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Nathan watched helplessly as crew cut grabbed Haley and pulled her back to him. He wrapped her in another hug. Just when he thought crew cut was pulling out of the hug he started kissing Haley. He knew automatically Haley wasn't into it because she was trying to shove him off.

This angered Nathan. "What the fuck do you think you are doing ass hole?" Nathan screamed as he came rushing forward. Nathan was pleased when he quickly released Haley and she smacked crew cut across the face.

Crew cut smiled as he rubbed his cheek. "Sorry dude. She used to like it. We were in love once." Crew cut finished with a shrug.

Haley quickly turned to Nathan as he to her. "Is that true?" Nathan questioned with a pained expression

Haley wanted to be anywhere but here at this moment because she knew what she was about to say would destroy all the progress she and Nathan had made. The fuzzy drunkenness now gone she knew it was now or never. With a deep breath Haley answered. "Yes" she said and nodded. She watched the glass that was in Nathan's hands drop to the ground and shatter sending the amber liquid all over the ground. She also saw the look on his face and his heart shatter into a million pieces.

After a few minutes Haley couldn't take the silence anymore. "Please say something." She pleaded with Nathan.

Nathan couldn't, he quickly looked away. He was shocked he felt as if his worse nightmare was coming true. He had dreams about coming back and finding Haley with another man. Never though in a million years after having been back would he have guessed that she had been with another man. The feeling that he wasn't welcome and didn't belong here anymore suddenly hit him again like a ton of bricks. He knew he wasn't good enough for Haley which was why he had left in the first place. All these feelings coming back he felt that sudden feeling to flee again.

He finally looked back at Haley. "I'm sorry. I have to go." With that Nathan turned to leave.

Haley started out behind him. "Don't you dare! Don't just walk away from me. Let's talk about this" Haley said as she grabbed his bad shoulder and pulled Nathan backwards towards her.

Nathan stopped quickly. Haley had grabbed his bad shoulder. "Ouch!" Nathan yelped as he turned around to look at Haley holding his shoulder.

"I'm sorry." Haley said as crew cut stepped up as well.

"I'm sorry too man." He said as he held out his hand towards Nathan.

Nathan didn't want to but he shook crew cuts hand. "My name is Nick McCoy. Look man what Haley and I had died because she couldn't let go of you. Please don't be upset with her."

Nathan sent him a hostile glare as he released Nick's hand. "Shut your fucking face! I don't give a shit what happen. I don't even fucking care to hear about it. How dare you! For your information I'm not mad at Haley. So just shut the fuck up!" Nathan stated as he turned and started walking away. He stopped suddenly and turned around. Without warning he sent his fist flying. It connected with the corner of Nick's jaw.

Nick stumbled back a few feet holding his jaw.

"That is for kissing Haley!" Nathan said as he then turned without another word and headed for the exit.

Haley started to panic. "Nathan!" Haley exclaimed as she started towards him again.

Nathan turned slowly with his hands in the air. "Just give me some space Haley please! I'm not mad and I will see you later at home" Nathan said as he turned and left.

Haley stopped feeling defeated and suddenly drained. She watched with tears in her eyes as Nathan walked away from her again.

The others just watched helplessly as Nathan walked away from Haley. "Told you that wasn't a good idea." Lucas stated.

The other just turned and gave him a dirty look.

Nathan had just made it outside when he felt his stomach convulsing. He bent over as the contents of his stomach emptied onto the grass. After a few minutes all he was doing was dry heaving. A moment later he felt a hand on his good shoulder again. "Haley just give me some time please." He pled as he wiped his mouth and turned to find Sarah.

"Oh Sarah I'm so sorry." Nathan said as he dropped his head.

Sarah nodded. "Are you okay?" she questioned. She knew it was a stupid question but she couldn't stop herself from asking.

Nathan shook his head as he laughed sarcastically. "No I am not. I should have figured. Things were going too well for Haley and me. I guess I should have seen this coming. What she and I had, I ruined a long time ago. Maybe it's just too late for us now. That tonight was just another reminder that I don't belong here anymore." Nathan finished with a shrug.

