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So I almost scrapped the last chapter because I have got so far off track.. I liked how it was at the beginning and I think the romance has almost ruined it.. so I'm trying to get it back to where I want it so be patient with me please..

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"What do you mean those men were from st mungo's?" I ask Ronald feeling the anger beginning to bubble up inside of me.

"You said.."

"I gave you one job to do.. to hire ACTORS to take professor Snape away and you screw it up, can you not do anything right?" I rant, as much as I hate to admit it, I am actually concerned for Severus… to be locked up in a place like that.

"Yes and I was going too but then I thought that…"

"Don't think then, honestly Ronald whenever you get an idea DO NOT act on it" I scream at him "now you will apparate to st mungo's and get him released before I hex you into oblivion."

"But Hermione…." he whines out at me

I don't give him a chance to speak as I whip my wand out pointing it at him, watching as what little colour he has drains from his body. "I'm going" he murmurs as he turns and scrambles from the room, almost tripping over his haste to get out of the portrait hole.

Now that I have sorted that out, I can only worry about the retaliation that is sure to be coming my way.. or worse if Severus decides to get me expelled I am sure that impersonating a teacher and getting the real one dragged off to st mungo's is against the rules… somehow though I do not think he will… I will make a point of speaking to him tomorrow, to try and sort this out.

But right now I must go to bed, dealing with Ronald always gives me a headache.

The next morning, I walk straight to the dungeons.. well I say morning it is more like 4 am.. I know that Severus will not talk to me willingly so I will give him no choice. Muttering the password to the portrait I step inside my professors chambers, quietly creeping towards his bedroom.. I swing the door open, my eyes widening as I see his naked body covered by only the sheet.

His bare chest on display, he is surprisingly muscly, I long to run my fingers over that chiselled chest.. but now is not the time for that.

Whipping out my wand, I silently whisper the spell, watching as binds wrap around Severus' arms and connect them to the bed… I cannot help but realise that he is completely at my mercy.

"Severus… wake up" I hiss, I watch as he stirs but he does not open his eyes "Severus" I hiss loudly as I poke his stomach.

I watch as his eyes flicker open, then zone in on me.. his sleepy expression quickly turns from surprise to fear to anger. "Miss granger what on earth are you doing here?" he demands and I quickly snap my hand back

"I came to apologize and to.."

"Apologize and you thought sneaking in to my bedroom and molesting me was a good way to go about it?" with that I feel my temper beginning to rise

"Oh please just because you have abs that I want to lick chocolate off doesn't mean that I would actually try to molest you" as soon as he raises that smug eyebrow I know I have said something stupid.


"I mean I erm.. I" okay this is so not the way I planned this going "I came to apologize.. I told Ronald to hire actors at the nimrod took it upon his self to go to st mungo's, it was never my intention to actually send you there."

He sighs softly as he looks at me "and you had to tie me to the bed to tell me this" he states, giving nothing away by his expression.

"would you have listened to me otherwise."

He glares, leaving no doubt that he wouldn't have. I smirk and undo his bindings allowing him to sit up.

I boldly move forwards and perch myself on the edge of the bed half expecting him to shove me off of it but he says nothing. So I relax a little. "I propose that we team up together to get him back.. you have to admit we would make a good match." In more ways than one.

"You mean you're afraid of retaliation?" he asks almost teasingly as he grabs my wrists and pulls me backwards to lay on the bed next to him, surprised but not wanting to make an issue.

"That too.." I say with a giggle as I turn on my side and snuggle up against him, hoping that he doesn't push me away, I feel him stiffen but thankfully he doesn't.

"Fine I will team up with you Hermione, but for now shut up and sleep." He commands as he pulls the sheets over me and hugs me tightly to his body. "Tomorrow we will discuss ideas."

Life couldn't get more perfect.

What do you guys think… I actually find this chapter strangely sweet.