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"Right that's it, I've had it with you" he says as he springs up jumping on top of me causing me to fly back and fall on the ground, as his hands tickle my sides, causing me to scream and squirm around.. I hate being tickled.

"What the hell is going on here?" A voice asks, I look up and standing in the doorway is.. Severus and Remus.

Draco immediately stills on top of me, but he makes no move to get off of me "Why good evening professors" I say with a bright smile "what are you too doing here in our new snogging spot?" I ask as I waggle my eyebrows, glancing upwards and seeing Draco flashing a little smile at me and I have a feeling that's his way of telling me that he is going to play along with me.

I turn my head to the other side, still smiling stupidly, I glance first at Remus' face to see that familiar knowing smile on his face.. phew at least I have one of them on my side, turning my gaze on my potions master.. I gulp loudly, he looks fuming, his face is all hard and he is scowling at me. "Miss Granger, I hardly think my stock cupboard is an appropriate place for your…." He starts and then pauses obviously thinking of the word to use.

"Snogging" I finish for him, being the nice person that I am.

And for some reason, despite the fact I am doing nothing but helping him, he somehow manages to glare even harder at me "yes.. that" he says, spitting out the words as though they left a foul taste in his mouth and maybe they did.

"But it's so comfortable professor" I reply with a cheesy grin as I look back at Draco "don't you think honey bunny?" I ask and I can see that Draco is struggling not to crack up at his nickname.

"Sure do muffin" he says and it is now my turn not to crack up, I feel his hand on my thigh, slowly pushing upwards causing me to gasp loudly.

"That is it BOTH OF YOU OUT OF MY CLASSROOM NOW" professor Snape yells loudly and as soon as he does Draco jumps up off of me.

"Technically it's a stock cupboard" I say helpfully.

"MISS GRANGER" he roars as I take Draco's hand and allow him to help me up off of the floor.

"What I just thought you might be confused, I mean…"

"Silence" he says scathingly which of course causes me to giggle softly, there was no chance of that happening any time soon.

"Just so you know professor I'm not interested in Hermione or any girl for that matter" Draco says as we stand there.

"What exactly are you saying?" Professor Snape asks Draco, but honestly could he really be that thick.

"That he's as gay as the fourth of July" I supply for them both.

"I thought I told you too be quite" Professor Snape asks as he begins to stride towards me, but before he can I slip under his arm and running out of the store room and out into the corridor.

A few minutes later and Draco is joining me "what the hell is the fourth of July?" he asks me, causing me to groan and face palm my face.. for a smart guy he can be a complete idiot.

So I am starting to tire of the word games between professor Snape and me, he didn't even kick me out of the last two classes that I had, in fact he completely ignored me! Even when I asked him what kind of underwear he wore, he didn't even bat an eyelid, but I'm pretty sure he wears boxers.. at least I hope so, nobody wants to think about a man in y fronts.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Draco asks as he comes and sits down next to me.

"Professor Snape's underwear" I say, but why was I thinking about them… I mean he seems to be the main subject in my thoughts recently.

"Eww sorry that I asked" Draco says, causing me to giggle softly. "He is my godfather you know." He adds.

"Oh merlin, do you know?"

"Know what?" Draco asks as he turns to face me with a gormless expression on his face.

"What kind of underwear he wears" I state with a grin.

"No" he says as she reaches out, grabbing the end of my hair and pulling it on sharply, causing me to wince.

"That hurt" I say with a pout, huffing loudly as I close my book and move away from him.

He sighs and scoots closer to me. "I'm sorry Hermione."

"Sorry doesn't make me feel better."

"No.. but what about if I told you, I got that potion you asked for."

I immediately begin to brighten up. "You did? Give it to me!" I demand as I hold my hand out to him.

He grins at me and places the little vile into my hand "so what exactly are you going to use it for?" he asks, yet I just shake my head.

"You'll see" I say as I stand up putting my book into my bag and pressing a soft kiss to Draco's cheek and skipping down to the kitchen.

All done… next chapter will be up in the next couple of weeks.