Sarah shook her head. "Don't think like that. Come on Nate she loves you. You have to talk to her." She stated as Nathan bent over again as the dry heaves took hold of him once more. Not wanting to watch Sarah looked over her shoulder and watched as Haley started walking towards them with tears streaming down her face.

As Haley finally made it to them she gave Sarah and pleading look. Without a word Sarah turned and started back towards the club. Haley then rested her hand on Nathan's back rubbing it soothingly.

Once he was finished Haley finally spoke. "Nathan I am so sorry. That isn't how I wanted you to find out. I was going to tell you."

Nathan wiped his mouth again with the back of his hand as he turned to face her. He wasn't ready to talk yet but he didn't want Haley upset either, so he pushed his feelings aside and decided to talk with her. "It's okay Haley. It's my fault anyway right?" he finished as he finally looked her in the eye. The sight of her broke his heart he didn't want to see her upset. He quickly stepped forward and desperately started to wipe the tear tracks away.

Haley saw the broken look on his face. It broke her heart knowing she had put it there but, she also knew what he was thinking and he was wrong. He did belong here. He belonged with her. Shaking her head she finally spoke "No it's not. I should have told you before. But, I was too afraid. Then when I would try to tell you we would get interrupted." Haley said as more tears ran down her face.

Nathan shook his head. "But it is still my fault. I was the one who left. How can I be mad at you for trying to do what I wanted you too in the first place?" Nathan questioned as he started rubbing her arms.

Haley shook her head. "Yes, you made a mistake. But that doesn't mean you have to get hammered for it all the time. Nathan you haven't been with anyone but me since you were 17. When you told me that, I was shocked and didn't really know how to tell you. But, I promise you this Nathan I never wanted you to find out like this. I don't even know what Nick is doing here. He is from and as far as I know lives in Maryland."

Nathan just nodded not agreeing or disagreeing. At this point all he really wanted to do was go home. Nathan looked up to see everyone coming out of Tric.

"Peyton and I are going to take off. We will see you all later." Lucas said with a sympathetic look as he past his brother and best friend, with Peyton on his arm. He wanted to stay and talk with them but Peyton was making him stay out of it. Plus he was still in hot water for his earlier comment.

Brooke however walked right up to both of them. "I'm sorry I got home and got the message that Nick was in town. I came to deliver that message but got caught up saying hello to everyone." She huffed out in a breath.

Nathan continued to nod. "It's okay." He said as he ran a hand through his hair.

Sarah and Clay stayed quite. Haley however was getting aggravated with the interruptions.

"Here." Nathan said as he handed his car keys over to Clay. He didn't feel like driving. He then turned to Haley. "What are you going to do for the night because you're not driving." He finished crossing his arms over his chest.

Haley was about to answer him when Brooke stepped in. "She can come home with me." Brooke said.

Haley's aggravation level had hit its peak at this point. "Brooke I am old enough to answer for myself thank you!" she stated looking at Brooke as she turned back towards Nathan.

"Well sorry." Brooke said quickly.

"Do you want me to stay at your place?" she questioned as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"It's up to you." Nathan said with a shrug. Nathan wanted her too more than anything. But, he also wanted her to choose. He knew he was sounding like an ass at the moment but he didn't care. His feelings were still a little hurt.

Haley sighed. "I want to stay with you." She stated. "We still need to talk about this." She said as she came to stand beside him.

Nathan nodded. "What about your car?" he questioned.

Sarah who had stayed by Clay's side finally spoke. "I can drive her back to your place in her car. That is if it's okay with Haley." She said as she looked at Nathan and then Haley.

Haley shook her head as she answered. "Yes I am fine with that." She said as she reached in her purse and gave Sarah her keys. Haley then turned to Brooke. "Look I'm sorry about before…" she trailed off as Brooke raised her hand.

