus. I have transcended physical being, by my will alone all upon this world shall fall into chaos."

Twisting as he rose, his gaze fell upon a mech he had once called Brother, seeing the madness in those glowing optics, the shimmer of Unicron's energy uncoiling itself from within the mech's fuel lines and spreading across the surface of the Decepticon Leader's frame. Megatron was no longer within, the mech being forced back by Unicron's will, shoved back into the darkest recesses of the mech's warped mind. Optimus felt a surge of anger over what Unicron had done to Megatron, a wave of boiling over emotions that conflicted within him as he regarded the once familiar face and the blankness it now carried.

"Not while I still function, Unicron." The Prime could almost feel warm arms slip around him, buoying up his strength, supporting him as he stood before the Chaos Bringer. Defiant to his core and unwilling to submit to Unicron's words, Optimus Prime, last of the Primes would not fail in his task no matter what it demanded of him in return for such a victory. He was not alone, Ironhide's shadow remained with him, the warrior's strength added to his own to support himself, even through dizziness and dark energon poisoning had cut into his energy reserves. "The power of the Matrix will light our darkest hour."


Unicron's bellow of rage tore through everything, filling the air with his all consuming rage and malevolence.

Megatron's arm vibrated, quivering ever so slightly as the fusion cannon was being lifted and levelled at Optimus Prime, something within the Decepticon was still fighting against Unicron's hold, valiantly trying to prevent the murder of the last Prime.

Matrix energy flared outwards from Optimus, a wave of pure blue-white that expanded out from his body, pushing back the dark tendrils that had coiled around him. From deep within him, the Matrix opened, spilling forth a dazzling burst of pure energy that sliced right into the core of Unicron.

Shockwaves of power almost knocked the Prime down, the force of the second blast sent Megatron stumbling back and to the floor. The force of it pounded again and again against him, yet strong arms coiled around his body, strong hands resting on his shoulders and holding him upright. For one fleeting moment, Optimus Prime could almost feel the heat of the warrior's body against his back, the strength in that massive frame that held his own. The scent of him filled every sense the Prime had, crisp, sharp and achingly family. His very spark lay beared to the world, feeding his own energy into the bright light that slashed through the darkness.

"Stay with me." He pleaded of the ghost that stood at his back, who had slipped free of the Matrix to support him for these few moments. "Please..."

"I always have been right here beside you, stubborn Prime and I intend to remain too."

Optimus's hold on reality slipped as power tore aware parts of him, carrying along with it a part of himself, as he crumpled, legs unable to hold up his weight. His body struck the floor hard, his processors ringing with the sound of Unicron's angry roars of hatred. And silence fell, as Optimus did, frame flopping limply onto the cold floor plating, everything fading to black.

Orbital Mining Station, C-14, Cybertronian Orbit [Pre-War]

Smoke and thick dust choked the air and clogged vents, the screams of the wounded filled the collapsed part of the tunnel. Small tremors ran through the length of several support posts that were barely able to take the strain of the new load that had come down onto them when half of the ceiling had caved in on top of the exhausted and overworked Beta work shift.

D-16 carefully lowered the broken body of one of his fellow miners to the ground, the unseeing grey optics staring off into the nothingness that existed beyond this life. Spattered fluids ran across his broad chassis, dust and grime now sticking to him as he began to move forwards towards the worst part of the damage.

"We need the medics down here..." He turned towards the supervisor that watched on with a blank disinterested expression. "And heavy lifters, there are still people under there." Taking a step forwards, D-16 was suddenly restrained with the barrel of a weapon levelled at the centre of his chassis, the mech's finger clearly twitching and ready to blow out the miner's spark if he so much as inhaled.

"Get back to work." The mech responded. "Immediately."

"They need medical assistance." He growled out, his body straining like a turbo fox ready to bite at the hand that tormented it. Denta were bared in a silent snarl, but he didn't move and didn't retreat, even though he was threatened with death. Death was something that occurred in these tunnels every orn, bodies being dragged out and dumped in the smelting pits that were kept lit night and day to recover the raw materials from broken frames.

"Silence!" The mech snapped, quieting all those around them. "I said get back to work, miner."

"No. There are survivors under there."

"They are not worth the productivity time to recover. Return to your assigned area immediately or you will be terminated."

"Sabot." The black Seeker appeared at the supervisor's elbow, crimson optics bright against his dark features. "I need the assistance of these miners to clear the debris to get the wounded and retrieve the bodies of the deactivated." Scanning the surroundings, Skywarp was taking note of the stress that was already beginning to buckle several of the supports closest to the cave in. "I need anti-grav generators and props to reinforce this entire section."

A fist connected with Skywarp's jaw, knocking the Seeker right back into D-16, the massive miner's arms the only thing that kept the engineer from hitting the dirt. Crimson optics widened slightly as they stared up at Sabot with confusion shadowing their depths.

"Do not challenge me, Engineer." The Autobot sneered, lips peeling back to reveal darkened denta and his expression revealed his disgust over having to deal with such mindless and disobedient creations. "Get back to your assigned duties or I'll have you transported to Z sector."

Skywarp froze for only a moment while he felt powerful, work roughened servos rest against his shoulders, holding him upright and supporting him silently for a moment. "I will not leave these people to suffer because you want to keep your profit margins." Growling low in his vocals, he was already moving towards the nearest of the wounded, calling out to the other miners and giving instructions, ignoring the weapon that had moved around to be trained on him.

