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Okay so another little instalment of this story.. I've decided that the chapters will be short and often.. there won't be any pranks in this story just a little bit of bonding.

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The day had been.. pretty boring, but I have a feeling that tonight is going to be so much more interesting, considering that I have detention tonight.. with Draco, who probably isn't very happy with me at the minute, I mean I was the one who got him detention, which is probably a little bit unfair but Merlin I am just shocked that professor Snape gave a Slytherin detention.

"Granger wait up" a voice shouts from behind me just as I begin to walk down the stairs to the dungeons.

Spinning around and I find myself coming face to face with Draco "I thought that I told you to call me Hermione?" I question with a simple roll of my eyes.

"And I would have kept calling you it, but then you got me landed with this bloody detention" he says, with a pout on those full lips.

"Aww don't pout" I say as I reach up pinching his cheek softly "it's not very becoming of you, besides you liked watching Snape's reaction didn't you?" I ask as he slaps my hand away, his earlier pout suddenly replaced with a smirk, probably thinking about our potions class earlier. "See you had fun."

He sighs as he walks with me "I have a feeling that you are going to get me into a lot of trouble Hermione" he says, but I know that he is been good natured and perhaps we can plot together.

"So you're going to help me?" I ask him with a wry grin as we come to a stop outside of the classroom, I raise my hand to knock, but before my hands even touch the wood, they swing open, causing me to jump backwards.

"Come in" a deep masculine voice booms out sending shivers down my spine.

I take the lead, strutting inside like I owned the place "Good evening professor I missed you.. did you miss me?" I ask with a wide grin on my face.

He glances up from the papers he is marking at his desk "I missed having someone to sort out my cupboards.. that will be your duty tonight… both of you" he states simply, gesturing to the massive cupboard that I know is full of potions ingredients.

"Oh fun" I exclaim enthusiastically as I jump up and down in the air sarcastically and begin to clap my hands together.

"Come on Draco lets go have some fun in the cupboard" I say as I stop, winking at a stunned professor.

"Well we have been looking for a new make out place" he says and I find that I actually am quite surprised that he is playing along with me.

I notice Snape's eyes narrow at me into a sort of glare.. oh who am I kidding? It was a murderous glare… actually as I look closer I realise that he is not actually directing it at me, but at Draco! "Keep the damn door open" he snaps, whoa that was defensive perhaps he was jealous? Could it be that he returns my feelings?

I don't reply.. I blame the shock, but I feel Draco grab my hand and lead me towards the cupboard, before pulling me inside. I groan as I see all of the jars of potions ingredients muddled and covered in dust.

"Whoa.. you seem to really piss him of" Draco says as he subtly closes the door halfway.

I giggle and nod, recovering from my earlier shock as I look up at him "the best thing about all of this is that I know a spell to sort this all out" I say with a small grin.

Draco smirks back at me "I know the spell too" he says…

"Am I supposed to be impressed by that?" I ask with a roll of my eyes.

"No but you will surely be impressed by this" he says as he whips out his wand and without even saying a single words, glass jar begins to fly over my head and re arrange themselves and as much as I hate to admit I am impressed by that.

"Eh" I say impassively with a small shrug of my shoulders as if I didn't care. "The question is what do you do now?" I ask.

"Maybe you should let me in on this little plan you have going on to rile up our favourite professor" he says with a smirk as he takes a seat on the floor, so I do the only think that I can, I take a seat opposite him.

"Fine" I whisper quietly "but you must promise that you will not tell anyone else and you must promise to help me in any way possible" I state firmly.

He nods once just sharply, holding his hand out to me, so I slip mine into his and shake it firmly, so we spend the next hour discussing my plans and I even let him in on the fact that I have a crush on our beloved professor, but for some reason I feel as though I can trust him.

He laughs as I tell him about when I first realised that I was attracted to him, and I have to admit it would be a funny story to anyone else, I almost killed myself. "I'm gay" he suddenly blurts out which of course does not faze me.

"Draco everyone knows that you are gay" I say with a roll of my eyes.

"Really? How?" he asks.

"Draco it's just so obvious" I say and he just shakes his head, it takes him a couple of minutes but I can see that it doesn't take him long to get used to the fact. "So do you have a crush?" I ask out of curiosity and I am pleasantly rewarded as a pink blush crawls up his cheeks. "OH MY MERLIN YOU DO WHO IS IT" I screech out as I practically bounce in my place.

"Keep it quiet in there" a loud voice booms and I roll my eyes.

"Whatever you say professor" I call back and I swear I can hear him growling, I mean it's not that surprising because I can understand how I piss him off, hell I piss myself of sometimes.. hmm that's not a nice thing to say about myself.

"Fine I'll tell you, but you mustn't tell him, remember I know your secret too" Draco says, pulling me from my thoughts and suddenly he has my full attention.

"It's Harry" he says simply…

It takes a few minutes to click but then I gape at him in shock "Harry? Harry Potter, the guy that you hate?" I ask him, shaking my head slightly as I try to get used to the idea of him liking my best friend.

"I don't hate him Hermione, I never have I only act that way because he rejected me first" he says with a cute little pout on his face, but I really have no idea what he is on about, I always thought that it was Draco who initiated it. He must see the confused look on my face because he is quick to clear it up "First year" he reminds me "I asked to be friends with him.. he said no."

"Probably because you were being an obnoxious twat" I mutter, causing him to laugh.. much to my surprise.

"Alright I'll give you that one, I thought that everyone and everything was mine for the taking" he says with a small shrug.

"Mhmm so that's why you didn't like it when I beat you at.. oh everything?" I say with a small shrug.

"Right that's it, I've had it with you" he says as he springs up jumping on top of me causing me to fly back and fall on the ground, as his hands tickle my sides, causing me to scream and squirm around.. I hate being tickled.

"What the hell is going on here?" A voice asks, I look up and standing in the doorway is..

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