"Don't worry about it Hales. I have my bitch moments from time to time too. I will see you tomorrow for lunch." Brooke said as she stepped forward and wrapped Haley in a hug.

Haley hugged Brooke back. "Yeah, lunch tomorrow. Sounds good see you then" she said as she pulled out of the hug.

Clay then spoke. "I will take Nathan, Sarah you can take Haley and we will meet you two beautiful ladies at Nathan's." with that Clay turned and started walking towards Nathan's car with him following.

Haley watched as they both got into his car and drove away. Once the car was out of sight she turned to Sarah. "Ready?" she question as she started walking towards her car.

"Yes let's go." Sarah said as she followed Haley. Once they both got in the car Sarah started it and they were on there way back to Nathan's. The silence in the car however was killing Sarah.

"So that was interesting." Sarah stated as she stopped at a red light.

Haley grunted before she answered. "That was awful. I feel horrible. God what am I going to do? Thing's were going so well and I screwed them up. He and I are going to need to talk this out and somehow manage to go uninterrupted." Haley said as she ran a hand through her hair.

Sarah nodded. "You know I might be able to help you there. But, chin up."

Haley nodded. "Why are you being so nice to me?" Haley questioned with a raised eye brow.

Sarah chuckled as she continued to Nathan's. "We all make mistakes Haley. Besides I have never seen Nathan as happy as he is when he is around you. You two may have problems and issues to talk through but it's clear that you both love each other."

"Thank you!" Haley said as she looked over at Sarah.

Sarah just shrugged. "No problem. Like I said, it's nice to finally see Nathan happy. He maybe upset right now but trust me he isn't upset with you. He is mad at himself." Sarah stated as she stopped at another red light.

"How do you know?" Haley questioned

Sarah sighed. "You didn't hear this from me. But, that was one of his biggest fears about coming back to Tree Hill. He was afraid that you would have found someone else. If you don't mind me asking how long were you and Nick together?" Sarah questioned

Haley sighed. "It lasted eight months. We started dating in the fall of our junior year in college thanks to Brooke and her meddling. Things were great at first and I thought it was what I needed. However I just couldn't completely fall for him. I mean he is a great guy and we had a wonderful time together but he wanted more than what I could offer. We fought one night and things got pretty heated. After that he went out with his friends got really wasted and joined the marines. Two weeks later after spring finals he was shipped off to boot camp. This is the first time I have seen him since." Haley finished with a shrug

Sarah shook her head. "What did he want that you couldn't offer?"

Haley shrugged. "My heart and body, in boy terms sex, I never could never do one without the other. Something I have never been able to separate." Haley finished as she looked anywhere but at Sarah.

"So you two never had any fun?" sarah asked

Haley chuckled. "Oh we did. We just never crossed the finish line. That's what the fight was about. We had just had an amazing day together. We were in a heated make out session. But, every time we would get to a curtain point I would stop him. That night when I did he was a little frustrated. We fought, he said things and so did I. He left and the next morning when he came over he apologized and then told me what he did. He then asked me why I always stopped him and then I told him about Nathan. After I told him he broke up with me." Haley finished

"So if he broke up with you what is he doing here now and what does he want?" Sarah asked

Haley shrugged again before answering. "I don't know. But, it doesn't matter. Because I want Nathan I have always wanted him. That's why I could never sleep with Nick."

Sarah smiled. "That's why you should talk with Nathan." Sarah stated.

Haley scoffed. "Yeah we do. But like I said he and I need to be alone to do that."

As Sarah finally pulled into the driveway she turned and smiled at Haley. "Like I said I can help with that." With that she got out of the car and walked into the house.

After taking a few deep breaths Haley followed.

It was an hour later and Haley was waiting for Nathan to get out of the shower. He claimed that he smelled like a bar but Haley knew it was just a way for him to get away from her. He had been doing it since they had been back. As soon as her and Sarah had walked in it was clear that Clay and Nathan had been talking. They stopped as soon as they came in but were glaring at one another. Nathan wouldn't even look at her. He mumbled something about having to take Duke outside and as quickly as he had said it he was gone. Clay shook his head as Sarah sent an apologetic look to Haley.