There was a sudden roar of rage from D-16, the miner's spark screaming at him as he moved forwards and wrapped one servo around Sabot's throat, physically lifting the mech off the ground. His other hand closed around the muzzle of the weapon the mech held and crushed it between powerful fingers, rendering it useless as it clattered to the ground. "You will do as he asked." D-16 snarled, some part of him stalking the cage of his mind, boiling over with hatred towards these who would leave the dying to leak out like broken equipment abandoned to the harsh surface conditions. Golden optics burned white hot, staring into the face of the monster who had terrorised him for long enough. "Do you understand, Supervisor Sabot?"

A choked sound escaped the squirming Autobot, wide blue optics staring at the D-16 with true fear for the first time, aware of the power the massive miner possessed in his battered frame. Fingers were clawing at D-16's hand, desperate to get himself free but knew it was impossible.

"These miners did not die for you." And he dropped the Autobot, watching the body sag against the rock wall he had been pinned again and turned away as he joined the others who were already beginning to shift the heavy weight of stones and drag the wounded and dead from the rubble. "They are not nothing. You are the only thing worthless around here."

The first sparks of hatred had been struck deep within D-16, sparks of something that would never go out. Hatred towards those who had reduced them to being nothing more than expendable fodder for the dangerous task of asteroid mining. As the fluids of his fellow miners coated his frame and filled his mouth and olfactory sensors with the sickly sweetness of it, he would never forget the satisfaction he felt sending fear into the spark of one who had treated him and his fellow miners like animals.

Never again would he buckle, never again would he hesitate in the face of such a situation again. D-16 swore to himself as he carried the dead from their rocky graves that their deaths would never be forgotten. He would never allow their faces to fade from his mind, their voices would echo inside of him, give him the strength to face their murderers. One glimpse at the buckled supports and he knew that the support braces were made from inferior materials that had been traded for what would have never given under the weight of the ceiling. Cost cutting. Profit.

He promised each of those dead that their deaths would rest on the heads of those responsible and they would answer for these crimes against those who had trusted in them to keep them safe.

The Spark Chamber of Unicron, Core of the Earth

Pain sparked through Megatron's processors, his large servo lightly touching his helm as he rose from the ground and to his pedes, his gaze turning to be fixed on the slowly stirring body of the Prime no more than two dozen yards away. Smoke swirled lazily around Optimus Prime's frame, the acrid taste of ozone remaining on Megatron's glossa as he rose to his full height. Mind reeling from the chaos within it, he did not let that slow him down for an instant.

"Teamwork." It was a word on his glossa, a bittersweet tang on his lips, yet said with wry amusement.

Fingers curling, the deadly blade slipped free of its housing, the echoes of Unicron's last command rattling around within his processors, making thinking anything near impossible. Again and again the word screamed through his cracked and shattered thoughts. One step carried him towards the slowly recovering Prime, another and his fingers clenched more tightly, a part of him desperately trying to fight the control the Chaos Bringer still had on him.

Crimson-gold optics met confused azure blue as the Deception Leader came to stand over the fallen Prime, blade ready to plunge through the mech's chassis and right through his spark. It would be an end to the war, an end to the fighting.

Azure optics flickered back and forth, confusion darkening the colour to an clear sky blue, an innocence replacing the usually determined glint within them. "Where are we, Megatronus?"

Shock flared through the Decepticon as he stared down at Optimus Prime and saw... Orion Pax looking back at him with all the trust that had once been placed into his care, which he had eventually betrayed time and again. The sight of that honest, blind trust touched that tiny part of Megatron that the darkness had never quite been able to consume. The blade slowly slipped back and a hand reached out towards the dazed Prime. Optimus's fingers curled around Megatron's own and he was drawing the mech upwards and back onto his own pedes.

"Don't you remember, old friend?"

Suddenly there was a heavy thump against the large hatch they had come in through, the entire thing being smashed inwards, sending a cloud of smoke and debris rushing upwards into the air as the large form of Bulkhead appeared through the haze.

"Optimus, are you okay?" The massive mech lumbered forwards, his blue optics studying the pair before him with worry glinting in his gaze.

"Why did he call me that?" Orion Pax asked softly, his clear blue optics glancing towards Megatron in search of answers to the thousands of questions that were beginning to form.

Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead were ready to battle, all three having moved forwards, ready for any treachery that Megatron decided to use against them.

"What did you do to him?" Arcee demanded sharply, her optics narrowing on the Decepticon Leader.

"Who are they?" A puzzled glitter of curiosity danced in blue optics as he attempted to study the faces that were looking on at him and Megatron with a mixture of concern and loathing.

There was no time to answer when a GroundBridge flared open to one side of them, leaving no more time for questions or for hesitation on Megatron's part. As much as Megatron wanted to end this all right then and there, that rebellious part of him refused to allow him to hurt Orion Pax, its own scream of rage drowning out Unicron's last order that still clung like a toxic tick onto his mind. "Our mortal enemies." A hand reached out and curled around one shoulder, squeezing in silent reassurance. "We are outnumbered. Go, I'll cover you."

Blasts of energy send the Autobots fleeing to find cover as Optimus Prime retreated into the open vortex. For a moment he hesitated, pausing on the brink of it and his head turned towards the warriors that were firing on Megatron. He heard a voice calling out to him in Cybertronian, pleading with him to not believe Megatron's words, yet the mech turned away, trusting in Megatronus and vanished into the swirling green passage.

Megatron moved back slowly, guarding Optimus's retreat and soon he too vanished into it with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

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