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So I have been wanting to write a story like this for ages and just so you know both are going to be out of character so if you can't deal with that then..

Now at the beginning of all my stories I warn all of my readers that my male characters tend to be domineering, now while that doesn't really apply to this story too much, I thought that I should warn you just in case as its natural to me and it is how I write.

Oh and this will eventually end up being an Hermione/Severus pairing.. so if you don't like that don't read..

Some chapters will be really short, some will be long, this is a fun little fiction that I am going to write and hopefully will help with the writers block that I keep getting.

Anyways I hope that you enjoy and any idea's would be great.. you will of course be credited in the chapter if I decide to use them =)

I do not own Harry potter but review anyway.


I suppose that it is true what people have been saying, I have changed over the summer, I think that a great deal of us have now that the war is over and the pressure has been lifted from our shoulders. But mine was a little more.. extreme than everyone else's. You see I learnt something as I watched my family and peers die around me; life is too short and we never know when it is going to end. I learnt that I needed to loosen up, to take a break from all the studying and pressures that have always been there in my life and just have some fun and that is exactly what I intend to do this year and I have the best idea on how to go about it.

"I have made a list" I announce proudly as I enter the Gryffindor common room to find two of my best friends alone playing chess, neither of them bother to look up or even acknowledge that I have spoken. "Did you guys not hear me? I said that I…"

"You made a list, we get it Mione, you're always making lists" Ron says without even looking up from the board, okay it was true I suppose, I do tend to make many lists for every situation that you can think of, but this one was different, this one was going to make me a legend at this school for doing something that no other student had dared to do.

"Fine, if you don't want in on my pranks…" I state dramatically, knowing that will easily perk the boys interest in what I have to say, it is sad really that after years of being there best friend they still do not give me the attention and respect that I deserve.

I begin to turn away "Hermione" that would be Harry calling after me "just who do you intend to prank this year?" he asks sounding somewhat nervous, I think that it is because he has seen my mean and sadistic side a good number of times, but I only bring that out when necessary, it is not like I go around purposely trying to humiliate people.. at least not yet.

"Professor Snape" I say off handedly as though it is no big deal when in reality it is a massive fucking deal. I turn around just in time to see both of their mouths dropping open in shock as they gape at me "close your mouth boys, you'll catch flies" I say as I try my best to stifle the giggle that is threatening to spill out of my lips, but their reactions are just so damn cute.

"For merlin's sake have you lost your mind?" Harry asks finally pulling himself out of the daze and bringing Ron with him too.

"That's bloody brilliant that is" Ron says and I have to smile at my best friend they were both so predictiable.

"Thank you Ronald and Harry I would appreciate your support with this. It is our last year and I really just want to have some fun and tormenting Snape will be fun, what's the worst that can happen anyway?" I mutter.

"He could eat you" Harry says so seriously that I actually bust up laughing at the thought.

"Why Harry Potter I seriously doubt that professor Snape will want to do that, besides sexual relationships between students and teachers are frowned upon" I say with a shrug deciding to tease him.

"What were the hell do you get…. Oh" I watch as Harry's eyes widen with recognition as he realises the implications of my words, then narrow as he glares at me.

"What? I still don't understand.." Ron says with a small frown on his face, I watch as Harry leans over and whispers something in his ear. "Oh merlin I do not need dirty images of that greasy bat in my mind.. eww eww eww" he whines as he jumps around as if that will banish the thoughts from his brain, but his face is starting to turn a ghastly white shade, though I have no idea why, it is not as though Professor Snape is the worst looking man on the planet, in fact in a way I find him kind of attractive, but I think that secretly all of the girls do even if they will not admit it.

"Honestly Ronald don't be so dramatic, now are you guys in or not?" I question, raising one eyebrow at both of them.

"Even though I think that it is a suicide mission.. I'm in" Harry says while grinning at me, seemingly he has forgiven me for my earlier comment

"I don't need you help with anything… yet, but if I say or do something out of character I need you both to promise that you will back me up and act as though nothing has changed" I say as I eye both of them, letting them know I was serious, because I plan to say some pretty shocking things, things I am not sure that I even have the guts to do.

"We promise" they both agree solemnly…

I cannot wait for our next potions class, let phase one commence.

Short I know, but that was just a little introduction for you all, let me know what you think and if you guys enjoyed it I'll update tomorrow =)