Sarah then went and grabbed her bags and clay did the same. They went and put there things away. Nathan came in twenty minutes later with Duke and she sighed as Nathan still wouldn't look at her. Clay and Sarah then came back into the kitchen and Sarah grabbed her purse. She claimed that her and Clay had to go to the store because they had forgotten there bathroom bag. Haley gave them both a thankful look as Nathan was sending them a pleading one. Without another word both were out the door. Once they were out the door and gone that's when Nathan quickly said he needed a shower and was out of the room before she could say anything again. This made Haley angry. He knew they needed to talk but he was taking his sweet ass time in the bathroom.

However the longer she sat there the angrier she got. After a few more minutes she got up and started towards the bathroom. He was taking so long that she decided to join him.

Nathan let the hot water cascade down his body. His hands were sore. As soon as he and Clay had pulled into the driveway and he was out the door. He was almost in the house when he lost it. He ended up punching the side of the house a few times before Clay finally stopped him telling him that he was going to hurt his shoulder. When he looked down there was blood pooling under the skin on and around his knuckles. He knew it should hurt but for some reason at the moment he couldn't feel anything.

He then followed Clay into the house. Clay then started in on him about needing to talk with Haley and forgive her. That is when he snapped again. He told clay that he wasn't mad at her that he was upset with himself for putting her in that position. Clay then pointed out that he was mad at her cause he wouldn't talk to her. Then the fact that he acted like a total jealous jackass in the parking lot. They were glaring at each other and that's when Sarah and Haley walked in. Not wanting either of them to see his hand's that is when he decided to take Duke out. As he got outside and took some deep breaths he realized that Clay was right. He was jealous and acting like a jackass. However he still wasn't ready to face Haley just yet and was glad that Clay and Sarah were there. With that thought he decided to go back into the house. When he stepped into the house he looked everywhere but Haley's direction he knew she was looking at him. He heard her sigh and was about to look at her when Sarah and Clay entered the room.

Just as quickly as they came in they said they had to go to the store. Nathan automatically knew what they were doing. He sent them pleading looks but it was no use. They left anyway. As soon as they were gone he could feel Haley's eyes back on him. Not wanting to talk yet he had come up with the lame excuse of needing a shower.

However as the warm spray continued to hit his body he know felt as if it had been a great idea. Reaching up and grabbing the shampoo his hand started to sting. He quickly washed his hair and rinsed it clean. He then looked at his hand it was already turning to a dark purple. He then decided that he needed to quickly finish. It was time to talk and apologize to Haley. Grabbing a wash cloth he squirted some body wash onto it.

Haley was now quietly in the bathroom he had yet to turn around and notice her. She was standing near the shower door and had seen his hands. As quickly as the anger had come it disappeared and was replaced with worry. Wanting to be near him, she quickly started to strip. Once she was free of her clothes she quickly opened the shower door and jumped in behind him.

She noticed that he was trying to work the wash cloth into lather but was having difficult due to his injured hand. She silently wrapped her arms around his shoulders being careful not to hurt the bad one. She startled him she noticed him jump "It's me" she stated as he tried to turn but that's when she tightened her grip on him. This time he didn't fight her. Her hands slowly made it down to his and she helped him work up the lather. When it was enough she let go after placing a soft kiss on his shoulder blade.

Nathan was glad when she let go.. She had her chest pushed into his back and it was driving him crazy the fact that she kissed his bare back didn't help matters either.

He turned to face her but without a word she took the wash cloth from him. Holding it up, she made her intention clear. Nathan nodded for her to continue. She started by washing his chest then moved to his shoulders and back. She used her other hand to help wash and move the suds away. As she did this she could feel the atmosphere around them changing. There was suddenly a current running between the two of them. She knew Nathan was feeling it too because his breathing had become quicker and rapid. She then started placing kisses on his back again. Once finished he turned around.

