A/N: Well, this is certainly different to my usual fandoms. This film needs more love! As I did originally write this as Georgia/Nikki it's slightly AU, as Georgia never got pregnant/engaged/married. BUT you can see it as a general thing too. So enjoy! And please review!

People were fairly well behaved when visiting the Burlesque Lounge. They paid, they drank, they watched, usually too enthralled by the show to do much else. But there was always that one. Not very often, but he was there.

"Hey, gorgeous."

The one that had to try his luck. Georgia glanced at the man beside her then turned back to Jack, fighting back a smirk when she saw how the bartender was eyeing him. They were closed, and she wanted nothing more than to relax with her drink while she waited for the other girls.

"You looked pretty hot up there," She rolled her eyes. Duh. "What do you say I buy you another drink and we get out of here?"

"Sorry honey, not interested."

He laughed, deep. "What? You think I can't afford you? I've got money, sweetheart." Now that got her attention.

"I'm a dancer, not a hooker."

He laughed again – "With the way you girls dance, is there much difference?" – and made to grab for her shoulder, only to be stopped by a hand gripping his wrist. At first Georgia thought it was Jack until she saw him watching, bewildered, out of the corner of her eye. When she turned around she realised the well manicured nails should have been a giveaway.

"Why don't you get out of here before something breaks?" Nikki all but growled. She twisted his wrist slightly for emphasis and pushed him away. "I'm guessing it's pretty important to you, what with the way you talk to girls." Georgia laughed as he left – ego probably too bruised to continue. Nikki turned to her, giving her a once over. "You good?"

"Thanks to my knight in skimpy armour," she grinned, kissed the brunette on the cheek (With an exaggerated "Mwah!") and skipped off to greet the others.

"Ass," Nikki snorted.