Howdy folks, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but what can I say? My muse really is a fickle bitch. Anyway, I do still plan on finishing Skin Deep, especially since I am so close to the end. But my muse decided on an extended summer vacation and when she came back, she tied me down and told me to type up this story. Then she added in the extra challenge of making each chapter approximately 1 page (my typical chapter averages 5 pgs long.) That being said, the bad news is that the chapters are short. The good news is that the story is already complete! Yeah! Which means I will be posting a chapter a day right up to Halloween, plus a couple days.

I have always wanted to write a Halloween fic, but never really managed it. One of my old Star Wars stories came close but it didn't seem to fit the bill for me. Anyway, I hope you like this little diddy. It's nothing spectacular. Not even that original, and highly predictable. Still it was fun to write and hopefully fun to read.

Timing of this fic is pre-teenchesters, about. My muse has the boys at 13 and 9, it could be a little earlier but not much later. A Supernatural Christmas has not happened yet. Well, please forgive the clich├ęs and enjoy!

Treats and Tricks

- SPN: 1 Superman -

"But why not?" Sammy whined at his brother.

"Because." Dean answered automatically.

"That's not an answer! Why can't we go out?"

"You know the rules. Dad said we could only go to school, the library and here."

Sammy pouted. "Well, dad's not here. I don't see why we can't go. Everyone else does this all the time, why can't we?"

"It's not safe." Dean repeated the words his father always threw at him. He wasn't trying to mock his brother or be mean, just repeated what he always heard. His real focus was scrounging through the meager excuse for a kitchenette for something to eat. Their father was already 4 days overdue and they ran out of money almost a week ago. They were out of food, the last of the Lucky Charms devoured greedily by his brother that morning. His stomach growled angrily.

"If it wasn't safe, then no one would be out there, would they? Why can't we be like everyone else?"

"Because we're not like everyone else."

"Well, I want to be. I'm tired of moving and changing schools all the time. I want to be normal. Please Dean, can't we go just this once?"

"I said no. Dad could be back at any minute, we have to be ready. We're staying here." Dean sighed. He really didn't want to fight. He was tired and hungry and worried. He had nothing to feed his brother, let alone himself. And they had no money. How the hell was he supposed to take care of Sammy? He had to feed him something.

Crossing his arms and scowling at Dean's back, Sammy knew he had hit the impassable road block already in his argument. If he was going to get his way he would have to find a new tactic. And the one he chose to pursue next unwittingly played on Dean's doubts and fears. Shifting into a more relaxed pose, he tossed out there, "Mike from school says that there's a house on Harris Street that gives out whole candy bars every year, but you have to get there early because once they run out, they're done."

Out of the mouths of babes. Sammy provided an answer. Oh it went against everything he was ordered to do, but what choice did they have? Who knew when their father would be back? This was a chance to get some kind of food for free. If their dad came back now, they would get into some trouble, sure, but if he wasn't back for a few more days or weeks even, this could give them enough to hold out. Nutrition be damned. Food was food, even candy. Desperate times and all that.

Apparently, his stomach agreed, growling again in anticipation. After all, the last time he ate was two days ago. Sucking in a deep breath, he glanced over his shoulder to his eager young brother. The puppy dog expression in full swing. Damn it. His shoulders fell. "Fine, but for only like an hour and then we get back here on the double, got it?"

Sammy cheered excitedly and spun around, barely listening to his brother. Darting to their bedroom he shouted, "I'll get the pillow cases!"

Dean couldn't help the grin that crept up on him. He loved to see Sammy so happy and excited. He remembered his own excitement when he was just a kid (not that he was a grown up or anything now.) He realized the last time he had done this was just before their mom died. He had been Superman, red cape and all. It seemed like a dream now.

And his idea of heroes had definitely changed. Superman wasn't real. The real heroes of this world were the ones like his dad, who went out to fight evil. He didn't need a colorful costume any more to pretend to be a superhero. Instead, he wore his costume every day. He emulated his father. And that's all the hero he needed.


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