She noticed the charged look in his features and the darker shade his eyes had taken. She took one of his hands in hers and slowly kissed each of his bruised knuckles. She then watched as he held out his hand for the wash cloth. With a raised eye brow she slowly placed it in his hand.

He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her shoulder as he started to wash her. He took his time savoring the moment. He knew this wouldn't happen again for a while. So he took advantage of the situation. He paid special attention to her breasts. Massaging and kneading them as he went. Her breathing too had become ragged and she would sometimes moan. She hadn't felt this good in years and the fact that it was Nathan was only fueling her more. He then moved on to her back. As he finished he dropped the wash cloth as she slowly turn to face him.

They both quickly rinsed off and Nathan shut the water off. Without a word they both got out of the shower. Nathan wrapped a towel around himself before handing one to Haley. Not looking, he quickly headed for his bedroom. Little did he know Haley was already following.

As he got to his bedroom and turned that's when he spotted her. She had a charged look in her eyes. He hadn't seen this look in years. But he knew what was coming. He watched as she quickly dropped her towel and launched herself at him. She hit him with such force that he fell back onto his bed.

She then took the opportunity and started placing kisses wherever she could. Finally her lips met his. He could feel the want and need in her kisses. She was making him feel things he hadn't felt in years and he was welcoming it. He knew deep down that this was wrong that it wouldn't solve anything and that they still needed to talk. But, at the moment however with the way she was making him feel he didn't care.

He kissed her back with as much force as she was kissing him. He rolled them over so he could take control. Breaking their kiss he started kissing his way down her body. Pulling her nipple into his mouth he heard her moan. He quickly started kneading the other loving the reaction he was getting.

Knowing that she had probably been with Nick only fueled him more to help her find the release she was currently wanting. He wanted her to know what she had been missing. With that he dipped lower and placed kisses along her inner thigh. Seizing her hips in his hands he slowly started to tease her with his tongue. As her moaning increased so did his arousal. Releasing on of his hands from her hip he brought it down and inserted his finger. She was more than ready for him. He flicked his tongue a few more times while moving his finger in and out of her quickly knowing she was already near release.

"Did he ever do this for you, baby?" Nathan questioned as he inserted another finger and started licking faster.

"No, Never." Haley breathed out as she let go. The blinding colors flashed as she arched off of the bed screaming his name. He watched in amazement as she came down from her high. Standing he let his towel fall as he quickly climbed back on top of her.

He started kissing her with everything in him. It was then that he felt her hand between there bodies as she took hold of him and started stroking his painfully ridged member. It had been so long that he had almost lost it right there.

He then watched as she slowly guided him to her entrance with a pleading look. Once there he didn't move like she wanted him too. He still couldn't shake the images of her and Nick. They were taunting him. And it suddenly hit him that this was wrong. They still hadn't worked everything out. With that thought in mind he started to pull away again but Haley quickly wrapped her legs around him and guided him back down into position. With that she spoke "Please I need you!" she stated as she ran her fingers through his hair and over his cheeks looking into his eyes.

Not being able to stand it any longer with her pleading he thrust himself deep inside of her. Haley moaned at the contact. Each stilled savoring being connected to one another again.

After a few moments Nathan slowly started to move. Haley started moaning as he was hitting all the right spots. However wanting him to go faster she moved her hands to his back and started meeting him thrust for thrust while using her heels to spur him on. She moaned loudly again as it worked and he picked up his pace.

Nathan still couldn't shake the images of her and Nick. The thoughts were driving him mad. However the instinct to make her his and realize what she had been missing took over. He was thrusting frantically he knew Haley was close again as her finger nails dug into his back. Looking into her eyes he spoke.

"Did he ever make you feel this good?" Nathan questioned as he thrust forward sharply causing Haley to moan his name.

"No Never." Haley said as she moaned again as she felt Nathan nibble her pulse point before soothing it over with a kiss. With that Haley let go again and Nathan's name fell from her lips multiple times. With a few final thrusts Nathan found his release. He quickly with drew himself and lay beside her trying to catch his breath.

Haley rolled over and started placing kisses on his chest. Then as his breathing got back to normal she finally spoke. "We should really talk." She said as she stood up and grabbed the towel wrapping it around her body.

"Yes we should." Nathan said and then got up quickly and went to his dresser. Pulling open the top drawer he quickly tugged on a pair of boxers. Opening the next drawer he then grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and a LAPD t-shirt and quickly tugged them on.

When he was finished he looked at her and spoke. "Go get dressed. I will be in the kitchen when you are ready."

"Okay." Haley said as she nodded and quickly turned to go get dressed. As she walked away she couldn't help the huge smile that spread across her face. They were finally going to talk and work things out.

Nathan moved around the kitchen nervously making some tea. He couldn't believe what had happen with Haley. Pulling down a cup he noticed her walking into the kitchen.

"Hey." She said as she came to sit at the island.

"Hey, would you like some tea?" Nathan questioned as he turned with a cup in his hand.

Haley nodded. "Sure."

With that Nathan turned and grabbed another cup. He then placed them both on the counter next to the stove. The tea pot at this point started to whistle. Without hesitation Nathan quickly picked it up shutting the stove off before pouring the hot water into the two cups. Grabbing them he turned and placed one in front of Haley.

He then handed her a tea bag. She looked and noticed that it was her favorite Earl Grey. They were both silent as they ripped open the packets and popped the tea bags into the water.

After a few more moments of awkward silence Haley broke it with just one word. "Honey?" she said aloud.

"What?" Nathan questioned as he looked at her.

This caused Haley to laugh softly. "Sorry, do you have any honey?" she questioned back.

Nathan nodded as he turned and grabbed it for her and a spoon so she could stir it in. He then placed them both down in front of her without a word.

Once she fixed her tea she took a small sip. Placing it down she looked up to find Nathan staring at her.

"What?" Haley questioned

Nathan sighed. "I'm really sorry Hales."

"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything. I should have told you. But, I was afraid and when I finally did get courage to tell you we were always interrupted." She said

"Yeah, but I didn't have to act like a total jackass about it. Look I left for you too move on..." Nathan started but was cut off by Haley.

"Yeah, yeah been here heard this." Haley finished with a wave of her hand. "Fact is I should have told you. When I approached you and asked you if you had been with anyone else and you said you hadn't I felt so guilty. They way you found out tonight, was totally cruel and mean and you just should have heard it from me. I'm truly sorry." Haley finished as she reached across the table and placed her hand over his.

"Apology accepted. However I am also sorry…" Nathan stopped and held up his other hand when he noticed Haley about to speak in protest. "Let me finish."

After a moment Haley nodded for him to continue.

"Yes, you should have told me sooner. I understand why you didn't. Now with that being said I am also sorry Hales. If I wouldn't have been stupid and ran off that wouldn't have happen. I meant what I said Haley. I am not mad at you. It just took me by surprise and I will be honest it did hurt. I was also a little jealous that he was with you when I couldn't be" Nathan stated.

Haley shook her head. "I will never forget that look on your face. It broke my heart to know I put it there. You looked so broken like you didn't belong. But, I want you to know that I love you and you do belong here with me." Haley finished with a small smile.

Nathan smiled back. "I know and I love you too. Always have. Tonight was also amazing! It wasn't how I pictured it but it was still pretty amazing." Nathan finished with a smirk before taking a drink of tea.

Haley blushed as a thought popped into her head about his previous statement. "I hope you know that I was never with Nick that way." Haley finished as her blush deepened.

Nathan started coughing, some of the tea had gone down the wrong pipe. He didn't know that and she had again taken him by surprise. Covering his mouth he continued to cough. Haley got up and walked over to stand beside him. Reaching out she started rubbing his back soothingly. After a few more moment it finally seemed to pass. "Are you okay?" Haley questioned with a worried look.

Clearing his throat Nathan finally spoke. "Yes I am fine. But, really?" Nathan questioned

Haley nodded. "Never happen. I couldn't. Yes I did have feelings for Nick. But, you have always meant more. You have had my heart since I was sixteen years old Nathan." Haley finished

Nathan nodded and smiled. He couldn't believe it. "So what happen between you two then?" Nathan questioned

Haley sighed. She then told him everything. Thirty minutes later when she was done she waited as Nathan processed the information.

"So if he broke up with you what is he doing here?" Nathan questioned.

Haley shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he is on leave."

"Yeah maybe." Nathan agreed. However, he was making mental notes to run a back round check on this guy.

After that they continued to talk about everything. She shared her fears and he shared his. They had even talked about what had happen between them tonight. Neither of them regretted that it had happen. That was relief to both of them. Nothing was awkward. Eventually they had moved into the living room. They had talked for a little while longer. Now they were happily in each others arms watching tv. Haley was curled up into his side and he had his arm around her. His hand was slowly rubbing her back.

He looked down when a commercial came on and noticed Haley yawning. He chuckled "You tired?" Nathan questioned as he looked up at the clock. It was a little after three in the morning. Clay and Sarah had returned but had gone straight to bed.

"Yeah I'm pretty exhausted." Haley said as she stretched.

Nathan then stood up, turned off the tv and held out his hand towards her. "Come on lets go to bed."

Haley smiled as she took his hand. When they reached Nathan's room he turned to her and smiled. He watched as she shut his bedroom door. They both then climbed into bed completely exhausted. Nathan tugged off his shirt before laying back.

Haley then laid her head on Nathan's chest as his arms wrapped around her. He kissed the crown of her head as they both got comfortable. However Haley started to get up again.

"Hales?" Nathan questioned as he tightened his grip not wanting her to get up.

This caused her to giggle. "I'm just gonna get the light." Haley finished as she tried again but it was no use. He just wasn't going to let her up. Giving up she laid back down. When she looked up at Nathan he grinned. "What?" she questioned.

"Watch this." Nathan said as he quickly raised his hands and clapped them twice. Then just like that the room went dark. Seconds later Haley burst into laughter. "You have a clapper in here."

Nathan laughed along with her. "Yes I do. I always manage to get into bed and forget to turn out the light. I mentioned it once and Clay being the smart ass he is bought me one. I wasn't going too but I hooked it up this morning while you were in the shower. I must say I like it now." Nathan finished with a chuckle

"You're such a dork." Haley said and she continued to giggle.

"Yeah, but you love it." Nathan stated as he placed another kiss on her head.

"Yes I do." She agreed as she too turned her head and placed a kiss on Nathan's chest.

"Night Hales. I love you!" Nathan said as he felt himself being quickly pulled into a peaceful sleep.

"Good night Nathan. I love you too!" Haley finished.

Nick was sitting in a motel cleaning his gun. He loved the smell of gun oil. Once he finished he placed it back in its holster on the night stand. He then picked up the glass of scotch he was drinking and quickly finished it off before pouring himself another. A few minutes later he answered a ringing phone.

"Hello" Nick said into the receiver.

"Did you find him?" the guy asked

"Yes he is here." Nick answered

"You know what to do?" the guy questioned on the other line.

"Yes, he has a big enough bounty on his head I know what to do. My only question for you is if I do this will you pay?" Nick asked.

The guy on the other line chuckled into the receiver. "You capture Nathan Scott. I will do anything. However you are just to hold him until I can get into Tree Hill without detection. I have people to answer too as well."

Nick nodded. "Okay, I will call when I have him."

"Fine. Until then goodbye." The man on the other line said

Nick held the receiver as the line went dead. He then placed the phone back in his cradle. Picking up his gun he pointed it towards a picture of Nathan on the wall.

"Soon, Nathan Scott you are going to meet your maker." Nick stated as he pulled the trigger hard once.

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